Best Crash Gambling Sites

    Best Crash Gambling Sites

    Crash gambling games are becoming increasingly popular. You can find out more about the best crash betting games and where to play them at trusted websites in this quick guide.

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    Crash Gambling Games

    Crash gambling games are becoming increasingly popular. Also known as Aviator games you can find out more about the best crash betting games and trusted sites where to play them in this quick guide. 

    What is a Crash Gambling Game?

    Crash gambling games are simple games where multiple players can bet on an outcome and potentially win significant amounts of money in seconds. They tend to appeal to crypto players but can also be played using fiat currencies on some sites. 

    As a subset of gaming, crash gambling games are only created by specialist developers. At the time of writing, none of the biggest names in software, such as Netent and Microgaming,  have added a crash betting game to their portfolio. 

    How to Play Crash Betting Games

    Crash games are usually simple to play. You just set your bet, watch as it hits the multipliers, and hopefully cash out before the plane, ship, or similar object crashes or travels offscreen. 

    Experienced players will use the autoplay and auto cashout functions exclusively. Manual mode will likely be available but is far less convenient. 

    However, while the games are fair and random, there is an element of strategy involved in playing them. Whether you win or lose is based on how and when you react.

    Crash Betting Games Strategies & Tips

    • If you want to play with minimal risk, play with a base bet and bank your winnings
    • Think about a recovery strategy - here you take your loss, triple it, and then aim for a stake similar to 1.33 for your cash out
    • Keep an eye on other players' wins and losses
    • Don’t pay attention to big numbers where everyone crashed out
    • Check when the last instaloss occurred
    • Don’t pay too much mind to rewards for players with small bets that are x300
    • Stick to your strategy, one-time risky bets are a good way to ruin your exponential curve

    Where to Play Crash gambling Games 

    Crash gambling games can usually be found at online crypto casinos. The newer and less well known the game is, the harder it may be to find. Established crash gambling games, such as Spribe’s Aviator, have begun to pop up on mainstream online casinos. 

    They may be afforded their own section, or be filed under a separate ‘Games’ category, away from the slots and classic casino games. 

    If you know the title, you can also search the Internet to find out which online casinos and gambling sites offer crash betting games. 

    The Best Crash Casino Games 

    As crash gambling games become more popular, more and more are emerging. We’ve highlighted a few of the best crash betting games below.


    One of the hottest arcade games available at crypto casinos, Plinko was brought to audiences by in the late 2010s, with other versions of the game following from Spribe and BGaming. 

    Many will know Plinko as being a popular section of “The Price is Right” which was first seen on TV in 1983. However, the basic concept comes from the Japanese pachinko machines. 

    The format is a balling rolling down a maze of pins. The pins will deflect the balls’ path until it lands into one of the coloured boxes at the bottom. Your wins are determined by which coloured box it lands in. You can win up to 2,500, 000 coins, depending on the version you are playing. 

    Fighter xXx

    Created by BetConstruct, Fighters xXx is a space-themed game with a new take on the crash betting concept. Instead of one curve, you have three, all simultaneously going up. There are three aircrafts for players to watch and bet on. This potentially makes it the most complicated of the new breed of crash betting games. However, the concept is the same. Players can cash out anytime from before the first aircraft crashes to when the last one crashes or leaves the screen. 


    Another Spribe creation, Crash is an arcade game where you watch a line going up and try to predict when the crash will happen. Place your bets and cross your fingers. Instead of a plane, you have a simple dot. This may be the most stripped back version of a crash gambling game and the closest to the cryptocurrency exchange market. It’s a multiplayer game, so you can see other players' bets and see when they exit before the crash!


    Released by Spribe in 2019, Aviator is one of the most popular crash games. It’s a simple setup. A red lane curves steadily upwards with a white plane visible. To win, you need to max out the coefficient, which is increasing, to boost the multiplier. The trick is to cash out before the plane flies off the screen or crashes. If either happens before you cash out, you lose your stake. Again, you can see what your fellow players are doing and choose whether that influences your strategy. 

    Crash Gambling FAQ

    Is Crash gambling legal?

    Yes. Crash gambling games are provably fair and legal. They must follow the same gambling regulations as other games on licenced sites. Always make sure to check your country’s gambling regulations.

    What is the best crash gambling site?

    That’s really a matter of preference. We have listed some of the best crash gambling sites above. You need to decide which best matches your needs.

    Is crypto crash betting safe?

    Yes. Crash games are often available for bets in fiat or cryptocurrencies on the same online casinos. Just make sure you are using a reputable site.

    What is the most popular currency for crash betting?

    The most popular currency is CS: GO skins. However, cryptocurrencies come in second place, with fiat currencies being the least widespread payment method.

    Can I play crash gambling games for free?

    Most sites only allow access to this game for real money. However, you can sometimes get tokens to play for free at certain crash casinos.

    Can I play crash betting tournaments?

    Yes. Since crash gambling games create a single site-wide leaderboard, they are often used for tournaments where the high finishers benefit from rewards.