Blackjack Tournaments: How to Play and Win

Use blackjack betting strategies in order to beat blackjack tournaments and win up to £20,000.
Blackjack might not be the first game you think of when someone says "tournaments", but if you look towards the Microgaming Network you'll see that they are a regular thing. 

Taking their influence from various live blackjack tournaments, sites such as Ladbrokes Casino have put together multi-player challenges with some big prizes on the line. 

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                    The History of Blackjack Tournaments

                    Before we look at the top online blackjack tournaments and how to beat them, let's review where the idea originated from. 

                    Before online blackjack became big business, major live casinos in places such as Las Vegas regularly held tournaments. 

                    Used as a way of pulling in players, these events attracted both recreational and professional players and gradually grew in popularity. 

                    Indeed, around a decade ago a number of sponsors got behind the World Series of Blackjack and Ultimate Blackjack Tour to create a regular series of tournaments that were broadcast on US television.
                    Although interest in blackjack tournaments decreased following this boom, they can still be found in a range of local casinos across the US. 

                    Blackjack Tournaments in a Virtual World

                    Taking inspiration from events such as the World Series of Blackjack, a number of online casinos decided to capitalise on the popularity of the game and create their own tournaments. 

                    Following the blueprint created by the online poker world, sites such as Ladbrokes Casino now offer scheduled events (fixed start time), SNG style tournaments (begin when a certain number of players sit down) and even free blackjack tournaments with real cash prizes on the line. 

                    Prizepools for all of these blackjack tournaments will vary, but many sites will offer up to £20,000 for stakes as low as £2 per game. 

                    How Do Blackjack Tournaments Work?

                    Blackjack tournaments generally operate on the basis that competitors face-off against each other over a series of betting rounds and the overall aim is to make the most money at the end of the session. As the game progresses players are eliminated if they lose their bankroll or they have the lowest amount of chips at the end of a betting round. 

                    This flow of eliminations continues until one person is left at the end and deemed the winner. 

                    In terms of payments, an online blackjack tournament will often have a number of payout positions - in much the same way as online poker tournaments do - and if a play manages to outlast enough opponents they'll receive a return on their investment. 

                    Online Blackjack Tournament Strategy

                    There are a lot of considerations you need to make when playing an online blackjack tournament, but some of the main points to consider are: position at the table, which players to target (i.e. who can you force moves on by taking or not taking cards from the deck) and how aggressive with your bets are at different stages of the game.

                    Indeed, while there are few hard-and-fast rules regarding online blackjack tournament strategy, the main thing you need to think about is how your actions will influence the dynamics of the table. If you're in need of chips because other people are ahead of you then it's wise to bet aggressively. 

                    Conversely, if you're ahead by a big margin then you can be less aggressive and preserve your lead. Moreover, if you know taking a card will force your opponent into a dangerous position then you should make such a move, even if it's somewhat risky for you. 

                    What are the most common blackjack tournament rules?

                    In an online blackjack tournament, there are no concrete rules. But in land based tournaments, string betting and talking to observers in the final round will see you punished.

                    What is the best blackjack tournament strategy?

                    Always try to follow an optimal blackjack betting strategy and take as few risks as possible. Leading in chips? You can choose to be more relaxed with your betting - but there may be hungry rivals chasing your lead.If you are falling behind, make sure to bet aggresively to catch up.

                    Can your win real money from online blackjack tournaments?

                    Yes, you can - but read the prize payouts for the tournament. Some tourneys will offer cash prizes that are actually bonus cash. Always check the terms/rules of a tournament before taking your place.

                    Can I play free online blackjack tournaments?

                    Some casinos do offer free tournaments with real money prizes. Please check the sites on this page for more details.

                    Which Summary

                    Overall blackjack tournaments are not only a great way to test our skills at the table but make some money.
                    If you're an experienced player and have an underlying awareness of tournament strategy (perhaps you're a keen online poker player), then the bumper prizepools on offer certainly make these games a worthwhile investment.

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