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    Roulette Betting Systems & Strategies

    We’re going to show you the best betting system for roulette in order to improve your chances of winning. While there’s no system that will let you win every time, these popular strategies can definitely give you an edge. Let’s begin right away.

    Best roulette wheel for betting systems
    Is there a best way to play roulette? We look at the most popular options

    Before we start analyzing the best online roulette strategies we’d like to point something out. If an online casino notices you placing the same types of bets time and time again there’s a good chance it’ll suspend or restrict your account.

    If you’re playing at a land-based casino you should also be extremely careful. At the end of the day, the casinos are the guys with all the money and sometimes react badly to players trying to take it from them. Even though that’s the main aim of the game. From the players perspective anyway.

    Let’s start things by evaluating and analyzing one of the most popular and understood methods - The Martingale. 

    Martingale Roulette

    The Martingale system divides many players. Some players love it and others aren’t so fond of it. However, the one thing that can’t be denied is that this particular system is extremely easy to understand, even if you’re a beginner.

    The concept is to double up on your last bet. It’s also most effective when betting on 1/1 payouts like red or black and odd or even. The shorter odds will give you a much better chance of landing a winning bet. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

    To implement the Martingale strategy, all you need to do is double up on your last bet until you start winning. For instance, if you keep betting on red you’ll eventually win. The point is to win all of your losses back and make a little bit extra each time.

    However, this can still be quite risky as the house edge is always against you. More often than not, beginners forget to take the zero into consideration. There are also table limits which can throw a spanner in the works.

    D’Alembert Roulette

    The D’Alembert system is similar to the Martingale strategy. However, there is one key difference. All you need to do is simply increase your stake each time by whatever unit you’re comfortable with. For example, if you bet £5 on red, the next time you’d bet £6 or £7.

    This carries much less risk than the doubling down Martingale system. Basically, you’ll slowly increase the size of your bet when you’re losing and slowly decrease the size of your bet when you’re winning.

    The D’Alembert is most effective when betting on red or black and odd or even. In our opinion, the best part about this strategy is that it can be conducted with a small bankroll.

    The downside to this is that profits won’t be as high due to the little risk of the bets.

    Labouchere Roulette

    Again, the Labouchere system is best used when betting on 1/1 payouts such as red or black. It can be difficult to understand at first but we’re going to try and explain it to you in the clearest possible way.

    Before you start playing, you’ll need to write down the total amount of money you want to win. For example, if you want to win £20 your sequence might be 2-2-2-3-1-2-2-3-1-2.

    There is no particular way to do this, you’ll decide your own sequence based on the amount of money that you want to win. You then work your way from left to right to decide how much you should stake for that spin. For instance, using our example above, your first bet would be £4.

    Each time you win a bet you’d cross out the numbers and move onto the next sequence. The aim of the game is to cross out all of your numbers from left to right. If you manage to do so you should have met your targeted winnings. If you’re feeling brave, you can start a new sequence and start from the beginning again.

    James Bond Roulette

    If you’re a James Bond fan then we’re sure you’ll be aware of 007’s love for gambling. This is how the James Bond roulette strategy got its name.

    This method is fairly simple to understand. Every round you’ll make the same bet. For example, if you’re betting £20 per spin you’d place the following bets.

    £14 on numbers 19-36
    £5 on the set of numbers 13-18
    £1 on the zero

    However, if the roulette ball lands on any of the numbers 1-12 then you’ll lose £20 each time. You’ll need a lot of luck to be on your side if you want to make a serious profit from this strategy.

    In order for this strategy to be successful, you’ll need to use the same amount of units every time. If the total amount of your bet fluctuates then it’ll be extremely difficult to keep tabs on your profits and losses.

    Fibonacci Roulette

    Finally, we’ll finish up with the Fibonacci roulette strategy, a popular system for roulette tournaments. The easiest possible way to explain this system is with another sequence. The rule is that your next number must be the total sum of your previous two numbers.

    For instance, 2-2-4-6-10-16-26-42-68 and so on. It’ll come as no surprise to you that like the majority of roulette systems, this one is best used when betting on 1/1 payouts. 

    The key is to move back two numbers each time you win a bet. This will keep your system under control and give you a better chance of making a profit. If you win on your first bet then just start from the beginning again and apply the rules that we’ve outlined.

    Roulette Betting Systems FAQs

    What is a roulette betting system?

    This is a form of roulette strategy that you repeat over in a game of roulette. Roulette betting systems come in one of two types: negative progression or positive progression.

    Do roulette betting systems work?

    While they can be a fun way to change the way you gamble - a roulette betting system does not guarantee better results.

    What is a negative progression betting system?

    This is a form of strategy where you alter your bets based on your losses. If you lose, you raise your bet levels until the achieved outcome.

    What is a positive progression betting system?

    This is a form of strategy where you alter your bets based on your wins. If you win, you would raise your bet levels until the achieved outcome.

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