2 Hand Casino Hold'em Review

2 Hand Casino Hold'em gives you two shots at winning on every game round. We reveal all on Evolution's brand new take on Casino Hold'em.

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2 Hand Casino Hold'em is a live dealer card game developed by Evolution Gaming. In essence, this is Live Casino Hold'em - a style of dealer facing poker game introduced by Evolution back in 2013. And now the live gaming software leader is back with another market first.

As the name implies, you get to play this game with 2 hands on any betting round. This gives you double the betting opportunities. And theoretically, double the winning chances. Everything else is unchanged from traditional casino hold'em.

But does that tried and tested format work with a two-hand card game? And is there a reason you should play this above standard hold'em? We give our thoughts in our full 2 Hand Casino Hold'em review - plus show you exclusive tips and strategies.

2 Hand Casino Hold'em Review

It's hard to fault presentation when it comes to an Evolution room. Their studios are typically top drawer - regardless of which game you choose. But there's something special about the 2 Hand Casino Hold'em studio. With its stylish modern looks, this is the ideal setting for some slick dealer vs player poker.

In terms of dealer interactivity, hold'em has never been the best game for social fun. Yes, the dealer is highly professional and friendly. But it's rare to find them engaging in banter. Purely because of the speed the game is played and the constant need for them to concentrate on dealing.

Now for some game specific information - one deck of 52 playing cards is used for the session. And these are shuffled via an auto shuffler. The dealer will swap between a secondary deck. And with just two decks in play, this increases the speed of the cards getting on the table.

2 Hand Casino Hold'em Rules

If you're familiar with casino hold'em, then 2 Hand Casino Hold'em rules will be easy to understand. The objective here is simple: beat the dealer. And to do this, you will need to have a better 5 card poker hand.

To start the game, you will be dealt two cards. And an additional five cards will be dealt during the course of the game - these are called the community cards. It is from these five cards and the two initial cards that you will need to form a winning hand.

It is also from these cards that the dealer will have to make a winning 5 card hand. But it's worth noting they can only join with a pair of 4's minimum.

Of course, not all five cards will be dealt straight away. Initially, three cards are dealt in what is known as the Flop. You will then need to decide whether to play the hand by making an extra bet or to fold. 

You may be wondering what is different with the addition of the extra hand? The truth is - there's no difference at all. The game is played out in the exact same way. Each hand is treated independently. This offers an interesting choice.

One hand could be great - so you could call to see the Turn and the River. But the other might be mediocre - so you can choose to fold. This adds some versatility to the game. And with the bonus bet, there's also the chance for super payouts.

2 Hand Casino Hold'em Payouts

There are two kinds of 2 Hand Casino Hold'em payouts. Firstly, we have Ante payouts. This is the prize you will receive from the result of a winning hand. Secondly, we have the Bonus side bet payouts. This optional bet will pay out regardless of the main game results. That's right - even if the main hand loses.

All you need is a pair of Aces to trigger a 7 to 1 payout. Here's a full list of the side bet prizes and the various hand combinations.

Royal Flush100 to 1
Straight Flush50 to 1
Four of a Kind40 to 1
Full House30 to 1 
Flush20 to 1
Straight7 to 1
Three of a Kind7 to 1
Two Pairs7 to 1
Pair of Aces7 to 1

2 Hand Casino Hold'em Strategy

In all honesty, you don't need a special 2 Hand Casino Hold'em strategy to get started. That's because each hand is treated as an individual casino hold'em hand. So any hold'em strategy will apply here. 

One of the reasons this game is so appealing for gamblers is visibility. You can see the dealers hand - and three of the community cards right from the start. This gives you valuable insight straight away whether you should play the hand.

If you don't want to read hours of hold'em strategy, then let us sum up some basic hands you should always call.

  • Always call if you have a pair, an Ace or King as a hole card - or you have two overcards
  • Call with a Queen or Jack high - as long as the community cards are not suited. If you do hold the suit, call it.
  • Always call if you just need one card to complete a straight or flush hand 

And finally, we have one very important rule if the community cards show pairs and you don't have cards for a triple.

  • Only call this hand if you have a card higher than 10 or a straight/flush draw.

Pairs in the community section can be devastating. Especially considering the dealer only needs a pair of 4's to play. Aside from the above hands, you should fold everything else. Using these strategies, you can comfortably play the game.

Play 2 Hand Casino Hold'em

We thoroughly recommend 2 Hand Casino Hold'em over its one-handed sibling. Double the betting opportunities and double the chances of capitalising on a great draw? It's too good to pass up. And of course, we also have to factor in all of the perks of playing with Evolution.

HD streaming, tonnes of quality settings - and expert dealers. It's amazing that this provider can innovate a second time around with casino hold'em - but the geniuses have pulled it off again. In this case, two hands are certainly better than one. Give this game a go at our partner Evolution casinos today.

2 Hand Casino Hold'em

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