Evolution goes mad: No Nines or Tens in new game - Power Blackjack

Evolution Power Blackjack launches with a powerful double down system. 2x, 3x or 4x your starting hand for bigger winning chances. Quick review, strategies and initial thoughts on Power Blackjack here.
Power Blackjack is now available at Evolution Live Casinos after a short beta test. The new live dealer game is the latest in their popular Infinite Blackjack series of games.

Evolution Power Blackjack comes with several important differences:

  • There are no nines or tens in the 8 deck shoe - that's 64 fewer cards that appear during a normal game of 8 deck blackjack
  • Players can Double, Triple or Quadruple down on their initial two cards
  • There is no 6-card charlie rule in this game

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      Popular features from Infinite Blackjack are also carried over:

      • There are four available side bets: Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and BustIt
      • An unlimited number of players can join the table, with no waiting times. Each hand can be played individually by the player as they see fit.

      How to play Evolution Power Blackjack

      To start the game, place a wager on the betting position or side bets. There is a 12-second window to place your chips. 

      Power Blackjack In Play

      Once you have bet, the dealer will deal two cards to themselves and the player position. You will then get to choose whether you stand, hit or double down on the hand. There are three available double down options: 4x, 3x or 2x.

      If the dealer has dealt you two matching cards, you will also be able to split the hand into two individual hands. 

      The dealer will check for blackjack if their up card is a Jack, Queen, King or Ace.

      As with a traditional game of live dealer blackjack - the objective is to have the highest value hand possible, with 21 being the best possible hand. Due to the removal of tens and nines - this is a much harder hand to get in this game.

      If you hand beats the dealer (or they bust), you win. If the dealer has a better hand (or you bust), the dealer wins.

      Power Blackjack Game Rules

      Here are the full rules of Evolution Power Blackjack

      • Game is played with an 8 deck shoe
      • Vegas rules: dealer gets two cards
      • Dealer checks for blackjack if they have Jack, Queen, King or Ace
      • All pairs can be split
      • Blackjack win pays 3:2, taking Insurance and winning pays 2:1 
      • Insurance is only available if the dealer draws an Ace
      • Double down (2x, 3x and 4x) option available on first two cards

      Power Blackjack Side Bets

      There are four available side bets in Power Blackjack. This includes two returning bets pioneered by sibling game Infinite Blackjack. 

      21+3 - Your first two cards and the dealer up card are paid out like a poker hand at the following payouts.

      21+3 Hand
      Suited Trips100 to 1
      Straight Flush35 to 1
      Three of a Kind25 to 1
      Straight8 to 1
      Flush5 to 1

      Any Pair - This side bet pays if you two starting cards are a pair. 

      Any Pair Hand
      Suited Pair20 to 1
      Pair7 to 1

      Hot 3 - This side bet takes into account your two cards and the dealers up card. If they form a total of 19, 20 or 21 - you win. Here;'s the payouts:

      Hot 3 Hand
      7-7-7100 to 1
      Total 21 - Suited20 to 1
      Total 21 - Unsuited4 to 1
      Total 202 to 1
      Total 191 to 1

      Bust It - For this side bet, you are solely banking on the dealer busting. The number of cards the bust in will determine your prize.

      Bust It Hand
      Bust with 8+ Cards250 to 1
      Bust with 7 Cards100 to 1
      Bust with 6 Cards25 to 1
      Bust with 5 Cards8 to 1
      Bust with 4 Cards2 to 1
      Bust with 3 Cards1 to 1

      Power Blackjack Strategy

      With the removal of 9s and 10s - strategy looks very different in Power Blackjack. That means traditional strategy charts won't work at all.

      Evolution has created an optimal strategy guide that can be found in the game paytable. Here's what they recommend for the best results:

      How to split pairs

      • Split 2s if dealer has 6
      • Split 3s if dealer has 2-8
      • Split 4s if dealer has 6
      • Don't split a 5 pair
      • Split 6s if dealer has 2 - 8
      • Split 7s if dealer has 2 - 7
      • Split 8s wherever possible
      • Don't split 10s
      • Split Aces if dealer has 2 - 6 or 8 - 10

      Outside of these outcomes, you should always hit

      Quadruple Down Strategy

      • Quadruple down on 5s if dealer has less than 10 - otherwise hit
      • Quadruple down on Hard 10 if dealer has 2 - 7 - otherwise hit
      • Quadruple down on Hard 11 if dealer has 2 - 8 - otherwise hit
      • Quadruple down on Soft 15 or 16 if dealer has 6 - otherwise hit
      • Quadruple down on Soft 17 if dealer has 5 - 6 - otherwise hit
      • Quadruple down on Soft 18 if dealer has 2, 4, 5 or 6 - otherwise hit
      • Quadruple down on Soft 19 if dealer has 6 - otherwise hit

      Hit or Stand Strategies

      • Hit on Hard 14 or less
      • Hit on Hard 15 (unless dealer has 5)
      • Hit on Hard 16 (unless dealer has 2, 4 - 6)
      • Stand on Hard 17 (unless dealer has 11)
      • Stand on Hard 18 or greater
      • Hit on Soft 17 or less
      • Stand on Soft 18 (unless dealer has 8)
      • Stand on Soft 19 or greater

      Power Blackjack FAQ

      What is the Power Blackjack RTP?

      Power Blackjack has an RTP of 98.80% - giving it a house edge of 1.20%. This is one of the lowest returns for a live blackjack game

      How much can I win on Power Blackjack?

      The best payout in the game is the Bust It Side bet. You can win 250x your stake if the dealer busts with 8 or more cards.

      What is the best Power Blackjack strategy?

      The best strategy is to follow the in-game Power Blackjack tips. Click on the quick help option at the side of the game to view all the rules. This includes the strategies that can be found towards the bottom of the game.

      Do I have to wait to play Power Blackjack?

      An unlimited number of players can join the Power Blackjack table - so there are no waiting times in this game.

      Power Blackjack Review

      Simple changes make a powerful difference in Evolution Power Blackjack. The chance to quadruple down is a nice feature for high-risk players. And removing the 9s and 10s adds a whole new dimension to traditional strategy. It's not the most amazing evolution of the Infinite series - but it packs a powerful punch.
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