Ripple Casino Sites

    Ripple Casino Sites

    Ripple is a real-time cryptocurrency created in 2012 that became the fourth cryptocurrency to have a BitLicence in 2016. Ripple’s impressive customer base includes American Express, Santander Group, and MoneyGram, among many others, making it an ideal choice for online casinos. Here we show you online casinos that accept Ripple.

    • Why use Ripple Casinos?
    • How to deposit using Ripple
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    Why use Ripple Casinos?

    Ripple offers many advantages that make it an attractive option for online gamblers:

    • It is faster than competitors - between 3 to 5 seconds
    • It is very reliable - since it was created for the banking industry, it is somewhat protected from fluctuating value
    • Since all Ripple has already been mined, there is a lack of volatility associated with the currency
    • It can be used as a mediator between currencies 

    Did you know? Ripple was never intended to be used as a payment method. It was created for transferring different currencies and commodities but merchants soon began accepting it as a payment method and it quickly grew to become the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

    There are many advantages to using Ripple at online casinos, the above being just the main points that set it apart from its competitors however, it also has some weaknesses:

    • Smaller choice of Ripple-friendly casinos (as opposed to Bitcoin)
    • Few casinos offer bonuses specifically for Ripple players

    How to deposit using Ripple

    It is very simple to deposit at an online casino using Ripple. All you need is an e-wallet and a valid login to your chosen online casino.  All set? Follow our step by step guide below:

    Step 1: Open a Ripple wallet

    Step 2: Deposit money into your Ripple wallet

    Step 3: Log in to your casino account

    Step 4: Find Ripple in the list of available payment methods

    Step 6: You may be given a QR code to scan via your mobile or laptop. Once you have confirmed, enter the unique address code of your Ripple wallet and confirm the transaction

    Step 7: Enjoy your newly deposited funds and start gaming

    When you submit the payment - you may be asked to complete a security challenge. A text will be sent to your phone containing a pin - and you will need to input this pin when prompted. Once confirmed, your transaction will be authorised.


    Are Ripple casino deposits safe?

    While no cryptocurrency transaction is 100% safe due to volatility, Ripple as one of the least volatile and most accessible cryptocurrencies offers further peace of mind.

    Does Ripple store my details?

    No, all Ripple transactions take place on a decentralised network so your details are never stored.

    Can I claim a bonus with Ripple deposits?

    You can usually claim most bonuses from Ripple-friendly online casinos using XRP unless it is otherwise stated in the promotion’s terms and conditions. Always check the T&Cs before you sign up for an offer to avoid disappointment. There aren’t currently many online casinos offering bonuses specifically for Ripple players, but this could change as usage grows.