French Roulette

    French Roulette boasts the strongest RTP of any roulette game. And why is that exactly? We leave you no guess work with our definitive guide.

    French Roulette

    There’s a reason why the casino wants you to play American or European roulette rather than the French version, and it’s not to help you win more money. French roulette is the most player-friendly variant available. It has the lowest house edge, so you stand more chance of winning bigger. Continue reading to get the inside scoop or take just grab a casino from our list and start playing right now.

    If you’re interested in learning about French roulette, you’ve come to the right place.

    It can be daunting to see the number of variants available when it comes to a simple game like roulette. But never fear; we’re here to help explain the main differences, so you can determine which one suits you the best.

    French, American, and European roulette are three of the main types you’ll encounter. We have covered both American roulette and European roulette in separate articles. Now, it’s time to examine what many players class as the original classic - French roulette.

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                      French Roulette Review

                      French roulette wheel
                      Thanks to some unique rules, French Roulette has one of the lowest house edges

                      As with all roulette games, the main goal of French roulette is to predict where the ball is going to settle. 

                      Placing bets on different areas of the table will offer different odds of winning and therefore the payouts will differ, too. These payouts and odds of winning are usually not listed on the board, with the exception of the column bet’s payout. It’s good practice to make yourself aware of the odds before starting a game, so we’ve listed them in our French Roulette review below.

                      In French roulette, the betting table is comprised of two sections: inside and outside bets. Inside bets consist of single numbers, adjacent numbers, or small groups of numbers. Outside bets take in larger groups of numbers such as columns, dozens, high/low, red/black and odd/even.

                      These are the standard inside bets available:

                      Bet name
                      Straight-UpPlaced on any single number, including zero35 to 1
                      SplitA bet on two adjacent numbers. Chips are placed on the line between these numbers. May also include 0 and 1, 0 and 2, and 0 and 317 to 1
                      StreetA bet on all three numbers in a row (i.e. 4, 5 and 6). Chips are placed on the line at the end of the row11 to 1
                      TrioThis covers the numbers: 0, 1, 2 or 0, 2, and 311 to 1
                      Corner BetA bet on a group of four numbers. Chips are placed at the corner where these four numbers touch. Can also be placed on the corner of 0, 1, 2, and 38 to 1
                      Line Bet / Double StreetA bet on six numbers (two rows of three numbers). Chips are placed at the end of the two rows, on the border between them5 to 1

                      The outside bets are those with a lower payout, but a greater chance of winning, such as:

                      Bet name
                      Column BetA bet taking in an entire column. Chips are placed in the box at the end of the respective column2 to 1
                      Dozen BetA bet taking in a group of 12 numbers. Chips are placed in the boxes marked 12P or P12 (for numbers 1- 12), 12M or M12 (13-24) and 12D or D12 (25-36)2 to 1
                      ColourBetting on all of the red numbers or all of the black numbers. Chips are placed on the red or black diamond1 to 1
                      Odd / EvenBetting on all even or all odd numbers. Chips are placed on the ‘Pair’ (even) box or the ‘Impair’ (odd) box1 to 1
                      Low/HighBetting on all low or all high numbers. Chips are placed on the ‘Manque’ (numbers 1-18) box or the ‘Passe’ (19-36) box1 to 1

                      If you place an even-money (1 to 1 payout) outside bet and the and the ball drops in the green zero (0) pocket, you can take advantage of the ‘en prison’ or ‘la partage’ rules. 

                      With ‘en prison’, you can either receive 50% of your stake back or the entire bet will be imprisoned. If you imprisoned the bet and it is a winner on the next spin, you will receive your full payout. If the ball lands on zero on that next spin, the entire bet is lost.

                      With ‘la partage’, the even-money bet will immediately be halved. 50% of your stake is returned to you while the other 50% will be surrendered to the house. There is no option of leaving the original bet for another spin here. 

                      Like European roulette, French roulette allows you to make ‘announced bets’. This is where you place a bet after the ball has been set in motion, but before it comes to rest. It goes depend on the software being used when playing online if these are available.

                      Further betting options include neighbour bets, Voisins du zéro, Orphelins, Le tiers du cylindre and final bets. These are all predetermined groups of numbers and they each have their own unique staking patterns as well.

                      What Is French Roulette

                      At first glance, French roulette appears to be very similar to European Roulette. The wheels are identical; both feature 37 numbered pockets that are coloured black and red, with the zero (0) pocket coloured green. 

                      However, the layout of the table is unique to this variation and as you’d expect, the language is in French. So, you have words such as manque, passe, pair and impair marked on the French roulette table. 

                      Yet, when learning what is French roulette the most notable difference, and the best from a player’s perspective, is the house edge. Due to using la partage and/or en prison rules, the casino’s advantage is only 1.35% for French roulette. Compare that to 2.70% for European roulette and a massive 5.26% for American roulette and you can see why savvy players always make a beeline for these tables. 

                      French Roulette Casinos

                      If you’d like to try the game for yourself, you’ll not be hard pushed to find French online roulette casinos. 

                      All the biggest sites in the online casino world will feature French roulette. It is one of the most popular casino games out there. You’re likely to find a number of different versions too, like professional, high stakes, low stakes, and perhaps multi-wheel.

                      The best online casinos will also have a freeplay or demo mode. As we mentioned earlier, these are a great way to try before you buy. When you’ve found the game for you, the free demo mode is a good way to hone your technique and strategy before you play for real cash.

                      French Roulette FAQs

                      What is the French Roulette house edge?

                      The house edge of French Roulette is 1.35% - which is among the lowest house edges of any roulette games.

                      What is the La Partage rule?

                      This is a special rule that only applies to French Roulette. If you make a bet and the ball lands in the zero pocket - half of your stake is returned.

                      What is the difference between French Roulette and European Roulette?

                      The wheel layout and the game in general are virtually identical. But the La Partage rule adds something unique to the French tables.

                      What are the French Roulette payouts?

                      French Roulette pays out at 35 to 1 for a straight up bet.

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