Playtech plays a perfect hand with Majority Rules Speed Blackjack

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack launches at Playtech casinos. Either the majority wins - or perfect strategy plays out in this unique live casino game. Full Majority Rules Speed Blackjack guide, bonuses & strategy.
Playtech has added a new community-focused live casino game: Majority Rules Speed Blackjack. In this new game, players can vote on the outcome of betting rounds - adding a new dimension to the classic game. Here are the main features:

  • Majority Vote mechanic decides hands with 50% or more of player votes, leading to community-powered betting decisions
  • Best Blackjack Strategy takes precedent if no majority decision - or if a hand has less than three players
  • Game speed is ultra-fast, resulting in many more betting sessions
  • Jointly developed with GVC Holdings, the room is now live at all Playtech online casinos

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack Live Dealer Sites - 2020

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                    Edo Haitin CEO at Playtech celebrated the new game release commenting: "We’re confident the combination of engaging classic Blackjack gameplay and the new collaborative, community play will be a major hit with players and will of course create the proper Speed variant for Blackjack"

                    For more details on Majority Rules Speed Blackjack, please continue to read our full guide.

                    How to play Majority Rules Speed Blackjack

                    At the start of the game, you will have the opportunity to bet on one or two blackjack hands. You can also take the Perfect Pairs or 21+3 side bets. Once the betting timer is up, player numbers are tallied. 

                    If there are enough players, a Majority Vote decides the hand. In the event of a low player count, optimal strategy is used by default.

                    Players will then receive two playing cards - like a traditional blackjack game. Each hand uses European rules, so the dealer position only gets one card. If the hand is Majority Vote, then players will get to bet on the outcome of the hand. If more than 50% opt for a decision, then that decision will be played out.

                    If the hand is categorised as Best Strategy - then the round will be played using basic blackjack strategy.

                    Majority Rules Speed Blackjack Rules

                    Despite the significant changes to betting, the game follows a traditional set of blackjack rules. Here are the main rules of the table

                    • Game is played with European Rules
                    • 8 deck shoe, with deck change after 50% of cards dealt
                    • Blackjack pays out at 3:2
                    • Splits are allowed on any pair 
                    • Players are permitted to double on any two cards
                    • Aces can be split once
                    • The insurance bet is available if the dealer deals an Ace

                    Majority Rules Speed Blackjack Sidebets

                    There are two optional side bets available in this Playtech blackjack game: 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. Both are popular side bets in casino card games, but here's a short refresher about how they work.

                    21+3: This side bet takes you two up cards and the dealers to form a poker hand which pays out like this:

                    21+3 Hand
                    Suited Trips100 to 1
                    Straight Flush40 to 1
                    Three of a Kind30 to 1
                    Straight10 to 1
                    Flush5 to 1

                    Perfect Pair: This bet is all about pairs and applies to the dealers and player hand. Payouts depend on the type of dealt pair - here's a breakdown of the payouts.

                    Perfect Pair Hand
                    Perfect Pair25 to 1
                    Coloured Pair12 to 1
                    Mixed Pair6 to 1

                    Majority Rules Speed Blackjack Strategy

                    Blackjack games always come with some way to strategise and vary gameplay. But due to the format of this live dealer game - there is no way to employ a betting system. You are at the mercy of other players playing the hand as well. 

                    In theory, the community feature should lead to more good decisions. But due to the voting system, it's easy to bandwagon. Even if the betting choice is a terrible one. During these rounds, you may get frustrated that your decision is overlooked in favour of a terrible call.

                    The only silver lining here is that hands that don't reach a majority use optimal strategy. However, this does once again take control away from your hands.

                    With this in mind, we don't recommend this game for anyone serious about blackjack strategy.

                    Majority Rules Speed Blackjack FAQ

                    What is the Majority Rules Speed Blackjack RTP?

                    The return to player of Majority Rules Speed Blackjack is 99.54% if played with optimal strategy. However, this return may be skewed in the event of bad community decisions. The 21+3 side bet has a return of 96.25% and the Perfect Pairs bet has an RTP of 95.90%.

                    How much can I win on Majority Rules Speed Blackjack?

                    The best payout possible is 100x your total staked bet for a suited three of a kind when you take the 21+3 side bet.

                    What is the best Majority Rules Speed Blackjack strategy?

                    The best strategy is to not always go with what others are betting. If you feel a hand should be played in a certain way, choose that option instead. You may get some indecisive players on board and get a decent result. It's also wise to play the side bets sparingly as they can drain your balance.

                    Do I have to wait to play Majority Rules Speed Blackjack?

                    No, you don't have to queue for a place at the table. This blackjack game is based on Playtech's popular Unlimited Blackjack table, meaning an infinite number of members can join the table.

                    Majority Rules Speed Blackjack Review

                    The community feature certainly adds a new dynamic to the blackjack experience. But it's a dynamic with a small niche of players that may appreciate it. If you do struggle to decide what to do with a hand in blackjack, then you may find some value in this table. 

                    If you are an experienced player and prefer to execute your own strategies, then we would say give this one a pass. The only benefit for advanced blackjack players is the rapid-fire game rounds - which are some of the quickest online.
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