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    Slots tournaments are a competitive new way to play online slots for big cash prizes.

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    Online Casino Slots Tournaments

    slots tournament
    Do you have what it takes to land the top spot?

    While slots tournaments can be a one off promotion for online casinos - there are some sites that have ongoing tournaments. Here is a list of ongoing tourneys:

    Online slots tournaments are the ultimate gambling competition. It's a battle of the reels where the victor takes home massive cash prizes. These exciting tournaments are becoming more common at top online casinos. On this page, we show you the best daily, weekly and free slots tournaments to join.

    Free Slots Tournaments

    Slots tournaments are commonly offered as one-off promotions. These short competitions tend to boast higher prizes - and are usually free to enter. Here's the latest one-off tournaments with free entry: 

    Tournament Name
    Prize Pool
    No. of WinnersHow to join
    Free to Play TournamentsWilliam Hill GamesHundreds of Free Spins6Learn More 

    While most promotional tourneys don't ask members for a buy-in bet - you may have to fulfil conditions to opt in to the tournament. A common example is that you may have to make a deposit with a bonus code.

    If you're not sure how entry to the tournament works - check the promotional offer terms. 

    Ongoing Slots Tournaments

    While slots tournaments can be a one off promotion for online casinos - there are some sites that have ongoing tournaments. Here is a list of ongoing tourneys:

    Tournament Name
    Casumo Reel Races£2,000 CashEvery hour
    Videoslots Battle of SlotsReal CashEvery 15 - 30 minutes
    bgo Slots TournamentsFree Spins & CashDaily
    William Hill Games Free Slots TournamentsFree SpinsEvery hour
    Betfair Slots TournamentFree Spins & Weekly CashEvery 20 minutes
    Cleopatra Casino Weekly Tournament€10,000Weekly
    Gentingbet Tournament Time£250Daily

    These sites guarantee around the clock fun and great prizes every day. Here's an in depth look at each tournament:

    Casumo Reel Races

    Casumo is a quirky Swedish casino offering up to £2,000 every day in their wacky Reel Races. This ongoing tournament is a great way to try new games and play with likeminded players.

    Videoslots Battle of Slots

    Want to duke it out for free spins prizes? Then Videoslots is the casino for you. This is one of the rare online casinos that offer daily freerolls.

    bgo Slots Tournaments

    Playtech powered casino bgo offers tournaments 24 hours a day. Prizes range from real cash to hundreds of free spins. 

    Mr Green Casino Reel Thrill
    Love NetEnt slots and the chance to play for free spins? Mr Green, the emerald gentleman of casino, has a tempting proposition with his daily Reel Thrills. 

    William Hill Free Slots Tournaments

    William Hill, the UK's biggest gaming company introduced brand new free to play tournaments. Prizes include zero wagering free spins, bonuses and even cash.

    Betfair Slots Tournaments

    Betfair has added new tournaments to the casino product. You can win 25 free spins every 20 minutes - just land a first place finish in a race. Make sure to join the weekly tournament for the chance to win your share of £1,500 too!

    Why Play Slots Tournaments

    Chances are you are used to playing online slots in isolation. These are games that require very little social interaction after all. But with the added tournament aspect, there are now plenty of reasons to bring out your competitive side. Here are just a few reasons to join in a tournament:

    Big prizes for top spots: Place in the upper part of the leaderboard and you can land some insane prizes. We are talking thousands for a potential 1st place victory. And even if you can't crack the top spot, you could still walk away with something.

    Chances to win big on slots: Just because you are playing in a tournament doesn't mean you can't win anything on the games. In fact, there's the chance to win twice. You could win big on the slots - and take home a top prize.

    You control the pace: There are no rules to say you can't slow down the action. And there's nothing stopping you from engaging turbo speed either. At the end of the day, you are your own master in a slots tournament.

    It's thrilling in the right ways: Let's imagine you are sitting comfortably in first place. But you start to realise that someone is getting close to your top spot. It could be time to hit the gas and go for broke. It's these tense moments where you begin to appreciate these competitions.

    Types of Slots Tournaments

    Slots tournaments have exploded in popularity over the past few years. And players can find all sorts of different kinds of competitions online. Here are some of the most popular types:

    • Freeroll Tournament: In a freeroll tournament, you don't have to pay an entry fee or buy in to take part. This is essentially a free tournament. Typically, freerolls have a limit on the number of players that can enter. However, promotional tournaments usually have unlimited entries.

