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    Best Online Roulette

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    Top Roulette Games

    Online Roulette Casinos

    Male dealer at speed roulette games
    In a live dealer game - you can play with a real person instead of a computer!

    Roulette is an exciting and thrilling casino game that’s incredibly easy to play. In fact, all you have to do is place your bet and watch as the action unfolds! This classic casino game has a huge wheel with red and black numbered pockets, plus one or two green ones. The wheel is spun and a ball is dropped on to it, eventually coming to a stop in one of these pockets. If you’ve bet on the pocket the ball lands in, you’ve won!

    If you want to play roulette online, you’ll find no shortage of options. It’s available to play at pretty much every online casino there is. In fact, the only casinos that don’t offer roulette are the ones that specialise in slots, and even these are few and far between. So if you’re looking to play online casino roulette, simply visit any casino and chances are there’ll be plenty of roulette games for you to try out.

    Playing roulette online couldn’t be easier. You simply choose your bet and the computer does the rest for you. The wheel and ball are computer generated, with a random number generator determining which of the numbered pockets the ball lands in. 

    Keep reading to find out more about how to play online roulette, what you can look forward to, and why this game is so popular.

    There are two main versions of roulette. The European version’s wheel has the numbers 1-36, plus an additional 37th pocket for 0. For the numbers 1-36, half of them are red, while the other half are black; 0 pockets are always green. For American roulette, the other main version, the wheel has all the same pockets as the European version, plus an additional one: the 00, or double zero, which just like the 0 pocket is green.

    When it comes to betting on roulette, you’ll find that there are two main types of bets: inside and outside bets. Inside bets have higher payouts but lower chances of winning and cover smaller sets of numbers. Outside bets, on the other hand, have lower payouts but higher chances of winning and cover larger sets of numbers. 

    The roulette betting table has the numbers 1-36 presented in a grid with three columns and twelve rows. Above the numbers is a section for the 0 and 00 bets, while to the side of the grid are sections for the game’s other bets.

    Examples of inside bets include the Straight/Single (bet on a single number), the Six Line/Double Street (bet on two consecutive rows on the betting table) and the Split (bet on two horizontally or vertically adjacent numbers). Examples of outside bets include 1-18 and 19-36 (bet on all numbers within the chosen range), red or black (bet on all numbers of the chosen colour) and the Column (bet on all numbers in a chosen column).

    Free Online Roulette

    If you’re new to roulette, it’s a good idea to find free roulette games to play online. Most casinos offer demo play, which is basically playing for free. You get to play the game exactly as it usually is, except you’re using unlimited virtual money and not your own real money. You can play as much as you like and while you won’t win any actual money, you won’t lose any actual money either.

    At some casinos, you’ll need to create an account in order to be able to play games for free. At others, you can go ahead and play for free without signing up. Note that live casino games can’t be played for free. So if you fancy having a go at live roulette, you’ll have to fund your casino account with real money.

    Best Online Roulette Games

    Double ball roulette table with male dealer
    Roulette is a classic casino game available at many sites (online and offline)

    So what are the best online roulette games? Many providers have created roulette games with impressive, immersive graphics and sound effects that make it feel like you’re actually there at a roulette table. Live roulette games, of course, take the roulette experience to the next level. Play a live game and you’ll get to take part in a real-life roulette game that’s broadcast in real time from a special TV studio.

    As with other casino games, there are all sorts of roulette variants. There’s Mini Roulette, which has a much smaller wheel with just over a dozen numbered pockets, for example. Another good one to look out for is Multi-Wheel Roulette, where you can bet on several wheels at once. There are also roulette games that offer extra betting options and even some that have a progressive jackpot.

    Play Roulette Online

    Almost every online casino will allow you to play roulette online. However, always evaluate the following points before you sign up anywhere.

    Licences - This is seriously important. Never sign up or play at a casino that doesn’t hold reputable licences. If you do there’s a possibility you may get scammed or stolen from. A reputable roulette casino will proudly display its licence. Therefore,you shouldn’t have any problems when searching for them.

    Game Availability - In our opinion, it would be a mistake to join a casino that has limited game availability. After all, you’ll want to have plenty of options when it comes to roulette. Look for both digital and live dealer games.

    Bonuses and Promotions - Many casinos offer specific bonuses and promotions aimed at roulette players. For example, play through £10 on European roulette and we’ll give you another £10 free to play with. Weigh up your options and make sure you get plenty of bang for your buck.

    Banking Options – Make sure that the Roulette casino you choose has the perfect banking options to suit you and your wallet. Always ensure that you’re comfortable with the available choices.

