Latest Slots Tournaments & Strategies

Getting your foot in the door early at a slots tournament can give you an early advantage. Think of it as a scare tactic. Imagine joining a tournament and seeing a high roller dominating the top of the table. It's an intimidating prospect. With this in mind, here are the latest online slots tournaments you can join right now to get an early lead.
Slots tournaments are happening all the time. Some casinos will run them weekly - others will have a daily schedule. It's fair to say they are one of the most popular promotions out there. What's interesting about these competitions is that they take the solitary act of playing slots - and add a competitive element. This can lead to some interesting ways of approaching a tournament.

How to join a slots tournament

Most online slots tournaments are easy to join, requiring a simple opt-in (especially in the case of freerolls). But some tournaments may require that you deposit using a special bonus code. The lengthiest part of the whole process is usually signing up to the casino in the first place. 

However, if you are serious about tournaments, you should also think about when you should join. In reality, there are two desired entry points:

From the start: By building up a lead early, you can build up an intimidating number of points. This would put off potential newcomers, giving you less competition. You can then happily take your foot off the gas as you approach the finish. 

Sniping at the end: Sniping is the act of capitalising on an opportunity at the very last moment. In the case of a slots tournament, that means joining at the very end and surging to a first-place position. This tactic catches many players off guard - as they may have relaxed the pace.

Winning a slots tournament

One of the most important skills to master in a slots tournament is observation. You not only want to be constantly checking your position - you also want to keep an eye on the competition. Yes, this also means knowing what kind of points your rivals are keeping. 

Sudden surges of points can mean that a competing player is trying to hone in on your position. Depending on the stage of the tournament, this can be extremely dangerous. Especially in the closing moments of the competition.

The key to winning a slots tournament is always speed. The more betting rounds you complete, the better your chances of winning, activating bonuses and your overall spend. These metrics are all used to score players in tournaments - so playing fast is a universal one size fits all tactic for all tournaments.

Two tools can help you play faster and are almost mandatory if you want to succeed in a tournament:

Autoplay: If you are going to be busy - or need a break, set the autoplay option. This will allow you to rack up points as you complete other tasks.

Quickspin: This feature is available in most slots - and will allow you to spin a slot game much faster than you normally would. This is valuable in a tournament. Look out for games that also feature the Turbo Spin option, which plays slots even faster still.
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