    • Scheduled Tournaments: An invite only tournament that will have a strict start time. Members will usually pay their buy-ins before the tourney starts.

    • Sit and Go Tournaments: These are tournaments which anyone can join. Usually, there will be a limit on how many players can enter the tournament. To guarantee a place, join at the earliest possible opportunity.

    • Extender Tournaments: In these tournaments, you can choose to continue playing spins to rack up even more spins - at the cost of an additional buy-in.

    • One Shot Tournaments: A brief but exciting tournament where the winner is decided in a single betting session.

    • Reloader Tournaments: Players are allowed to play on a level playing field and accrue as many points as they can to get the best score on the leaderboard.

    Slot Tournament Strategy

    The best way to win any slots tournament is to be consistent with your betting. For a tourney using points scoring, you want to play regularly to ensure you don't fall behind the competition. 

    When it comes to a tournament with a set amount of spins, you have to hope luck swings in your favour.

    Here are some more strategies you can use for slots tournaments:

    • Try to join points based tournaments as early as possible.
    • Joining a tournament late (if it's based on scores) will mean you will have to try and catch up, making you bet more than you likely should
    • If you are playing in a point-scoring tournament, try all of the qualifying games out first
    • You will then be able to find a slot you enjoy - and will be less likely to feel burnt out on the gameplay
    • Don't stress yourself out about the results - just have some fun
    • Try to join as many tournaments as you can - especially free rolls.
    • The more competitions you take part in, the higher your chance of a win
    • Look out for boosted prizes around seasonal events like Christmas or Black Friday
    • Check if there are additional ways to earn points - for example, playing on your mobile device

    How do Slots Tournaments Work?

    In a slots tournament, the goal is simple; spin more than your competition. The results will usually be recorded on some kind of leaderboard. The closer towards the top you are, the better your eventual share of the prize pool. 

    But this can be different depending on the type of tournament you join. In fact, there are several different ways in which these tournaments can be scored. Below you find some of the most common.

    Wagering Tournament: The player who has wagered the most on the selected slots wins. Wagers equal points in this battle of endurance.

    Winning Tournament: The player with the most game wins takes home the top prize. You will need lady luck on your side - and plenty of speed too.

    Mission Tournament: Complete certain objectives in the least amount of spins possible. Like activating the free spins. Once again, luck and speed are key. You can also try again for a better score.

    Prize Ticket Tournament: For each wager you make, you will earn a prize draw ticket. And a random draw will choose the winner. One of the least optimal tournaments to join - as the results are not based on your own play.

    Out of all the online slots tournaments, you can find, the wagering tournament is the most reliable to join. Your standing in the race is entirely up to you - minus what your rivals are doing. Whereas the other three leaderboard formats place a heavy emphasis on luck and chance. 

    Whichever type of competition you choose, you are almost guaranteed to have plenty of fun. Who knew slots could be so social - and so rewarding!


    What is an online slots tournament?

    It's a gambling competition where you play online slots to win cash prizes.These tournaments are usually leaderboard based. By making wagers on slots, you will receive points that will go towards your leaderboard rank. Your place on the leaderboard will determine your eventual prize.

    What is a freeroll tournament?

    This is a casino tournament where entry is free. When you join a freeroll, you will be given a set amount of spins. The winner who has won the most with their spins wins the tournament.

    What can I win?

    Common prize pools include real cash, casino bonuses, free spins and electronic goods. It's not uncommon to see prizes like cars and holidays.

    What is the best tournament strategy?

    The best strategy in a slot tournament is to be consistent with your betting - and join point scoring tourneys as early as possible. This way, you won't feel the need to catch up and bet more than your responsibly should.

    Are there tournaments for mobile devices?

    Sites optimised for iOS and Android will almost certainly offer some kind of tournament for mobile devices. Please see our list of partners for more information.

    How do I join a tournament?

    If it is a buy in tournament, you will have to pay the entry fee to take your seat at the tournament. Once you have paid your fee, you will have to wait for all spots to be taken. Once the tournament starts - you will need to play your spins and win as much as you can.
    If it is a freeroll tournament, you simply need to take your place at the tournament. Once the competition starts, you will need to spin and win as much as possible.

    How much does it cost to enter a tournament?

    You can be asked to pay hundreds of pounds - or nothing at all. It depends on the type of slots tournament you join. Most commercial slots tournaments online are free to enter - but you may have to make a deposit to opt-in. Entry details should be readily available in the terms and conditions of the offer.

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