EPS Casino Sites

    EPS is an Austrian payment service that allows customers to connect and deposit straight from a bank account. The technology enables direct payments with no need for cards or an external e-wallet. Here you can explore casinos that accept EPS deposits.

    • Why use EPS Casinos
    • How to deposit using EPS
    • FAQ

    Why use EPS Casinos

    EPS (which stands for electronic payment system) is part of a growing number of payment services that cut out the middle platforms. Services like Trustly and EUteller all share similar benefits - including:

    • No need for cards or e-wallet providers to make payments
    • Anonymous - casinos don't see your payment credentials
    • Secure and safe - online banking login protects information
    • Instant payments - play with your casino funds in moments

    Did you know? EPS is partnered with over 25 Austrian financial institutions - over 80% of online retailers in the country also accept the service.

    As with other localised direct payment services, there are a few drawbacks for international customers:

    • Virtually no availability outside of Austria
    • Not accepted by many online casinos
    • You need to have an online banking account with one of the providers
    • Only available in EUR

    How to deposit using EPS

    To make a deposit using EPS, you will only need your online banking login details. Once you have these details to hand, follow our step by step guide to make your payment.

    Step 1: Login to your online casino account

    Step 2: Click over to the cashier and choose how much you want to deposit

    Step 3: Select the EPS deposit option and choose your bank from the list

    Step 4: You will now be re-directed to the bank of your choice - login to your account to confirm the payment

    Step 5: Confirm the transaction inside your account

    Step 6:  The payment is now confirmed - you will be redirected back to your casino account. 

    EPS users can accept bonuses - but there may be a delay in crediting this to your account. If you haven't received any funds after a couple of hours - contact the live chat. For more information, if you are eligible for a bonus, check the terms and conditions.


    What currencies can I use in EPS?

    EPS only supports EUROS at the time of writing.

    Where is EPS available?

    EPS is only available to customers based in Austria at the time of writing.

    Do EPS withdrawals incur fees?

    Payments to your bank may incur fees - check your banking accounts fee guide for more information. EPS themselves do not charge fees and you can freely deposit and withdraw with no financial setback.

    How long does it take to withdraw from an EPS account?

    It can take between 3 - 5 days to transfer funds from your EPS account.