Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live Review


Based on the Alice in Wonderland stories by Lewis Carroll, Playtech Live has created a new live dealer game show-style game - Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

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Based on the Alice in Wonderland stories by Lewis Carroll, Playtech Live has created a new live dealer game show-style game - Adventures Beyond Wonderland. 

The game follows on from the slot of the same name and retains the look and feel, enhanced by a revolving studio and augmented reality. With four bonuses, and the potential to scoop 1,000x your stake (up to 500,000 coins), Adventures Beyond Wonderland could well be just the kind of wild ride players love to go on. 

How to Play Adventures Beyond Wonderland 

The game works on a ‘Spin the Wheel’ mechanism, and you place your bets on the betting grid displayed on your screen. The numbers you can bet on are One, Two, Five and Ten. The wheel also has three bonus segments that you can bet on - Magic Dice, 2 WonderSpins, and 5 WonderSpins. 

Once all bets have been placed, the live dealer will spin the Adventures Beyond Wonderland wheel. If the wheel lands on a segment you have bet on, you win.

There are also two Mystery Segments on the wheel, which you can’t bet on. However, if the wheel stops on one of these mystery segments, all players get a special prize of either a multiplier of your bet or a multiplier for a free spin for each number. If the wheel lands on a bonus round then that round is triggered, if not, it is the end of the round. 

You can play for as little as 0.10 coins or up to 1,000 coins per spin, and the automated option lets you spin up to 100 times. 

How to Win Adventures Beyond Wonderland

There is a cap of 500,000 coins because it is possible to win big on Adventures Beyond Wonderland. The wheel has 54 segments, with 22 showing number 1, 15 showing number 2, 5 showing number 5, and 4 showing number 10. 

Each segment has its own value depending on how rare it is on the wheel, so 1 pays 1.1, 5 pays 5.1 etc. To win, your best bet is to bet on the bonus rounds to try to win those coveted multipliers.

Special Features & Bonuses 

There are four bonus segments on the wheel, broken down as follows:

  • Magic Dice – A game reminiscent of Sic Bo Deluxe, two dice are shaken in a shaker, each with an assigned multiplier, and you pick either white or red. 

  • WonderSpins 2 – The inner platform revolves, while the host spins the outer wheel, giving you two free spins

  • WonderSpins 5 – Landing on the WonderSpins 5 wedge causes the White Rabbit to hop next to the host, panicking that he’s late, and the mechanic pocket watch wheel starts rotating.  The White Rabbit clutches the highest-multiplying symbol while the presenter spins the outer wheel, and the multiplier is applied to whatever it lands on

  • Mystery Bonus – Occurring at random, the Mystery Bonus round is completely RNG-regulated and has the potential to produce huge winnings

Design & Theme

The fantasy storybook theme is incorporated throughout the game, including the presenters being dressed as key characters such as Alice or the Mad Hatter. 

The augmented reality features allow for more popular characters, such as the White Rabbit and the Caterpillar to make appearances and affect play. Last but not least, the revolving studio makes it seem as if the presenter is whirling around Wonderland and you are along for the ride.  


The theoretical RTP is 96.82%, but this is optimal, depending on which number you bet on, as betting on number 1 sees the RTP fall to 91.5%. 

Our Verdict

With its innovative blend of fantasy and high-quality gaming action, Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live is a joy to play. The characters make you feel like you have found yourself in a magical world and there’s the potential for some serious rewards. 

Although the 1,000x multipliers are fairly rare, they are feasible, and you’ll have plenty of fun trying to land the bonuses. Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and see if luck is on your side as you spin the wheel. 


How much can I win on Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

You can win up to 1,000x your total stake bet playing Adventures Beyond Wonderland, with a cap of 500,000 coins.

Does the game have free spins?

Yes, Adventures Beyond Wonderland includes both free spins and multipliers. See the bonus features section for more information.

Can I play Adventures Beyond Wonderland for free?

As with most live dealer games, it is not usually possible to ‘demo’ or play Adventures Beyond Wonderland for free. If you want to try it, we suggest betting the lowest possible stake of 0.10 coins and building up to a higher stake if you feel comfortable doing so.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

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