Live Caribbean Stud Poker Review

If you’re not familiar with Caribbean Stud Poker, don’t worry - we’ll explain how the game works here. This Live Caribbean Stud Poker review covers just about everything you need to know.

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Where to play Live Caribbean Stud Poker

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There’s no denying it - live casino games are more fun. These real-life games are broadcast live from around the world. They add a more thrilling, interactive dynamic to the gaming experience. Yet, some games are more exciting than others. So, how does a live game with a progressive jackpot sound to you? 

Enticing, right? That’s what you get with Live Caribbean Stud Poker by Evolution Gaming. One minute you could be playing poker, and the next you could be counting zeros. Read our review and try your luck for a chance to win a life-changing cash payout.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Review

If you’re not familiar with Caribbean Stud Poker, don’t worry - we’ll explain how the game works here. This Live Caribbean Stud Poker review covers just about everything you need to know. 

Even if you’re completely new to poker, you should have no problem getting to grips with the game once you’ve finished reading.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Evolution Gaming’s Live Caribbean Stud Poker is the only live version of the game from a major supplier. It’s one of the more exciting games in the provider’s portfolio thanks to its extra bonus bet and, of course, its progressive jackpot. 
Learning how to play Caribbean stud poker is easy enough, whether you’re familiar with poker games or not.

To start off, you place the ante bet to buy your place in the game. You’re dealt five cards face-up. The dealer also receives five cards, though four of these are face-down and the last one only is dealt face-up.

Standard poker rankings are used to determine the value of your hand. If you don’t think your hand is good, you can fold and lose your ante bet. If you want to play your hand, you place the raise bet, which is equivalent to twice the ante bet.

Once you’ve decided what to do, the dealer reveals their full hand. For the dealer to qualify, their hand has to contain both an ace and a king or rank higher according to the standard poker rankings. 

If the dealer doesn’t qualify, your raise bet will be returned to you at a push. As for your ante bet, it will pay out at 1:1.

However, if the dealer does qualify, the two hands are compared. Should the dealer’s hand beat yours, you’ll lose both of your bets. 

Should your hand beat the dealer’s, your ante bet will be paid at 1:1 and the payout for your raise bet will vary depending on what ranking your hand is. The payouts range from 100:1 for a royal flush, to 2:1 for a two pair. 

There are two optional side bets: the 5+1 Bonus Bet and the Progressive Jackpot bet. Both of these cost extra and can be won no matter what the outcome of the main game is.

The 5+1 Bonus Bet has you form a poker hand out of the dealer’s first face-up card and four of your own cards. This bet pays out depending on the hand you make, no matter which hand wins the game. The highest possible payout for this bet is 1,000:1.

As for the progressive jackpot, it’s seeded at €50,000 and grows from there. Whenever someone places a side bet, part of that bet goes towards the progressive jackpot and makes it grow. It keeps on growing until it’s won - to win it, you need to get a royal flush, though you can still win even if you fold or the dealer beats you. 

If you want a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, you have to place the progressive jackpot side bet. When playing the game, if you score a royal flush, you need to have placed the Progressive Jackpot Bet in order to win the big money.

Should you place the bet, you’ll also win fixed payouts for getting certain card combinations. These include three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind and straight flush. 

Caribbean Stud Poker Live Dealers

Like other live casino games, a key part of the Caribbean Stud Poker experience is the dealers. They keep the game entertaining and encourage everyone playing to get involved and have a brilliant time, whether lady luck is with you or not.

Thanks to the Caribbean Stud Poker live dealers, the game is a lot more fun and engaging than animated versions of the game. This game is a great choice if you want to add some extra excitement into online gambling.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Casinos

Evolution Gaming is one of the most prolific suppliers of live casino games. In the table above, you’ll find plenty of Live Caribbean Stud Poker casinos where you can play this game and many others.

Since there are lots of casinos with this game available, how do you decide which one to sign up to? Compare what our approved casinos have to offer, such as games, promotions, customer support, payment methods and so on. Sign up to a casino that ticks all the boxes and offers everything you’re looking for. You can find out much more about the sites by reading our casino reviews.

All of our approved sites have valid iGaming licences, make use of SSL encryption to safeguard your data, and are run by legit operators with verifiable track records.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker Bonus

Like the sound of this game? If you do, you’ll want to take advantage of some of our Live Caribbean Stud Poker bonus offers.

Take advantage of any of the offers you see here. They’re all available to new players at the casinos we have selected for recommendation. As with all welcome bonuses, you only get one bite at the apple, so the more money you deposit, the more bonus money you’ll receive.

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