Blackjack Betting Systems that Work: The Definitive List

Do blackjack betting systems REALLY work? Follow our quick guide to find out...
Finding a blackjack system that works can be a tricky task because the gambling community is littered with a slew of opinion, myth and propaganda. 

Indeed, anytime you see a blackjack strategy that provides a "100% guaranteed win rate" you should be wary. 

While it's incorrect to say that all blackjack betting techniques are doomed to failure, it's important to realise that there are no dead certs when it comes to beating the dealer. 

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                    Blackjack Betting Systems that Work

                    Fortunately, there are some blackjack betting systems that do work and through our site we've tried to outline the best techniques as well as some of the pitfalls you may face when implementing them at the table. 

                    Because we've been around the blackjack block for a number of years we've seen betting fads come and go and we know which ones are worth a punt and the ones that aren't. 

                    Reading through our virtual guide to blackjack betting systems you'll not only build up an understanding of the main strategies used by professional players across the world, but how things work on a theoretical level. 

                    Blackjack is a relatively simple game to play and thanks to its structure there are numerous ways in which you can swing the odds in your favour. 

                    Indeed, by far the most effective way to increase your EV is through card counting, but if you don't appreciate some of the more subtle betting techniques involved in the game then not even this strategy will help you win. 

                    Blackjack Betting System List

                    Scrolling through our site you'll not only find a basic breakdown of blackjack and its structure, but a guide to the following betting systems:

                    • The Martingale System - Great for guaranteeing a win if you have a large bankroll
                    • The Labouchere Betting System - A negative progression betting method which is effective for intermediate and expert players
                    • Bluejay's Half-Bankroll Strategy - This strategy is an all-or-nothing approach which is fantastic those who enjoy taking a risk
                    • The Parlay Betting Method - If you're a beginner with a small bankroll then there are few better ways to win a lot of money without having to stake a lot of money
                    • Flat Betting - Simple, effective and a great starting point for anyone just starting out in the blackjack world.
                    • 1-3-2-6 Betting System - Design to provide four winning wagers in a row, this is another great betting strategy for intermediate and advanced players
                    • Up and Pull - Similar to the parlay system, this positive progression method is great if you have a small starting stake. 
                    • The D’alembert Method - An up and down system, this strategy is seen as a lighter version of the fabled Martingale System

                    Put Them All to the Test

                    One of the most important things we recommend throughout our site is that you test out every method in order to find the one that works best for you. 

                    Depending on the size of your bankroll, level of experience and time you have to play, each blackjack betting system has a different advantage. 

                    So, before you blindly follow the rules of one method, make sure you put them all through their paces and look at them in a critical manner.

                    Can you make money playing blackjack?

                    You can win money playing blackjack - but it's not 100% guaranteed. All of the systems on this page are effective and can help you win - but they are not reliable all of the time.

                    What is the best blackjack betting system?

                    In reality, no betting system will help you win all of the time. The best way to improve your results is by using a optimal blackjack strategy as you play.

                    What is Blackjack card counting?

                    This is a technique that helps a player to predict when to start betting big to catch upcoming blackjack opportunities. To summarise, a card counter will observe and tag each card in play - waiting for the deck to decrease. When the player is sure that there are high value cards remaining in the pile, then they will start to aim for blackjack wins.

                    Does card counting work at online casinos?

                    No, it doesn't. In a virtual blackjack game, RNG controls which cards come from the deck. And in live dealer games, the deck is shuffled on a regular basis.

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