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    Live Blackjack Casino Sites

    Blackjack is one of the world's most popular card games. You will find it in Vegas, in Macau - and even online with live dealers. Below you will find a list of live dealer blackjack casinos where you can enjoy this casino classic.

    How to play live blackjack

    Live Blackjack is a game played against the player and the dealer (or the house). The objective is to have a hand as close to 21 as possible without going over. Exceeding 21 will bust you, making you lose the game. 

    To start a live blackjack game, place your bets - once the betting interval has ended, the dealer will draw two cards face up to the player position. The dealer will also draw two cards to their own position - one of which will be face down (also known as the hole card). 

    Hit or Stand
    You will now have the opportunity to accept more cards (Hit) or stick with the hand you have (Stand). If you Hit and the hand value exceeds 21, you will lose.

    Game Results
    Once all players have made their decisions, the dealer will play their hand. Depending on the game rules, the presenter may stand on a soft 17 or be able to hit. Once the game has resolved, all bets are paid out and the next round commences.

    Card Scoring
    The value of your hand will depend on the cards in it - here's a breakdown of hand scoring:

    • Numbers 2 to 10 - Retain Face Value
    • Ace - 1 or 11
    • Jack, Queen, King - 10

    If you are dealt a pair of cards, you will be allowed to split them and even double down on the new hands. In the case of split Aces, typically, you won't be able to double down.

    Many game rules allow the dealer to check for blackjack if the house draws an Ace as the up-card. In this case, the player will be offered insurance. 

    Live Blackjack Rules

    There are many variations of live blackjack available, each of which can have any or one of the following rules:

    • Surrender: This allows you to take half your bet under certain conditions 
    • Six Card Charlie: A rule in which if you hit six cards, you automatically win. Some versions of the game stipulate ten cards are required
    • Hitting on Soft 17: Allows the dealer to hit when they have a soft 17 hand. This rule greatly affects returns - but some tables will stand on soft 17, which are a much better option.
    • Perfect Pairs: Side bet which lets you wager on the possibility of your dealt cards being pairs
    • 21+3: Side bet which takes your two cards and dealers up card to make a poker hand
    • BustIt: Side bet where you wager on the dealer busting 
    • Free Bet: Evolution's Free Bet Blackjack lets you double and split for free under certain conditions
    • Hot 3: Side bet which takes the dealer upcard and player cards into account. If the total of the cards is 19, 20 or 21, you win.
    Bonus Bets
    More bonus bets