DAI Betting Sites

    DAI Betting Sites

    An exploration of DAI betting sites and everything you need to know about the DAI betting experience.

    • Best DAI Betting Sites
    • What are DAI Online Casinos?
    • How to Use DAI at Casino Sites
    • Benefits of Using DAI to Bet Online
    • DAI Casino Bonuses
    • DAI Casino Sites - FAQs

    Best DAI Betting Sites

    The online betting industry continues to grow, with more games, payment methods and betting sites popping up. And with the increased interest in cryptocurrency, there’s more showing face on the regular. WhichCasino covers all the hottest industry news and breakthroughs to keep you in the loop. 

    If you’re curious about cryptocurrencies or, more specifically, DAI betting sites and online casinos, then you’re in the right place. This page covers everything you need to know about betting sites, complete with a list of recommendations and access to DAI promo codes

    What are DAI Online Casinos?

    Dai is an established stablecoin that was launched in 2017 as SAI. From there, this stablecoin underwent a name change. As a stablecoin, it comes with the benefit of more stability and is tethered to the US dollar. With the link to a fiat currency, it remains stable and does not fluctuate as heavily as other coins in the market. 

    Ensuring that you’re provided with a stable, less volatile method of storing and operating digital assets. With DAI, all fees are based on the supply and demand of the network. It is an Ethereum blockchain-based token with fees decided based on the ups and downs of the chain. The value of the coin runs at 1:1 to the US Dollar and does not impact possible fees. 

    How to Use DAI at Casino Sites

    Before you can just jump into DAI betting, you need to find the right casino. WhichCasino provides you with a list of top betting sites and casino recommendations that have been vetted and reviewed. You can browse the list available to find one you like and follow these steps to get started. 

    • Step 1 - Use the provided link 
    • Step 2 - Click register
    • Step 3 - Go to the cashier and select DAI
    • Step 4 - Log in to your DAI Name wallet
    • Step 5 - Head back to the casino and start playing

    Benefits of Using DAI to Bet Online

    With any currency, whether it be cryptocurrency or traditional currency, there are some pros and some cons to expect. Below you will find a quick rundown of the benefits and drawbacks that come with betting at DAI casinos and sportsbooks. Allowing you to make an objective opinion on whether it’s the crypto for you. 

    • Widely available casinos: The popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, with more sites starting to open to the idea of crypto betting. While DAI is nowhere near one of the top cryptocurrencies yet, it is already available for successful transactions on a number of top betting sites. 
    • Fast and cheap: A big plus with this stablecoin is that it allows for fast and cheap transactions. The transactions are nearly instant, and there are little to no fees attached to transactions to or from your DAI casino or betting site account. 
    • Safe and secure gambling: As DAI is considered an Ethereum blockchain token, it benefits from the Ethereum safety protocols, which include the Ethash algorithm. On top of that, the best DAI betting sites come with their own top-of-the-range safety measures. 
    • Anonymous playing: One thing many players using cryptocurrency have in common is their need for anonymity. And while DAI is a stablecoin, it still provides users with the satisfaction of enjoying anonymity and carefree betting options. 
    • Provably fair: If you’re looking for random and fair gameplay outcomes that can be proven, you’ll benefit from the range of provably fair games accessible via DAI casinos. The results of these games are publicly published and can be reviewed at any time you feel the need. 

    With so many benefits, there are bound to be one or two drawbacks to a stablecoin like DAI. One of the top negative features is that it’s not as widely spread or available in betting sites and casinos as other, more popular cryptocurrencies. 

    DAI Casino Bonuses

    There’s something thrilling about finding a secure betting site that brings you the best games to enjoy in a secure environment with the added boost of bonus benefits. At DAI online casinos and betting sites, you can take advantage of a variety of exciting promotional offers. 

    Promotions and bonuses you can benefit from include a welcome bonus package, reload bonuses, free spins, and free bets. All promotions are linked to terms and conditions that need to be taken into consideration for successful withdrawals later. Some DAI betting sites may even come with a beneficial VIP or loyalty program that allows you to increase your benefits as you continue to climb the ranks. 

    DAI Casino Sites - FAQs

    Can I gamble online with DAI?

    DAI can be used for a variety of purposes, including paying for online goods and services. It is also quickly gaining popularity in online betting sites and casinos. Allowing you to enjoy quality gaming entertainment using DAI for payments.

    What other cryptocurrencies can I use?

    If you’re looking into betting with stablecoins, then there is also JPY Coin, USD Coin and CAD Coin. Other top cryptocurrencies you can use to fund your online betting entertainment include popular cryptos like Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    What games are available at DAI casinos?

    For DAI casino players, there is plenty of options when it comes to games. There are provably fair games, live dealer games, jackpots, online slots, and a healthy dose of instant win games. No matter what type of betting experience you’re after, these sites provide you with all you may need.

    What is the best DAI casino?

    Here at WhichCasino, we go through all the possible betting options, taking the time to review every DAI betting site and casino the industry has to offer. Once vetted and approved, the best sites make it onto our list of top recommendations. You can browse the list of recommended DAI betting sites to find the one that’s best for you.

    Do DAI betting sites have mobile apps?

    If you’re restless and enjoy the stimulation of betting while on the move, then you’ll be happy to know that the majority of DAI betting sites are mobile-friendly. You can access these betting sites via a native mobile app or straight from your mobile browser.