Cash or Crash Live Review


Cash or Crash Live review - we show you all the features in this Evolution live dealer gameshow. Read our full review & play at the best Cash or Crash Live sites

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Evolution Gaming has added another live title to its increasingly impressive stable. Cash or Crash Live is a high-octane live game show giving you the chance to scoop a 50,000x jackpot. Augmented reality enables you to soar above the skies, strategizing to pick up cash as you go. Careful, though, as greed could see you crash and burn. Take a seat and buckle up for what could be a bumpy ride!

Game Facts 

  • Created by Evolution Gaming
  • Live Game Show
  • Played with a ball tumbler and 28 balls
  • Manual and automatic modes are available
  • Bonus features - Take Half, Continue, Take All, Red Ball
  • Min bet 0.10 coins, max bet 100 coins
  • Max win 50,000x
  • RTP variable - 94.51% - 99.6%
  • High volatility

How to play Cash or Crash Live

Despite the augmented reality and swanky studio, the gameplay is fairly simple. There is a ball tumbler with 28 balls of varying colours. There are 19 green balls, eight red balls, and one golden ball in the tumbler. Each green ball drawn allows you to climb the cash ladder below the tumbler. You can then choose to cash out or keep going. You get nine seconds to choose between:

  • Take Half: Claim half your winnings and leave the other half in play for the next draw - the display will turn blue

  • Continue: Leave your winnings as is, risking it all to hopefully climb the next step on the cash ladder

  • Take All: Cashout the full amount to claim your winnings

If a red ball is drawn, the game is over and you lose all of your winnings. It will then reset for a new round. 

The golden ball will also only advance you one step on the cash ladder. However, it also awards a shield that will protect your winnings. The balls will continue to be drawn with no option to cash out until a red ball is drawn, you will then be presented with the same options you usually have for a green ball. 

There’s a chat menu, winners update, and a history trail posting the results of the last eight games to help you keep track of the action. 

How to win Cash or Crash Live

You can win small amounts by cashing out early on the cash ladder or taking half each time. The other strategy is to risk it all. If you manage to draw a golden ball that shields up to the 50,000x mark, you can scoop the top prize. 

Special Features and Bonuses

Since this is a game of chance but that also requires strategy, (aside from the golden ball and the betting options described above), there aren’t any special features, bonuses or side bets.

Design & Theme

Beamed live from state-of-the-art studios, Cash Or Crash looks great. The backdrop is a sprawling cityscape seen through the windows of a steampunk-looking aircraft. The hosts are dressed as flight attendants, complete with ruby-red uniforms with gold piping. The focus of the screen, though, is the cash ladder, with the ball tumbler above it. It’s a fully immersive experience, with constant interaction between the player and the host.   

Our Verdict

Cash or Crash is an unusual game in that you can decide how you want to play it. You can be cautious and accept the small wins, or risk it all for bigger prize pots. It also puts you right in the heart of the action via augmented reality. It is this adaptability and immersive nature that are the game’s chief selling points. Evolution is the master of live game shows, and Cash or Crash is another triumph. You may get frustrated with yourself if you cash out that little bit too early, or you may time it just right. Either way, you’ll definitely be engaged and entertained.  


How much can I win on Cash or Crash Live?

You can win a maximum of 50,000x your stake on Cash or Crash Live.

Does the game have free spins?

No, the game doesn’t include free spins but offers other interesting features, described above.

Can I play Cash or Crash Live free?

Due to the live nature of the game, it is not possible to play Cash or Crash for free. However, you may be able to watch a demo. Alternatively, you can choose the lowest bet amount until you are comfortable with the gameplay.


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    Live Dealer
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