How to increase your Blackjack odds of winning: Best tactic to use

Learn the odds of blackjack and explore simple tweaks you can make to your game. Give yourself the best winning chance with our full guide.
Blackjack Odds of Winning
21 is the ultimate hand in blackjack - and will give you the best chance of beating the dealer
Want to play a casino game with a low house edge and great odds? Then you need to try your hand at some Blackjack. With a flawless strategy, it's not unheard of to see some impressive wins on the table. 

But here's the thing: you don't need years of blackjack experience to start seeing some positive results. In fact, you don't need to know anything about the game at all! Yes, you can start playing this classic casino game with zero experience - and see some wins roll in.

Simply follow our proven tips to instantly boost your blackjack odds - with minimal effort.

Increase your Blackjack odds

We are going to take you through some of the most effective ways to raise your blackjack odds - with minimal effort. Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list - but it gives you a firm introduction to some of the more popular tactics available. Without further delay:

#1 Use a blackjack strategy chart. Seriously.

This is your fast track to optimal blackjack play. By using a chart, you can instantly see the best move for your hand based on what the dealer has. Of course, you will need to find the right chart for your style of game - but a blackjack strategy chart is an essential tool for any aspiring card pro. 

In fact, some games of blackjack have been developed around the idea of perfect strategy. NetEnt's brand new Perfect Blackjack table is an industry first in this regard.

#2 Side bets can lose you money

Developers and casinos are always trying to push the bar with their games. So you will find all sorts of new games with new features and side bets to try. Unfortunately, not all of these are good. If a game offers you insanely good prizes for a side bet, then the odds may be stacked in your favour.

The occasional side bet can be fun - but use them sparingly as a way to enhance your fun.

#3 Be aware of what Blackjack you are playing

Not all games of 21 were created equal. And it's important to understand what game you are getting into. There are hundreds of varieties available at hundreds of different casinos. One of the best you will find is Blackjack Surrender - a game where beginners can back out of a hand early if the dealer has a dangerous hand.

Another option for new players is Blackjack Switch  - a game that allows you to swap cards to make better hands. This added option means that you can usually recover a bad hand.

How to use a blackjack odds chart

As we mentioned, our number one tip is to have a strategy chart available at all times. And using this resource is as easy as it comes. Typically, the left column will be the various hands the player will receive. While the top row will show the dealer's hands. 

You will then need to meet the left and top rows together to find out what strategy you should play. After a while, you will probably start to learn some obvious dos and do not's. Namely, not hitting if you receive a 17 or higher value card. 

And you will also learn to always split your Aces in anticipation for a double blackjack win. Once you have mastered the most popular moves and plays, you could probably put away the chart and try to play with no extra resources.

Best Blackjack Odds

You may be wondering which casino has the best blackjack odds? In reality, it's not really the casinos that can alter the odds. It's the style of game on offer that impacts what odds you will encounter. Your style of play and your performance will also dictate what odds/results you will get.

If you are uneasy about playing blackjack or it's your first time, we recommend starting off slow. Try not to go all in on your initial hand, even if you think you may get a lucky result. And keep that Blackjack chart beside and ready at all times.

Another way to give you some extra cash to stay in the game (and potentially see some improved results) is by taking advantage of bonus money. There are plenty of casinos willing to give you a bonus out there. But a misconception is that the bonus can only be used on slots.

This isn't the case always - some bonuses can be used on these types of casino games. But you may have to deal with increased wagering requirements if you want to withdraw the money.
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