    Free Roulette Games To Play Online

    Check out free online roulette to get some practice in and get used to how roulette works before playing with real money. Remember when it comes to playing real-money roulette that you stand a slightly better chance of winning if you play European roulette. This is because the wheel has 37 numbered pockets, one less than its American counterpart.

    Playing roulette for free online is as simple as enjoying demo versions of the popular games on offer. Demo versions of these games can be found at many online casinos or on review sites.

    From time to time, you may find no deposit offers available at online casinos. Put these offers to good use and you’ll be able to play online roulette at the casino without spending any of your own funds or making a deposit. Always read the terms and conditions if you choose to claim one of these bonuses.

    Which Types of Roulette Can I Play at Online Casinos?

    Male dealer at lightning roulette table
    Lightning Roulette is one of the hottest new roulette experiences around

    At virtually any  online casino you visit, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a roulette game. There are too many different versions to list here. However, we’re going to cover the main variants and give you an insight which will hopefully help you to make a decision.

    Types of Roulette

    Roulette is an incredibly fun game to play. That’s providing you understand the game and the rules of each variant which is the main reason why we’re here today.

    As stated above, there are many different types of roulette. Each casino will have different games on offer. However, the three main versions that you’ll probably find are European, French, and American roulette.

    Each version has a different set of rules and different styles of bets. Our aim is to guide you through them step by step and explain everything in the clearest possible way.

    We’re going to start by telling you how to pick the best online roulette games. Then we’re going to cover the three main versions.

    Let’s jump right in and get down to business.

    Best Online Roulette Games

    There are lots of different ways that you can choose the best online roulette games.

    Firstly, the most important decision will be your choice of online casino. If you sign up to a well-established casino you should have plenty of options. 

    Secondly, there are a few different software providers powering similar versions of the same game. For instance, Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt all design roulette games as well as many other providers. The three we've mentioned above have a stellar reputation for game design and software development. If you’re looking for a recommendation they would be ours.

    European Roulette

    European Dealer Table with Woman Dealer
    European Roulette offers some of the most favourable odds

    European roulette is our favourite version of the game. It’s super fun to play and the house edge is much lower than other variations of the game.

    You’ll have the chance to bet on numbers 0-36, red or black, odd or even, and dozens. Straight bets pay out at 35/1, red or black pays out at 1/1, odd or even also pays out at 1/1 and dozens pay out at 2/1.

    If you’re playing at a European online casino then this will most likely be one of the roulette games on offer. 

    Furthermore, there are many versions of live dealer European roulette available. Some of the visual effects and gameplay are incredible with live dealer games. If you get the chance to play one at any stage we’d highly recommend that you do.

    French Roulette

    French roulette is similar to European roulette in terms of the setup. For instance, you’ll have numbers 0-36 and the red or black options. However, the differences start to appear when you analyze the types of bets available.

    The first thing you’ll need to familiarise yourself with is the French words on the roulette table. For example, passe means even and impair means odd.

    Secondly, there are two specific rules for French roulette. The first is the ‘La Partage’ rule. This is applied when your ball lands on zero and you have an evens bet on the table. If this happens, you’ll get half of your stake refunded.

    The second rule to be aware of is the ‘En Prison’ rule. Again, this is applied if your ball lands on zero and you’ve placed a bet on odd/even or red/black. This allows your bet to stay on the table for the next spin without having to place another bet. This can be very useful in certain scenarios.

    American Roulette

    Woman Dealer at American Roulette Table
    American Roulette features an extra 00 pocket

    We’re willing to bet that you’ll find this variation of roulette in the majority of online casinos.

    The only major difference between American Roulette and European Roulette is that you can bet on both the zero and the double zero.

    You’ll also be able to bet on numbers, split numbers, corners, red/black, odd/even, dozens, and more. Although this is an extremely popular game, it’s the least popular out of these three variants. The reason for that is due to the larger house edge.

    As with many other mobile roulette games, you’ll probably come across a live version of American roulette. If you’re playing at a decent casino and using reputable software we can guarantee that you’ll have a brilliant time. That is, of course, providing you win a little bit also.

    Multi Ball Roulette

    This version of roulette has become increasingly popular with players who are looking for something a little more exciting. The game works much like the standard version of European roulette with 36  numbers on the wheel.

    The main difference comes into play when the game begins and multiple balls fall onto the wheel. Rather than a single ball, anything between 3 and 7 balls can be added to the spinning wheel.
    The payout on this game is also split by the number of balls in play. If you have three balls on the wheel, the payout will be a third of what it normally is. This is important to keep in mind when placing your bets.

