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    Live Blackjack

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    Top Live Blackjack Games

    Live Blackjack Casino Sites

    Blackjack is one of the world's most popular card games. You will find it in Vegas, in Macau - and even online with live dealers. Below you will find a list of live dealer blackjack casinos where you can enjoy this casino classic.

    As one of the most popular table games in the world, it’s no surprise that live dealer blackjack is just as popular. You can expect to play all of your favourite versions of the game at a live dealer casino on your desktop or via your mobile device.

    With some of the best software providers in the industry releasing live dealer versions of blackjack, you’ll be spoiled for choice when deciding which game to play. Find out more about what you can expect for live blackjack, how to play, and much more.

    How to play Live Blackjack

    Live Blackjack is a game played against the player and the dealer (or the house). The objective is to have a hand as close to 21 as possible without going over. Exceeding 21 will bust you, making you lose the game. 

    To start a live blackjack game, place your bets - once the betting interval has ended, the dealer will draw two cards face up to the player position. The dealer will also draw two cards to their own position - one of which will be face down (also known as the hole card). 

    Hit or Stand
    You will now have the opportunity to accept more cards (Hit) or stick with the hand you have (Stand). If you Hit and the hand value exceeds 21, you will lose.

    Game Results
    Once all players have made their decisions, the dealer will play their hand. Depending on the game rules, the presenter may stand on a soft 17 or be able to hit. Once the game has resolved, all bets are paid out and the next round commences.

    Card Scoring
    The value of your hand will depend on the cards in it - here's a breakdown of hand scoring:

    • Numbers 2 to 10 - Retain Face Value
    • Ace - 1 or 11
    • Jack, Queen, King - 10

    If you are dealt a pair of cards, you will be allowed to split them and even double down on the new hands. In the case of split Aces, typically, you won't be able to double down.

    Many game rules allow the dealer to check for blackjack if the house draws an Ace as the up-card. In this case, the player will be offered insurance. 

    Live Blackjack Rules

    There are many variations of live blackjack available, each of which can have any or one of the following rules:

    • Surrender: This allows you to take half your bet under certain conditions 

    • Six Card Charlie: A rule in which if you hit six cards, you automatically win. Some versions of the game stipulate ten cards are required

    • Hitting on Soft 17: Allows the dealer to hit when they have a soft 17 hand. This rule greatly affects returns - but some tables will stand on soft 17, which are a much better option.

    • Perfect Pairs: Side bet which lets you wager on the possibility of your dealt cards being pairs

    • 21+3: Side bet which takes your two cards and dealers up card to make a poker hand

    • BustIt: Side bet where you wager on the dealer busting 

    • Free Bet: Evolution's Free Bet Blackjack lets you double and split for free under certain conditions

    • Hot 3: Side bet which takes the dealer upcard and player cards into account. If the total of the cards is 19, 20 or 21, you win.

    Live Blackjack Variations

    There are many different versions of live blackjack to enjoy. Evolution is one of the largest and most popular software providers in the industry and they’ve created a number of different live blackjack options. Take a look at which live blackjack variations are waiting to make you a winner.

    1. Power Blackjack 

    Designed with an 8 deck shoe, this version of blackjack allows players to Double Down up to 4 times. Power Blackjack is part of the Infinite Blackjack series by industry leader, Evolution. There are no 9 or 10 cards in the deck but there are a number of side bets available including 21+3, Any Pair, and BustIt.

    2. Speed Blackjack 

    Hold on to your hats and your bets because this is the fastest version of blackjack available today! Created by Evolution, Speed Blackjack is 30% faster than your average game which means you’ll need to be comfortable with how blackjack works before you start betting. In Speed Blackjack, all players will receive 2 cards but in order to Hit, Double Down, or Split, you’ll need to have the quickest reaction time.

    3. ONE Blackjack 

    If you’re keen to win up to 2000x your stake play ONE Blackjack by Pragmatic Play. An unlimited number of players can take a seat at this virtual table where there are 4 side bets available. Crazy 7, Bust Bonus, 21+3, and Perfect Pairs are all options that can be enjoyed by punters for a chance to win big. ONE Blackjack also has the Six Card Charlie rule in play.

