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    Entropay was a virtual payments service founded in 2003 by the Ixaris Group. Unfortunately, the service is no longer available - as of July 2019 Entropay has ceased operation. Here we show you alternative methods that can be used for online gaming deposit.

    • Why did Entropay Close?
    • Alternatives to Entropay

    Why did Entropay Close?

    Entropay closed in July 2019 - payment service provider VISA did not extend their license to continue offering virtual credit cards. With no license, Entropay couldn't offer the same services. The closure of the payment service happened in several stages:

    • December 2018: Entropay announced that services would be limited from February 2019. Most notably, you would not be able to top-up virtual VISAs - with all funds transferred to the e-wallet instead.

    • February 2019: As promised, virtual VISA cards were no longer available for top-up. Furthermore all existing cards were cancelled. During this time, they also informed customers to withdraw their e-wallet balances before April 2019.

    • July 2019: Entropay ceased operations

    Alternatives to Entropay

    Entropay's closing is still a sore point for many as it was a convenient way to pay online. However, many other providers can fill the same role - especially when it comes to the e-wallet product. Here are some alternative e-wallets to consider for gaming deposits:

    Paypal: One of the world's biggest e-wallets - serving hundreds of million users every day. Many of the leading online casinos now accept Paypal. You can even register as some sites using the service.

    Skrill: You can fund a Skrill account in a number of different ways - and its widely accepted at online gambling sites. It should be noted that transfers to a Skrill can come with certain fees.

    Neteller: A popular online gaming payment provider giving users vast flexibility. As with all e-wallets, Neteller deposits are unlikely to be accepted for bonus offers.

    Unfortunately, the virtual debit card product is still a gap in the market, but pre-paid cards like Paysafecard are a viable alternative. Its an excellent solution to help you budget your gaming. Keeping the card topped up - and managing the available funds can be challenging however.