Monopoly Big Baller Live Review


Learn about Monopoly Big Baller Live, the new game from Evolution Gaming, based on the legendary board game. Read our review for all the details on RTP, game features, 3D elements and more.

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Evolution Gaming has upped the ante from its mega-successful Monopoly Live game with Monopoly Big Baller Live. This time, we’re on a 1920s-style riverboat voyage on the river that surrounds the city in the original live game. Mr Monopoly is back to guide the 3D action, and there are bonus cards, multipliers, and free spaces to help you pass Go! So, let’s dive in. 

Game Facts 

  • Created by Evolution Gaming
  • Monopoly/riverboat theme
  • Bingo cards and bonus cards
  • 20 balls drawn
  • Automatic daubing
  • Bonus features - multiplier lines, multiplier numbers, bonus cards, free spaces 
  • Min bet 0.10  coins, max bet 2000 coins
  • RTP 96%

How to play Monopoly Big Baller Live Slot

Place your bets, from 0.10 coins to 2,000, betting on as many of the four cards and two bonus cards as you like. The bonus cards are three-roll and five-roll cards, respectively. You can also choose to bet different amounts on different cards. Once all the bets have been placed, the host will oversee 20 numbered balls being drawn from the machine. If the balls match any numbers on your card, you’ll see them automatically marked off.

How to win Monopoly Big Baller Live Slot

Just like in regular bingo, marking off a line will see you win a prize. This is made easier as some numbers on the cards are eliminated at the start of each round. Some of the numbers on the cards also have multipliers added randomly, and there are golden lines, as described below. Naturally, to win the big prizes, you’ll need to trigger the 3D bonus round.

Special Features and Bonuses

Free Spaces

Just before the game starts, Mr Monopoly will pull a lever to add free spaces to the cards, including the bonus cards. If you get lucky, these spaces could mean you can fill a line with only one or two numbers being drawn. 

Multiplier Lines

Some lines may also be highlighted in gold before the round begins. If you manage to complete the highlighted line, you will receive a multiplier of up to 100x, which will be applied to your total stake on the card.

Multiplier Numbers 

Last but not least in the main game, some of the numbers on the card may have multiplier values assigned to them. For every number with a multiplier that you mark off, the corresponding multiplier will be saved, until the round finishes. Once all 20 balls have been drawn, the multipliers will be added together and applied to your total payout, if one has been awarded.

3D Bonus Round

Filling all the numbers on the bonus cards will earn you three or five rows of the dice, depending on which card you’ve bet on. The bonus round is played on a high-definition 3D Monopoly board. Mr Monopoly helps you out by raising multipliers at random on the board. You roll a pair of dice to determine how many steps Mr Monopoly can take, and he collects the corresponding prizes for you as he goes along. 

At the end of the round, the multipliers are added up and multiplied by your initial bet on the bonus card. The prizes are paid out immediately, and a new game begins. If a double is rolled, you will be awarded an extra roll, helping you speed up your progress around the board. You also need to follow the rules of Monopoly, such as trying to avoid the Jail square. However, if you pass Go, all of the property values will be doubled.

Design & Theme

If you are looking for an attractive and engaging game, this is it. The backdrop to the draw is a 1920s-style riverboat that is sailing around the river that surrounds Monopoly city. The real-life presenters are dressed in their finest sailor outfits, as is the virtual reality Mr Monopoly. 

The bonus round takes place on the iconic board, complete with hotels, GO Jail and the other squares you expect. As with the first game, all of the imagery is approved by Monopoly makers Hasbro, ensuring you feel like you’re setting foot inside a lifesized games board.

Allowing players who have not bet on those cards to watch the bonus round action as spectators is a nice touch.

Our Verdict

Monopoly Big Baller Live is a hybrid of Monopoly Live and Mega Ball and is likely to be just as, if not more, successful than these titles. The game takes the best of the original Monopoly Live and improves it, upping the rolls of the dice to three or five instead of two or four,  with the potential for unlocking more and adding double the multipliers. Hasbro’s iconic designs remain, and the riverboat location makes the game feel like a true successor to the original. We think you’ll love it. 

Monopoly Big Baller Live - FAQs

How much can I win on Monopoly Big Baller Live?

We do know that some of the multipliers are more than 100x.

Does the game have free spins?

No, due to the format of the game, there are no free spins. However, there are other special features, as described in the relevant section above.

Can I play Monopoly Big Baller Live for free?

Due to the live and 3D nature of Monopoly Big Baller Live, you probably won’t be able to play it just for fun. However, many online casinos do have demo videos you can watch before you start to play.

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