Which Lightning Casino strategy gives you the biggest wins?

Electrify your Lightning Roulette game play with our top strategies.
Lightning Roulette is one of Evolution Gaming's most popular live attractions. And it's not hard to see why. Dramatic action, a charismatic dealer - and huge multiplier wins on every spin. It's hard to go back to normal live games once you have tried this room.

But let's be honest, roulette players are a knowledgeable bunch. And they are always looking for new ways to get better results. Needless to say, Lightning Roulette strategy is a hot topic for the savvy casino player. And considering the 500x max multiplier prize, it seems shrewd to nail some kind of strategy.

But what are the best ways to approach this room? And is there a way to guarantee better results on each spin? In our betting guide, we will show you popular ways to win more in Evolution Gaming's award-winning live game.

Which casinos offer Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming?

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      Lightning Roulette Betting Guide

      Before we jump into the essential strategies, let's cover some basics. Lightning Roulette is a European roulette wheel game with an RNG multiplier mechanic. On each spin, random numbers will receive a multiplier boost. These multipliers can be anything from 50x to 500x.

      What makes this game so accessible is that it's just a standard game of European roulette. The multiplier feature is a nice bonus - but a bonus that can produce some insane payouts. And it's that multiplier we want to take advantage of.

      With this in mind, here are the top strategies to play Lightning Roulette.

      #1: Forget what you know about roulette

      Most optimal roulette strategy relies on even money bets. Think red/black or odds/evens. But in this game, you want to forget about playing it safe. Only straight up number bets qualify for the multiplier payouts.

      This also means that traditional strategies like the Martingale do not apply to this game. 

      Yes, that means there are technically no safe ways of playing Lightning Roulette. If you would prefer a safer game where even money bets will work, then try French Roulette instead. Thanks to the La Partage rule, you get half your bets back on a green number result.

      #2: Wheel coverage = More multiplier chances

      Spreading your options is the key to success in Lightning Roulette. And that means betting on multiple positions on each betting round. This way, you have wide coverage to try and take advantage of a random multiplier

      Not sure which numbers to pick? Evolution Gaming has you covered. Each of their games includes French bets by default. And each has a varying amount of wheel coverage. These are:

      • Voisins du Zero - Maximum coverage with 17 numbers covered.
      • Tiers du Cylindre - Medium coverage with 12 numbers covered
      • Orphelins - Minimum coverage with 8 numbers covered.

      Of course, you can also choose to bet on columns, which covers you for a third of the wheel. You can also bet on all numbers from a certain colour  - as long as its not an even money bet.

      #3 Treat the multipliers like a side bet

      As you can imagine, spreading your options is going to hit your bankroll hard. After all, you are placing multiple bets at the same time - and there's a chance that a big multiplier might not even land. For a more relaxing betting session, consider treating the multiplier like a side bet.

      What do we mean by this? We mean play roulette as you normally would, but place the occasional straight-up bet to keep it exciting. This way you can still get the excitement of the potential multiplier play - without the need to overbet and place excessive wagers.

      Lightning Roulette Winning Strategy

      Unfortunately, there is no 100% foolproof strategy that will guarantee you a win each time. The reality is that this is a game of roulette with a house edge like most casino games. 

      However, there is one strategy that can produce effective results And these tactics can also apply to newly launched First Person Lightning Roulette too. 

      We call this the Full Spread. Essentially, you place a bet on every position of the betting table. Even the zero.

      This gives you 100% wheel coverage and the maximum chance to take advantage of a multiplier win. It sounds great on the surface, but it is flawed. Because we are at the mercy of the RNG determining where the lightning (and multiplier) lands.

      In practice, the Full Spread feels like riding in a fast car with the door wide open. You are holding on for dear life and waiting for that big multiplier to land. And after playing hundreds of sessions, it doesn't land all that often. 

      Sure, there could be a session where you land the big multiplier early. But in most cases, you will have your bankroll whittled down slowly but surely.

      We recommend spreading your bets evenly and crossing your fingers for a multiplier pay. Even landing one 500x win will have a significant impact on your bankroll.

      To help you get an idea of how the multipliers land, you can always check out the game statistics. This will give you results from the last 500 spins.

      Ride the lightning with a bonus

      In summary, Lightning Roulette is an exciting game with big payout potential. But it might not appeal to every roulette player out there. One of the best ways to experience the game is to try it for yourself. As this is a live dealer game, there are no free options to take advantage of. 

      There are however plenty of bonuses available at top casinos. Claiming one will give you extra money to experience the flow of the game. You could even try popular strategies like the Full Spread. Who knows? You may even land that 500x win nice and early.
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