    4. Infinite Blackjack 

    Evolution is one of the best live dealer software providers in the business and it’s evident in games such as Infinite Blackjack. Unlimited seats are available at the table where the Hot 3 and BustIt side bets are available for all punters. If you make use of the BustIt side bet, a maximum payout of 250:1 is available.

    5. Free Bet Blackjack 

    When playing this Evolution creation, you can get your hands on 2 free bets. You can Double Down on a hard 9, 10, or 11 as well as split pairs (including on Aces) for free. There are no free splits on 10 cards or face cards but the dealer will push on 22. All of these features make Free Bet Blackjack an exciting way to play.

    6. Live Blackjack

    As the most basic form of the game, standard live blackjack doesn’t add any quirky features, side bets, or extra rules that need to be learned. Simply aim to bet on who will finish their hand with as close to 21 is possible and you’ll be a winner. This version is great for new players.

    7. Live VIP Blackjack

    Perfect for high rollers with deep pockets, VIP live blackjack is just like the standard version but the amount you can bet per hand is much higher. Depending on which provider you’re enjoying, betting on VIP live blackjack can climb as high as €5000 per hand. You’ll receive VIP treatment from the moment you take your virtual seat at the table.

    8. Common Draw Live Blackjack

    Common Draw was originally designed by NetEnt Live (now owned by Evolution) and has become a popular version of the game. In this version of the game, everyone at the table will be dealt the same hand. From there, players must decide what they want to do going forward with the game. It adds an interesting spin that can make new players feel comfortable.

    9. Bet Behind Live Blackjack

    Unlike many versions of live blackjack, Bet Behind does not have unlimited seats available for players. During this game, once the seats are full other players can stand “behind” those playing at bet on other player’s hands. It makes betting even more fun when you’re not entirely in the game but still have a chance to win.

    10. Perfect Pairs Live Blackjack

    Without a doubt one of the most popular live blackjack games in the world, Perfect Pairs adds a side bet that many enjoy making use of when playing online. While most of the rules are standard in how the game plays out, the Perfect Pairs side bet is available and gives players the chance to bet on whether or not your hand will have a pair in it once dealt. If Lady Luck is on your side and you’re dealt a pair, you’ll receive an extra reward. The rewards are even higher if you have an identical pair in your hand.

    11. Pre-Decision Live Blackjack

    If you’re not a fan of sitting around and waiting for a game to play out slowly, this is the version of live blackjack for you. Pre-Decision by Evolution allows players to decide on what they’d like to do before the dealer reaches their spot at the table. This means gameplay is much quicker and the pace of the table is quicker. This version of live blackjack is not recommended for new players.

    Playing Live Blackjack on Mobile

    If you enjoy playing your favourite casino games on the go then rest assured that live blackjack is ready to play whenever you are. Available on mobile devices of all sorts, as long as you have a browser on your device and stable internet connection, you’re ready to get started. 

    Visit one of our recommended online casinos and you’ll have access to live blackjack via your desktop or mobile device. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on Android or Apple, the fun never has to stop.

    Live Blackjack FAQs

    What is live dealer blackjack?

    Played in the same way you would play at a land-based casino, live blackjack is a version of the popular table game that is played with a live dealer. Streamed to your device of choice from a casino floor or studio, you can interact with the dealer and your fellow punters while betting on blackjack.

    Can I claim a live dealer blackjack bonus?

    Depending on the casino you visit, you’ll find live dealer blackjack bonuses and special offers waiting to be claimed. If you’re not sure which offers apply to live blackjack games, reach out to the customer service team for more information.

    Is playing live dealer blackjack safe?

    Yes, as long as you’re playing at a safe and licensed online casino, you’ll be in good hands. We recommend visiting one of our reviewed and trusted casinos for the safest and best possible experience.

    Is it possible to count cards when playing live dealer blackjack?

    While it may be similar to a land-based casino where card counting is attempted, live dealer casinos are slightly different. The decks are switched out more regularly and multiple decks of cards are used on almost all card games.

    Can I play live dealer blackjack for free?

    Most online casinos do not have demo versions of live dealer games but you can also get your hands on special bonuses for live casino games. From time to time, these offers may allow you to play for free.

    Is live dealer blackjack available on mobile?

    Yes, live blackjack can be enjoyed on mobile devices without any hassles. Simply load up the mobile browser or app for your chosen casino and start playing. The style of gameplay won’t change and the same betting options should be available no matter which device you’re using.