Adventures Beyond Wonderland Strategy & Best Tips (2021)

Today we review Adventure Beyond Wonderland strategies to find you the best. Should you bet on all bonuses - or focus on the segments? Please read our full no-nonsense guide for more information.
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    Adventures Beyond Wonderland Betting Guide
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Adventures Beyond Wonderland is one of the most popular Playtech live dealer games. With its bizarre yet wonderful presentation, this live game show gives members the chance to win up to €500,000 on a single game round.

Game Information

RTP96.82% Max
FeaturesMystery Bonus, Wonderspins, Mystery Dice
Launch DateDecember 2020

Its defining feature aside from its 3D characters and Wonderland setting - is the chance to activate five bonus rounds. Here members can score thousands in multiplier prizes with the right amount of luck. 

This short article will show you how to maximise your winning chances, the payouts of the game, and the RTP list.

Article Summary

  • We will show you the statistically best and worst bets to make
  • Display all payouts for each wheel segment
  • Briefly cover the contents of each bonus round 

Best Adventures Beyond Wonderland Strategies

The best strategy in Adventures Beyond Wonderland is to have bets placed on the bonus rounds. If you want to focus on the regular game segments, you are better off playing a game like Dream Catcher or Playtech's Spin A Win.

Here are the main strategies covered:

  • Strategy One: Bonus in Wonderland - Place bets on all bonus segments, maximising your chances when a bonus lands. You can optionally place a bet on a number segment as well - we recommend 10, it has a decent RTP and is the best paying "normal" segment.

  • Strategy Two: Multiplier Madness in Wonderland - Bet on the one or two segments - here we maximise our chances of hitting the multiplier during the mystery bonus. We do not recommend this strategy - as the chance of a bonus activating is too high.

As you can see, we skew more for aiming at the bonuses than merely relying on the mystery bonus. Missing out on the bonus rounds is not recommended for two reasons:

1) You will have to watch the bonus play out - it's entertaining with banter from the presenter, but you will have no stakes in the game.
2) You will win nothing - especially painful if a huge multiplier lands.

We can't guarantee that betting on the Wonderspins games or the Mystery Dice will deliver huge wins. But it is a strategy that allows you to have the most fun out of the game with a chance to win big.

Best Bet: Bonus segments - bet on all three if possible

Worst Bet: The standard game segments with no bonus bets - try a game like Spin A Win instead.


Here are all the payouts from the various segments in the game:

2 Wonderspins€500,000 (Max payout)
5 Wonderspins€500,000 (Max payout)
Magic Dice Mini Game€500,000 (Max payout)

Analysis: While the bonus segments offer the impressive prizes - you shouldn't expect to win these amounts often - if at all. The maximum €500,000 payout would only be possible with back to back Caterpillar Bonus Mystery Spins heading straight into a bonus round. The chances of this happening are very low.

Summary of Bonus Rounds

If you have arrived at this page looking for Adventures Beyond Wonderland strategies, chances are you know what the game is all about. If so, you can skip this section - we will be briefly touching upon each bonus's mechanics for newer players.

Wonderspins: You can either activate a 2 spin or 5 spin version of this feature, the latter of which is more desirable. Once the bonus starts, you will be taken to a wheel filled with Wonderland creatures. Each symbol has a multiplier attached to it - wherever the wheel lands, you win that multiplier. Before a symbol is chosen, another wheel spins in the center, adding additional multipliers to a random symbol. There is also a non-winning spin segment where no multipliers are awarded.

Magic Dice: The game is moved to a 6x4 grid of multipliers and green arrows. Before the bonus begins, you will need to choose from two coloured die. Pick one and the dice will automatically shake. Whichever number appears on the dice will apply to its position on the grid. Roll a green arrow - and you move closer to the 100x jackpot. Pick a multiplier - and you win that prize and the bonus ends.

Mystery Bonus Spins: On the wheel, there are two mystery segments. You do not need to bet on this section to win either bonus. The Caterpillar Mystery bonus will add a random multiplier to the wheel - while the Card Soldiers Mystery Multiplier will grant you a random multiplier up to 10x. The Caterpillar bonus is the most desirable here - as it also multiplies the winnings of any bonus round.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Tips

  • Customise the game to your preferences - fiddle with the settings menu and find your ideal play set up
  • Ignore the most recent wheel results - realistically, this info can't help you form a betting strategy
  • Do set yourself a budget to help control your spending - it's easy to lose track in a game like this
  • If you want to bet on numbers, pick another game - Adventures Beyond Wonder land is all about the bonuses
  • If you want to enjoy a play session, look out for any promotions or offers you can join at the same time
  • You can chat with the presenter using the interactive chat window
  • Manage your expectations - this game is more about the experience and entertainment value then super sized payouts


What is the worst bet in Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

The worst bet in the game is the 5 segment - which has the lowest RTP and limited coverage of just 5 segments out of 54.

Can I cheat on Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

No, there is no way to cheat or hack the game as its filmed and streamed from a remote studio. It would also be nearly impossible to manipulate the RNG of the bonuses without server-side access.

What alternative games would I like?

If you enjoy Adventures Beyond Wonderland - you would almost certainly love Crazy Time by Evolution. It features several bonus features and the chance to win big with mega multipliers. You could also try normal wheel spinning games like Dream Catcher or Spin a Win. Promo Codes

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