High stakes vs low stakes: Which blackjack table limit is best for you?

High stakes blackjack - low stakes blackjack... it's hard to keep track of it all. But keep updated with our full guide and you won't need to guess anymore.
Low & High Stakes Blackjack Table Limit
High stakes, low stakes - there's a blackjack table for everyone
One of the most important considerations to make in a game of blackjack is budget. How much are you willing to wager in a single betting session? It's likely one of the first things you will think of when choosing a table.

And the good news is, you have plenty of options. There are literally hundreds of tables available at the myriad selection of online casinos. From a couple of coins to three figure sums - Blackjack table limits can vary greatly depending on the site you visit.

Struggling to decide on which table you should aim for? Or maybe you are just curious about the difference between the two? We breakdown the differences between high stakes and low stakes tables in our full write up.

High Stakes Blackjack Tables

The term high risk, high reward is perfect for blackjack tables with large table limits. These are the kinds of tables where betting hundreds and even thousands is a commonplace activity. This is a place for the high rollers - and not for the faint of heart. At the end of the day, if you lose on these tables - you will lose big.

But a victory at a high stakes table guarantees big rewards. As these tables are aimed at the casino elite, they are decorated accordingly. You will find dark stylish rooms usually gilded with gold. The room may also opt for a more classic aesthetic reminiscent of a high roller casino.

It is worth noting at this point that some high stakes tables and games are linked to the VIP programme. And to get access to these tables, you usually need to make a certain amount of progress through the various tiers. Unfortunately, the biggest money tables will be reserved for the biggest players.

Low Stakes Blackjack Tables

As the name suggests, these are your budget-friendly option. Instead of hundreds and thousands, we're talking about handfuls of chips. At a low stakes table, you can make a balance go a long way - as you are playing smaller bets.

But this also means the rewards are small. Typically, these rooms are frequented by a wide mix of casino players. So there will be no specialised room design. Some vendors will theme their low stakes tables to make them more fun and casual. Evolution's Blackjack Party is a superb example.

Low stakes blackjack games are free for everyone to participate - even players with bigger bankrolls. The problem here, however, is that these players may quickly get frustrated by the lack of significant payouts.

Highest Table Limits at Online Casino

Browsing every casino and trying to find the highest blackjack table limits will certainly take you some time. And to save you the hassle, we have collected some of the top sites with exceptionally large limits on their blackjack tables.

LeoVegas: Chambre Supreme

The king of mobile casinos has a fantastic blend of blackjack table limits. They also have one of the biggest live gaming selections, boasting multiple tables from Evolution casino. But their ultimate prize is the Chambre Séparée - a swanky high stakes playground for any high roller.

These tables have some serious limits, climbing into the five-figure territory. We certainly wouldn't recommend these tables to a new player starting out. But for more seasoned players with big budgets, this is an easy recommendation. 

Mr Green: Emerald Deluxe

The original online casino gentleman has put together quite the impressive live casino. Evolution is back in full force with a generous range of blackjack table limits. And additionally, we also get to enjoy the treat that is NetEnt live games.

But once again, it's the Mr Green exclusives that catch the eye. There are at least 10 unique tables on this website. And they are powered by the masterful hands at Evolution Gaming. With huge table limits as standard - this casino is a solid choice for big limits.

Betfair: Playtech Paradise

While Evolution steals the limelight at many online casinos. We shouldn't forget Playtech and their own impressive live offerings. There are many Playtech casino sites out there - but Betfair gets our vote thanks to the stylish VIP design. This place looks the part for high roller players.

But that shouldn't put off low stakes gamers either. On the contrary, there are several tables here that will appeal to gamblers on a lower budget. Betfair's exclusive table, for example, needs merely a few chips to get started. And on the other end of the spectrum - we have the mega money tables, like Miami Blackjack.

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