Bitcoin Cash Casino Sites

    Bitcoin Cash Casino Sites

    Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency created from a ‘fork’ of Bitcoin, in August 2017. Although it shares most of its code with Bitcoin, it is significantly faster at processing transactions. It is this feature that has seen Bitcoin Cash become one of the top digital currencies in the world, in the relatively short time since its launch.

    • Why use Bitcoin Cash Casinos?
    • How to deposit using Bitcoin Cash
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    Why use Bitcoin Cash Casinos?

    Bitcoin Cash offers many advantages that make it an attractive option for online gamblers:

    • You don't need to share personal information
    • It is a fee-free payment method
    • You don't need a credit or debit card
    • It is quick - faster than Bitcoin due to its ability to process a much higher volume of transactions
    • You can use your deposited funds within minutes

    Did you know? Most Bitcoin Cash transactions take place in the US but there are more than 95,000 transactions in the blockchain every day. Whereas Bitcoin blocks are limited to 1 MB, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are up to 32 MB.

    Bitcoin Cash shares many benefits of similar services like Bitcoin. However, it also shares some weaknesses:

    • Payments cannot be reversed
    • Valuations fluctuate
    • Mining fees may still apply

    How to deposit using Bitcoin Cash

    You will need two things to make a payment using Bitcoin Cash: A Bitcoin Cash wallet, such as Coinbase or Copay with funds in and a valid login to the casino site you are using.  All set? Follow our step by step guide below:

    Step 1: Open a Bitcoin Cash wallet

    Step 2: Deposit money into your Bitcoin Cash wallet

    Step 3: Log in to your casino account

    Step 4: Head to the cashier and select deposit

    Step 5: Find Bitcoin Cash in the list of available payment methods

    Step 6: Enter your depositing amount - you can re-check the amount once you connect to your ban - You should either have a clickable Bitcoin Cash address, or you can copy and paste the address into your wallet to make the payment

    Step 7: Enjoy your newly deposited funds and start gaming

    When you submit the payment - you may be asked to complete a security challenge. A text will be sent to your phone containing a pin - and you will need to input this pin when prompted. Once confirmed, your transaction will be authorised.


    Are Bitcoin Cash casino deposits safe?

    Yes, Bitcoin Cash transactions are encrypted and independently verified at different points on the decentralised network.

    Does Bitcoin Cash store my details?

    No, all Bitcoin Cash transactions take place on a decentralised network so your details are never stored.

    Can I claim a bonus with Bitcoin Cash deposits?

    You can claim bonuses if you are using Bitcoin Cash - but not at all casinos. Each online casino will have its own restrictions regarding payments and withdrawals using different payment methods. If you cannot withdraw bonus money using Bitcoin Cash, for example, it should be clearly stated in the offer’s terms and conditions.