    Mini Roulette

    Almost identical to standard European roulette, Mini Roulette has only 13 numbers on the wheel. This means that the game is perfect for mobile players or those who are looking for a simpler version. Naturally, having only 13 numbers will affect how players bet.

    Another aspect that changes when playing Mini Roulette is the odds of winning. Player odds and payouts change to accommodate the numbers available.

    The highest betting odds are on straight single numbers with an 11 to 1 payout.

    Live Dealer Roulette

    If you’re wanting to experience any of the types of roulette mentioned above in a brick and mortar casino but you can’t make the journey, live dealer roulette is the perfect solution. 

    Play face to face in a virtual setting with a real live dealer who will walk you through the game while chatting to your fellow players at the table. Live dealer casino games have become increasingly popular at online casinos and some of the best software providers in the world are creating games for this space.

    Evolution is one of the most well-known game creators in the business and they have released many roulette variations for players to enjoy.

    Roulette Betting Systems

    Establishing a successful roulette career comes from a combination of careful strategy development, self-discipline and making the most of the right offers. The best players to exceed at online roulette tournaments all excel in this respect. There are also some handy tips and cheats that will help you on your way to success as well.

    Beginner players will often ask “how do I win?”, as though there were some magic formula that can be used, though in fact it’s not possible to repeatedly beat the roulette wheel otherwise casinos simply wouldn’t offer the game in the first place. However, you can inch ahead with various methods and if you apply these collectively and judiciously over a sustained period of time then you’ll end up with a marked improvement to your bankroll. Click here to know more about roulette betting systems.

    Understanding Roulette Wagers

    Understanding how wagering works when playing online roulette is a very important step. Rather than betting blindly and hoping for the best, even understanding the basics can be a huge difference in how you potentially win or lose.

    Inside bet

    Inside bets refer specifically to betting on the numbers on the wheel. But more than just choosing a single number and going all in, there are a number of inside bets to consider.

    • Straight up bet – Betting on a single number segment on the wheel.

    • Split bet – By placing your chips on the line between two numbers, you’re splitting your single bet between the two numbers you’ve chosen.

    • Street bet – Bet on any 3 numbers in a row.

    • Corner bet – Choose 4 numbers and place your chips on the crosshair between them.

    • Line bet – When you choose 2 rows and bet on the 6 numbers in the rows, this is a line bet.

    Depending on your bet, the odds of winning will change to suit the possible outcome.

    Outside bet

    While inside bets deal with the numbers on the roulette wheel, outside bets handle every other sort of bet available.

    • Red or black/odd or even – These bets are about determining whether the ball will land on a red or black segment, or if the number will be odd or even. These bets are very common and have a low payout rate.

    • Dozen bet – Bet on one of three groups consisting of a dozen numbers. The return on this bet is 2/1.

    • Column bet – Rather than choosing a specific number, bet on the entire column for a better chance of winning. The return on this bet is also 2/1.

    Roulette allows you to decide whether you want to play it safe with bets that cover more of the board or take a risk and bet on more specific numbers. Either way, always play responsibly. 

    Online Roulette FAQs

    How to win online roulette?

    There's no 100% guranteed method to win at online roulette. But a popular safe strategy is to only bet on even money results like red/black - which almost give you a 50/50 chance.

    Is online roulette rigged?

    Online roulette games found at reputable casinos will not be rigged. These games have a random number generator that produces consistently random results. This ensures fairness for players.

    How do you play online roulette?

    First, you will need to place a wager on the betting mat. Pick wherever you think the ball will land. Next, you will need to spin the wheel to find out the result for the game. If you win, you will be notified and your winnings credited.

    Can you make money playing online roulette?

    Using any online casino game to make money is not recommended. Random results and outcomes means that making money on these games is unreliable.

    Can I play roulette on my mobile?

    Yes, online casinos that also provide mobile casino games should have the option to play roulette on the go. Make sure that you have a decent internet connection and you’ll be in for a fun experience. You can play from your mobile on Android or iOS devices with ease. The most common way to play is directly from your mobile browser but there may be casinos that offer mobile apps instead.

    Do I need to download software to play online roulette?

    No, you shouldn’t have to download additional software and modern online casinos. Online roulette can be enjoyed via your browser with the click of a button. If any additional software is needed, make sure you are downloading it from a trusted source.

    What is the best online roulette casino?

    We have many fantastic online casinos that provide roulette to players around the world. Take your pick of our recommended sites to ensure that you’re playing safely.

    Can I play roulette for free?

    Many online casinos offer free versions or demo versions of online roulette. Simply load the game and start playing without having to make a deposit.

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