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    Our comprehensive guide has all you need to know to play free online blackjack and real money games.

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    Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular and widely played casino games. It’s become such a big hit with players in land-based and online casinos around the globe because it’s easy to play and offers very favourable odds. Blackjack is a card comparing game where your objective is simple: you have to get closer than the dealer to 21, but without busting over. If you’re keen to play blackjack online, you won’t have to look far as nearly every casino offers at least a few blackjack games. 

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                        Our hand-picked list of sites provides the best blackjack casinos in the industry, so check them out. If you’ve ever played blackjack at land-based casinos, you’ll be pleased to learn that online casino blackjack is pretty much the same. 

                        It’s entirely digital and computerised, of course, but the rules are identical. Instead of playing against a real-life dealer, you’re playing against a virtual dealer with the objective to try and beat their hand to 21. After receiving your initial two cards, you can decide whether or not to receive extra cards, though if you do, you run the risk of going over 21 and losing.

                        Once you’ve finished with your hand, it’s the dealer’s turn. You get to determine what happens to your own hand, but the dealer doesn’t get to determine what happens to theirs; instead, the dealer acts according to set rules, which do vary depending on the version of blackjack you’re playing. 

                        Many players use blackjack strategies to help improve their chances of winning. The most common one is the basic strategy. This is a set of instructions that tell you what the best move to make is depending on what your own hand is and what the dealer’s (hand) is. You can review the basic strategy charts on our website. This will give you a solid base to build your knowledge upon, but you must consider that each variant with different rules has an effect on the basic strategy ever so slightly.

                        Free Online Blackjack

                        Group playing at blackjack table
                        Blackjack can be played among friends - but your only rival is the dealer!

                        The reason why blackjack isn’t all about luck is as it requires you to make decisions. When playing the game, your decisions affect how well your hand does and, ultimately, whether you win, lose or tie with the dealer. This is why it’s a good idea to play free online blackjack to get some practice in.

                        What’s great about online casinos is that most of them offer demo play. This is simply free play that uses virtual money and lets you play as much as you want without having to spend a single penny. Free blackjack games are great because they cost nothing and they give you plenty of opportunity to get used to how the game works and build up your own strategies. 

                        You’ll find plenty of free blackjack games to play online. Just remember that while you can’t lose any real money, you can’t win any real money either. Still, free blackjack is definitely worth it if you’re a newcomer to the game. You’ll even find seasoned players who enjoy the occasional free game simply because there’s no risk involved.

                        Best Online Blackjack Games

                        Woman dealer at blackjack table
                        Blackjack pits your cards skills against the dealers

                        With the typical online casino offering lots of different blackjack games, how can you tell which ones are worth playing. To put it simply, the best online blackjack games are the ones that are well presented and user friendly. They’re the ones that developers have clearly spent a lot of time on. They offer an immersive and exciting gambling experience that’s as close to playing blackjack in land-based casinos as possible. 

                        Some blackjack games are obviously of a higher quality than others. Though when it comes to finding games to play, it’s worth looking up all the different blackjack variants. Even though the rule changes and gameplay formats differ only slightly, they can have quite a big impact on the game.

                        Take the number of decks, for example. In blackjack, the more decks that are used, the lower the RTP is. Therefore, blackjack games that are played with a single deck are likely to return more of your money to you than games played with eight decks of cards, for example. There are other aspects of the game that can vary, such as what the dealer has to do and what side bets are available.

                        Spanish Blackjack

                        Sometimes known as Pontoon, Spanish Blackjack, this is a popular variation of Blackjack that contains different rules which many feel to be in favour of the player making it an exciting alternative where offered. 

                        The game uses six to eight Spanish decks, which means that the four ten cards have been removed, so there are only 48 cards in each pack. Now while statistically, this gives the house the edge, there are many rules and special bets that push the favour back to the players. You will find slight variations in rules at each casino, but they should always be displayed or explained.

                        Play Blackjack Online

                        You’ll find online casino blackjack easily enough. Pretty much the only casinos that don’t offer blackjack are the ones that specialise in slots, and even these are few and far between. So in other words, the vast majority of online casinos offer blackjack (you will even find some free online casino games) and many of these have several different versions of the game available to play.

                        If you’re signing up to a new casino to play blackjack at, you’ll want to check out the welcome package for new players. More often than not, this rewards you for making your first deposit (or even your first few deposits) with some free bonus money you can spend on blackjack. Some casinos may even offer no deposit bonuses - simply sign up and you can claim a small amount of bonus money without having to deposit any real money into your account! You can even play blackjack on your mobile device if you wish.

                        Free Blackjack Games To Play Online

                        Blackjack dealer showing cards
                        The best hand in blackjack is a value 10 card and the ace - giving you an instant 21.

                        If blackjack sounds appealing to you, it’s a good idea to play some free blackjack games online. As previously mentioned, blackjack is available at pretty much every online casino and demo play is also widely available, so you shouldn’t have problems finding a game. 

                        Casino games can be grouped into two main categories: animated games and live games. Animated games are computer-generated and have you play against the computer. Live games, on the other hand, are real-world games you can take part in by watching a live broadcast. Demo play is readily available for animated games, but never for live games. Therefore, if you wish to play live blackjack, you’ll have to pay for it.

                        If you’re thinking of playing free blackjack, you’ll find it works in pretty much the same way as paid blackjack. The rules and gameplay are exactly the same; the only difference is the money. Since you’re using virtual money when playing free blackjack, you can play as much as you like. There’s no limited budget and therefore no chance of you running out of money.

                        Online Blackjack FAQs

                        Can you count cards in online blackjack?

                        No, you can't. Random number generators ensure all results are random, including the cards that are drawn from the virtual shoe.

                        How many decks are used in online blackjack?

                        This depends on the game in question. You can find this information in the technical specifications for the game.

                        Are online blackjack games fair?

                        Yes, they are. This is because a random number generator is used to produce random results. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all results are fair.

                        How can you win online blackjack every time?

                        There is no fool proof method to win online blackjack every single time. But by executing flawless blackjack strategy, you can bring the house edge down to minimal digits.