Evolution Crazy Time Review, Best Strategies & Bonus

Evolution Crazy Time launches bringing wacky live dealer antics. Four bonus rounds, up to 25,000x wins, gameshow style: is this the future for live casino? Full look at Crazy Time with strategies and bonuses right here.
Crazy Time Evolution
Crazy Time is now widely available at Evolution Live Casinos. Revealed at ICE 2020, this big wheel live casino game further evolves the popular Dream Catcher concept. The vertical prize wheel makes a welcome return but with some significant changes. 

  • Crazy Time Dream Catcher features four (!) bonus rounds: Crazy Time, Coin Flip, Pachinko and Cash Hunt
  • Maximum multiplier prize is a mind-boggling 100,000x your total stake bet
  • Top Slot above the prize wheel add random multipliers to segments and bonus rounds.

Crazy Time Evolution Live Gaming Casinos - 2023

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Another highlight here is the outstanding game design. With vivid colours and carnivalesque presentation, this may be one of Evolution's best studios yet. To keep the action flowing, gameshow style presenters fire up the chat with entertaining banter.

For a full overview of Evolution Gaming's new game, please read our complete and definitive playing guide below.

How to play Crazy Time

Betting on Crazy Time is easy - especially if you are familiar with Dream Catcher or Monopoly Live. The aim of the game is to guess on which segment the big prize wheel will stop. There are a total of eight segments you can bet on during the game with 54 sections on the game wheel in total.

Number of Segments
Coin Flip495.70%
Cash Hunt295.27%
Crazy Time194.41%

Once the betting round has finished (which lasts around 13 seconds), the dealer will spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on a bonus game - then the event will carry out before the next spin occurs.

Segments 1, 2, 5 and 10 will award a prize equal to the segment number. If you bet and win on one of the four bonus games, then you will be able to take part in the round.

Note: If a bonus round activates - and you didn't bet, then you will watch the action unfold with no prizes awarded.

The Top Slot of the game has the chance to add a random multiplier to segments or the bonus games. This multiplier can be up to 50x for some enticing winning opportunities.

Crazy Time Bonus Games

Like Monopoly Live, Crazy Time features special bonus rounds that can activate if the wheel lands on that segment. There are four bonus rounds in all - making this one of Evolution Live Gaming's most feature-packed games yet. Here's a short breakdown of each bonus:

Cash Hunt Bonus

The Cash Hunt game plays out like a classic arcade gallery shooting game. There are a total of 108 multipliers in the game, each covered with special symbols. If this bonus activates, you will need to choose where you think the best multipliers are located. This bonus is individual for each bettor - meaning you will win something different from another player.

Coin Flip Bonus

In this bonus game, a coin is flipped - with the winning outcome winning a specific multiplier. The coin has two sides: red and blue. A random multiplier will be generated for each side - whatever side wins will grant you that multiplier. This bonus has the highest chance of appearing as it covers four segments - and you are guaranteed to win a prize.

Pachinko Bonus Round

Inspired by the classic Japanese arcade game - this bonus takes players to a giant Pachinko walled covered in pegs. A puck will be dropped from the top and will make its way down to the bottom of the game, where huge multipliers await. If a puck lands in the 'DOUBLE' section, then the multipliers will be doubled, and a new puck will travel through the machine. The maximum winning value in this bonus round is 10,000x your total stake bet.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

This is where you have the chance to win 20,000x your total staked bet. The Crazy Time bonus only has one segment - so it's incredibly rare to activate. When the game starts, you will be taken to a virtual prize wheel filled with multipliers. This wheel also features Double and Triple segments. All you have to do is select where you think the wheel will stop from Blue, Green or Yellow. If the wheel lands on Double or Triple, then the wheel is re-spun with all multipliers increase by the value.

Best Crazy Time Strategy and Tips

The best Crazy Time strategy is to bank on the bonus games. Missing out on one of these bonuses can be A) demoralising and B) make you miss out on a tonne of potential winnings. It's best always to have a bet placed on the bonus rounds. There are a couple of ways you can approach this:

Low Risk: The Crazy Hedge

Place a bet on the one segment alongside the Crazy Time bonus. With this bet, you qualify for the best prizes in the game if the wheel lands on the bonus. We are also covering ourselves with that one segment bet. You will likely make a loss playing this strategy, but it will eventually pay off when you do land a bonus. However, be prepared for a long wait as you hold out for the feature.

High Risk: Maximum Crazy

For this strategy, we are just going to bet on all of the bonus rounds - not worrying about the standard game bets. Why should you do this? The bonus rounds are by far the most valuable bets in the game with prizes of 10,000x to 20,000x to play for. With this in mind, you will want to bank on the bonuses.

Max Risk: Beyond Crazy

For this method, bet on all available segments in the game. This strategy achieves a couple of goals. For one, you are guaranteed to win something on a spin - whether it be a segment prize - or one of the bonus rounds. And two: this is the best way to capitalise on multipliers - as you are covering all game bases. 

It sounds great on paper, but this strategy will be a loss-maker most of the time. You will quickly eat at your bankroll - with the only way to recoup your losses the rare bonus round win.

Crazy Time Big Wins

Since its 2020 launch, Crazy Time has already paid out millions to live casino players. In fact, it's now responsible for the biggest live casino win ever. Here are all the big win stories from the Crazy Time room:

Evolution Crazy Time FAQ

What is the Crazy Time RTP?

The return to player of Crazy Time is 96.08% if you are betting on the one segment. The return to player does change depending on where you bet on the wheel - with the lowest RTP 94.41% if betting on the Crazy Time segment.

How much can I win on Crazy Time?

The maximum prize in Crazy Time is 100,000x your total staked bet - which is a groundbreaking prize for a live dealer game. This bonus can be awarded in the Crazy Time bonus game with a specific top slot multiplier.

What is the best Crazy Time winning tip?

Due to the high house edge and low RTP, it's best to treat this live dealer game like a slot machine. Play it in short sessions and for the experience alone.

What is the best way to win Crazy Time?

The best way to win in Crazy Time is to bet solely on the one segment. However, you do miss out on the chance to enter the bonus rounds where bigger prizes are up for grabs.

Evolution Crazy Time Review

Is this new live dealer game crazy good or crazy bad? We would have to go with the former based on experience alone. To date, this is one of Evolution's most impressive rooms based on presentation and style. 

But in terms of winnability - it's not the best live dealer game out there. The RTP almost looks like what you would expect on online slot games. In summary, if you want a fun time and aren't too fussed on optimising your returns, then give Crazy Time a spin. But if you like a high chance for return when you play - then stick with blackjack.

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