Live Roulette Tournaments

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For the competitive table game player, nothing beats a roulette tournament. It gives you a chance to prove your knowledge and skills in one of the most thrilling gambling games.  And more often than not - there are handsome prizes waiting for the victor.

Unlike a slots tournament which relies on luck, a roulette tourney is a different beast. Here you need to weigh up your options. Do you play in a conserved style on the outside? Or do you go James Bond and stake it all on a single number?

The sheer amount of options in a tournament far outweighs other gambling games. And on this page, we take you through your options. We'll reveal tournament strategies and tips to help you get better results on the little wheel. Want details of new tournaments? Stick with us - we'll show you where the latest tourneys are taking place.

Live Roulette Tournament Rules

Roulette tournament rules are generally uniform across the board. And each competition works in similar ways. Below you will find the most common mechanics and rules of a tournament.

  • When you buy-in to a tournament, you will be given a stack of chips
  • The goal of a roulette tournament is to accumulate as many chips as possible
  • The tournament may be divided into different rounds
  • You will be either given a set amount of time to win chips - or you will have a betting limit

While these are the most consistent tournament rules, you should always check the mechanics before you buy-in. This will give you further insight into how you should play. 

In terms of winners, most casinos employ a winner takes all philosophy. If you win the most, you take home the whole pot. However, there are some casinos that award prizes to the top 5 - 10 placing players.

How to join a roulette tournament

Most tournaments require a buy-in. This is an entry fee that you will need to pay to take part in the tournament. When you pay your buy-in, your chips will be awarded to you. These chips can then be used to accumulate more chips to win the tournament.

Free roulette tournaments work differently. There is no need to pay a buy-in. You just need to claim a spot at the table. When you join, your chips will then be awarded to you. In these free tourneys, your objective is once again to win more than the competition.

How to win a roulette tournament

As we have touched upon, your goal in a roulette tournament is to win more than rival players. But this can be easier said than done. Roulette is a game of chance after all. Here are a few tips that could help you get better results in your next tournament.

Be Reactive - You may find our high risk strategy tempting. But there's no point in "going down with the ship" if you have only a couple of chips left. Switch it up and play on the outside to try and build up your stack again.

Pick tournaments with European wheels - You are at a mathematical disadvantage if you choose to play at an American Roulette table. With a European wheel, the house edge is decreased. And this gives you more favourable odds overall.

Lagging behind? Go all in - If there's not much time on the clock and your behind, then there's little point in sticking to the red/black. Get spicy and head to the inside for some straight-up action - you could luck out.

Roulette Tournament Strategy

The key to success in a tournament? A well-designed strategy. There are a few ways that you can approach a tournament - each of which will appeal to different players. In the section below, we have listed out several strategies you can try to help you win. 

  • High risk, High reward: Want to get a lead on the opposition early? Stick to the inside bets, especially the straight-up numbers. A 35 to 1 win is going to see you scream into the lead. But beware - the odds are stacked against you. You have a mere 2.70% chance to land a straight-up number win.

  • Middle Road: If you don't want to be too risky or too reserved, then you can try a more balanced way of playing. Every three spins, try a straight-up number. The rest of the time - stick to that sweet and safe outside bet.

  • Slow but steady: The safest way to play in an online roulette tournament is to play on the outside exclusively. This will give you the best odds of winning - allowing you to grind out a win slowly. Keep in mind that time limits can kill this strategy.

  • The Spread: Want straight-up numbers, but want to boost your odds? Give Lady Luck a hand and place several chips over straight-up positions. The more of the wheel you cover, the better your chances of landing a 35 to 1 win.
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