Casino Payment Methods

    Casino Payment Methods

    Let’s take a look at some of the most popular online casino payment methods.

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    Online Casino Payment Methods


    Let’s take a look at some of the most popular online casino payment methods. Most top casinos these days allow you to deposit via bank transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and others. You can even deposit using Bitcoin at some. Most online casinos offer a great range of payment options, which is a good thing since every player seems to have a different preference. Whether you’re using a credit card, debit card, or an e-wallet, chances are there will be multiple ways to deposit and withdraw.

    No matter what method you’re using, there are a few pointers to keep in mind:

    • Some casinos do charge deposit and/or withdrawal fees. This is becoming quite rare, but it does still happen. Most of the big brand online casinos have waived their fees, so the smaller casinos have had to follow suit. That being said, we have seen deposit fees of up to €2.50, so it’s worth watching out for. You can usually find information about this in the ‘banking’ section of your casino account. If you can’t find any info, don’t hesitate to contact customer support.

    • It’s also worth checking with your credit or debit card supplier before you make a deposit. Some payment options charge extra fees on gambling transactions. We’ve heard of credit card companies that take an extra €5 on casino deposits. That may not sound like much if you’re depositing a few hundred pounds, but if you’re only playing with €10 then it’s quite a chunk. 

    • Some online casinos will support a particular deposit method, but you’ll not be able to withdraw to it. Mastercard is one popular example of this. If you’re not sure about your credit or debit card, check the ‘withdrawal methods’ in the ‘banking’ section of your casino account. Again, if you can’t find any info, customer support will be happy to help.

    • Withdrawal times vary greatly depending on what method you’re using. As a rule, most online casinos have a manual processing time of up to three days. Following this, e-wallets will receive your withdrawal within 10 minutes, but it could take up to a week or more to put that money onto a credit or debit card. This information will be listed in the ‘banking’ section, so it’s worth checking out.

    • If you’ve been tempted by an online casino’s welcome package, you’d do well to check that your payment method is eligible. Many of the most lucrative deposit match bonus offers will not accept e-wallet deposits.

    Best Casino Deposit Option

    Due to the diversity of available payment options, it’s impossible to pick one ‘ideal’ method.

    On the surface, the e-wallet options seem like the obvious choice. They offer increased security, instant deposits, and faster withdrawals...but as mentioned above, e-wallet deposits are not accepted if you want to claim some of the biggest welcome offers at some casinos. 

    Not only that, but e-wallet companies make money by charging you a percentage of each transaction that passes through them. You’re paying for that increased security and those speedy withdrawals. It may only be a small percentage, but if you play often or with larger amounts, it all adds up. 

    Credit and debit cards are usually free to use, but then you have to suffer longer withdrawal periods. Our advice would be to have multiple payment methods on hand if you have the means. That way you can claim your deposit match bonus with your credit or debit card, then once you’ve used your bonus, switch to your e-wallet for faster withdrawals. 

    Of course, it all comes down to personal preference. There’s no way of knowing which method is best for you until you try some of them out.

    Popular Casino Payment Options

    Most of the big-name casinos will all have the same selection of payment options. That’s because they are the most trusted and most secure, with the fastest possible payouts. Some of the main methods that you’ll see would be:

    • Credit/debit cards; eg Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Switch, Solo.
    • Neteller is one of the top e-wallets on the market. Used by millions of people from over 150 countries.
    • Skrill; formally known as Moneybookers. Alongside Neteller as one of the main e-wallet choices. Also allows you to trade cryptocurrencies (see below).
    • Trustly; another great e-wallet option similar to PayPal, which can move money straight into your bank account. Used for many of the no-account casinos. 
    • Cryptocurrencies (like Ethereum)
    • PayPal; see below.

    Paypal Casinos


    If you’ve done any kind of online shopping, chances are you have a PayPal account. For that reason, it’s a widely accepted payment method at online gambling sites.

    With the likes of Neteller and Skrill, you have to sign up, register your account, input all your details, etc. Because PayPal is so widely used, that inconvenience can be avoided. This streamlines the betting process, so it is fast becoming a popular choice for big online casinos. 

    One of the main draws is the speed at which you can move your winnings from a PayPal account into your bank account. Once the money hits your PayPal wallet it can be in your bank within minutes, if not seconds. However, as with all e-wallets, they take a percentage of your cash as payment for that convenience. 

    Bitcoin Casinos


    An increasing number of casinos will accept Bitcoin as a payment method, but these are still quite rare. 

    As mentioned above, if you have a Skrill account, you can trade cryptocurrencies. You can also deposit Bitcoin to Neteller and use that to deposit at casinos.

    Some online casinos will accept Bitcoin payments through Skrill, and you’ll see the Bitcoin by Skrill logo alongside the other payment method in the homepage footer.


    What is the fastest casino withdrawal method?

    E-wallets are traditionally much faster than bank or card withdrawals. Withdrawing to an e-wallet such as Paypal requires little to no extra checks - unlike a bank account.

    What is the best casino payment methods?

    This depends on your own preference. If you don't mind receiving money later, then you can opt for a bank. If you value privacy and total control over your funds, then Bitcoin is a good option.

    Can you gamble with a credit card?

    Yes, you can. But by using a card, you may subject yourself to extra charges from your credit provider. See the fees and charges section of your credit card for more info.

    Can I make casino deposits by phone bill?

    If the casino accepts pay by phone deposits, then you can top up your account via your mobile provider. The value of the deposit will be added to your next bill.

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