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    Live Baccarat Casino Sites

    Live Baccarat is a casino card game famed for its simple gameplay and popularity in Asia. It's a game where gamblers back the player, Banker or tie outcome. While it has a significant land presence, you can also find the game online together with live dealers. Here is a selection of the best live baccarat casino sites.

    Popular Live Baccarat Games

    Baccarat is available in several different forms depending on your preferences. Most notably, you can choose to play with RNG multipliers, enjoy faster-paced gameplay or immerse with the "squeeze". Here are details of the most popular games:

    Live Baccarat Squeeze

    The most immersive baccarat game focuses on the "squeeze" - a traditional revealing of the final card. It's a teasing moment where the dealer will slightly fold the card's sides before flipping. In Evolution's table, this moment is captured using 15+ HD cameras - and features slow-motion effects for even more atmospheric gaming.  

    Speed Baccarat

    Traditional games of live baccarat can take up to a minute to complete. The Speed Baccarat table cuts game rounds in half, reducing game rounds to 30 seconds or less.  Thanks to these quicker rounds, members can enjoy a more action-packed betting experience.

    Lightning Baccarat

    Evolution's Lightning series adds RNG multipliers increasing the prize potential of casino classics. In Lightning Baccarat - 1 to 5  Lightning Cards are selected with up to 8x multipliers to win if a matching card is revealed. While the Banker's commission is present in almost all live games, Evolutions Lightning Baccarat adds a 20% Lightning fee.

    How to play Live Baccarat

    Baccarat is one of the most accessible casino card games with a simple ruleset. The game's objective is to guess which side will have the better hand between the Player or Banker. Optionally, you can also bet that the hands are tied.

    Place your bet on which side you think will have the best hand. The dealer will now draw two cards to the Banker - and two cards to the player. If the Banker has a hand value of 0 - 4, they may draw a third card.

    Hand scoring 
    The best hand in the game is a Natural 9 - a two-card hand equaling 9 in value. Scoring in baccarat is similar to blackjack - but there are some critical differences. Cards 2 to 9 retain their face value - while an Ace is valued at 1. 10, Jack, Queen or King are all valued at 0.

    There are no double-digit outcomes in baccarat - which is why the royal cards are valued at zero. If a hand is double digits, then the second digit is removed from the number. Here's an example of how the scoring works:

    • 8 of Clubs + King of Diamonds = 8 (Hand Score)
    • 8 of Clubs + Ace of Hearts = 9 (Hand Score)
    • 6 of Clubs + 3 of Spades = 9 (Hand Score)
    • 6 of Clubs + 2 of Diamonds + 8 of Clubs = 6 (Hand Score)

    Three card rule
    Many versions of the game employ the "Three Card Rule" - which gives the Banker a significant advantage. If the Banker has a hand that equals 0 - 4, they may draw a 3rd card - giving them a chance to win. Due to this rule, the best baccarat strategy is to always back the Banker. If the Banker draws a 5 - 7 - then they will stand.

    However, betting on the Banker will eat into your bets as there is a fee charged. Generally, the Tie outcome is considered the worst bet in the game.
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