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Money Drop Live is a new live game show, based on the popular UK TV programme, The 100k Drop or the Million Pound Drop. Read the full review here.

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Created by Playtech, in partnership with Endemol Shine Studios,  Money Drop Live is a new live game show, based on the popular UK TV programme, The 100k Drop, or Million Pound Drop Live, as it is also known. 

Played out on a money wheel, the goal is to build your fortune, then try to retain as much as possible. You can scoop up to 5000x your stake, providing you hold your nerve and have luck on your side!

How to Play Money Drop Live

The Money Wheel is divided into 54 sections, 51 of the sections are a multiplier, and the other three activate the Card Clash feature. Select your bet and place it on one of eight options, from 8x to 2,500x. You can also use autoplay. Then the presenter spins the wheel. Cross your fingers and wait to see where it lands. 

If it matches one of your wagers, you will move onto the Money Drop phases. Otherwise, you’ll need to spin again. The next phase features four (A-D) Drop Zones and only one, or sometimes two, are safe. You place your winnings on as many or few as you like and wait to see which platforms drop to lose the money. A random number generator decides which (and how many) platforms to drop the cash from. The money in the last drop zone when the round ends is what you win.

How to Win Money Drop Live

There are four ways to wager in Money Drop Live, each carrying a different level of risk and potential reward. 

  • 8x Quick Drop - place all your money in one zone in a single Money Drop game
  • 15x and 30x means you still only get one Money Drop game but you can place your money as you wish between the four zones
  • 100x and 250x wagers gives you two Money Drop games with the freedom to place your money as you wish
  • 1000x and 2500x bets gets you three drop rounds where you can place the money  in as many or few of the zones as you wish

Once the wheel has stopped spinning, some multipliers may be doubled, at random. Occasionally, in the 8x drop, you will also get two safety zones.

Special Features & Bonuses 

Aside from the betting options and the random multipliers, the only special feature in Money Drop Live is the Card Clash feature which occurs when you land one of the three corresponding sections. Here, a card deck is used to choose the multiplier that will be applied to your stake amount, from 5x to 1000x. You play three rounds, by choosing either blue or pink with the live dealer dealing a card to each position. To win you just have to have a higher card than the other position. Winning one round gets you a 5x multiplier,  two = 15x, and three pays out 95x, while tying all three rounds will earn you 1000x. 

Design & Theme

Money Drop Live is broadcast from a glitzy studio with a live host/presenter spinning the colourful wheel. You can see the drop zones clearly on screen, so you can experience the relief of seeing the money in a safe zone, and the disappointment of seeing it drop in real-time when the zone wasn’t safe.


Money Drop Live is a high volatility game with a 94.01% - 96.48% RTP, depending on which betting method you are using. 

Our Verdict

Money Drop Live is an exciting live game show for those who enjoy an ‘all or nothing’ type gamble. Entertaining and suspenseful, it’s not for the faint-hearted, but it is lots of fun, with the potential for some huge payouts. If you’re looking for a high-roller game of chance then this could be the one for you. 


How much can I win on Money Drop Live?

You can win up to 5000x your total stake bet playing Money Drop Live.

Does the game have free spins?

Since the wheel is essentially used just to determine your initial potential payout, there are no free spins.

Can I play Money Drop Live for free?

As with most live dealer games, it is not usually possible to ‘demo’ or play Money Drop Live for free. If you want to try it, we suggest betting the lowest possible stake of 0.10 coins and building up to a higher stake if you feel comfortable doing so.

Money Drop Live

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