Learn the odds of blackjack and explore simple tweaks you can make to your game. Give yourself the best winning chance with our full guide.

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    How To Play Blackjack To Win

    Blackjack odds on 21 win
    21 is the ultimate hand in blackjack - and will give you the best chance of beating the dealer

    This is the million dollar question. Everybody wants to know the answer to how to play blackjack to win? Well, the truth is it’s not quite that easy, but you can definitely reduce the house edge and give yourself the best chance possible.

    There are a couple of popular blackjack rules that you should always implement in order to increase your chances of winning. Let’s have a closer look.

    • Be Aware Of House Edge - Both land-based and online casinos will always have at least a small edge over you, the player. This is simply the nature of the beast and is one of the reasons why you’ll never see a casino going out of business. For example, you’ll have to play first. Therefore, if you go bust, you’ll automatically lose the hand even if the dealer goes bust two seconds after you. Make sure you understand all aspects of the house edge before you start playing.

    • Different Variations = Different Rules - Don’t just assume that because you’re playing blackjack all of the rules will be the same as the standard version. If you go in with that mindset it will be a recipe for disaster. There are far too many versions to list here. However, the games you’re most likely to encounter are Blackjack Surrender, Atlantic City Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, and a few others.

    • Blackjack Strategies - As with all games, there are several betting systems on the market claiming to give you a better chance of winning. First of all, forget counting cards. Not only is it against house rules but you basically have to be a math genius in order to work out the percentages. However, there are certain legal strategies which can increase your chances - such as basic blackjack strategy. You can also use cheat sheets since the dealer can’t see you.

    Blackjack Odds Explained

    Ever wondered what the actual numbers are behind blackjack? The odds of winning blackjack are better than any other game in the house, but you need to use an effective strategy to reduce house edge as much as possible. Let us show you the ropes in this total guide to winning blackjack.

    Before you start playing this game, it’s vital that you fully understand online blackjack odds. Today we’re going to focus on the probabilities of when you’re choosing between hitting and standing. We have plenty of information to cover so let’s dive right into it.

    We’ve inserted the table below to make it much clearer and easier for you to understand. These odds cover the probability of you going bust when choosing an extra card.

    Hand Value
    Probability of Going Bust %

    Blackjack Tips for Beginners

    If you’re just starting out in the world of blackjack it can all seem quite confusing. However, don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. We’ve outlined a few blackjack tips for beginners below to help get your journey started.

    • Increase Your Stakes Slowly - Firstly, start playing with small stakes. If you go in all guns blazing on your very first hand and try to win half a million there’s a good chance you’re going to leave the table with your tail between your legs. Respect the game and try to get an understanding of how it works. Blackjack is a fun game to play, our advice would be to play through a minimum of 50 hands on the lowest stake before you start increasing the size of your bet.

    • Understand the Percentages - Obviously, the main aim of this game is to get to 21. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you fully understand the odds. For example, if you’re sitting on 18 and you choose to hit there’s a good chance that you’re going to go bust. However, if you’re sitting on 11 or less you literally can’t lose by taking one more hit. Do your research and don’t play blindly. It’ll pay off in the long term.

    • Focus On Yourself - It’s easy to make rash decisions based on what other players are doing. For example, if somebody at the table raises the stakes significantly it might send a shiver down your spine. However, it doesn’t really matter what the players around you are doing. You’re playing against the dealer and nobody else. Always keep this in mind before you make any decisions. This is one of our golden rules in regards to blackjack.

    Blackjack Odds Chart

    If you’re playing at an online casino, a blackjack odds chart can be a handy tool to have. It’ll help you understand the chances of your bet landing. For example, as we mentioned earlier, if you have a pair of aces the advice is to always split your bet. Check out the chart below so that you have a better understanding of how it works.

    However, if you’re playing in a real-life casino things may be a little more complicated. We can’t guarantee that the casino will respond positively to you carrying around a chart with winning percentages on it. This will depend entirely on each individual casino and its own set of rules and regulations.

    Play Real Money Blackjack

    If you want to play real money blackjack then you’ll have tons of options. You’ll find at least one variation at pretty much every online casino.

    If you’re interested in enhancing your playing experience and trying something new then we couldn’t recommend live dealer blackjack enough. You’ll feel like you’re in a real-life casino because you’re playing against a live dealer. 

    Go ahead and check it out for yourself. If you implement everything that we’ve taught you in this review you won’t go far wrong. Best of luck, we hope the blackjack gods will be with you.


    What are the odds of winning blackjack?

    There are many factors that will affected your chances of winning a hand of blackjack. Your hand, the dealer's hand - and the rules can all impact the outcome. See our full strategy guide above for more details.

    Should I use a blackjack odds chart?

    It is certainly a helpful tool to have - and we have a free one you can use above. However, we recommend a blackjack strategy chart that shows you the optimal strategic play for that hand. This will lead you to more fruitful results and reduce the house edge to its minimum.

    Is a blackjack odds calculator useful?

    In some situations - yes. But once again, a basic strategy chart is more useful as it gives you the best plays possible for what the dealer has.

    What is the blackjack games with the best odds?

    To find the game with the best odds, we want to look at blackjack games with the best house edge. Single deck games where the dealer stands on soft 17 boast a house edge of just 0.18%. See above for more info on house edge.