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High roller games come with high stakes - and big rewards

A high roller is a casino player who bets with very large sums of money. To a high roller, it’s all about placing big bets and chasing even bigger wins. These casino players have huge bankrolls and are prepared to take risks in the hopes of landing wins and making a profit. They typically place bets worth thousands of pounds and have lengthy gaming sessions, during which they can experience some pretty big losses, but also some very handsome wins if they’re lucky enough. 

To put it simply, being a high roller is all about spending big. A low roller, on the other hand, is simply a player who bets with smaller amounts of money. They do this because they have a smaller budget to play with, or because they don’t really fancy the idea of taking big risks.

There are lots of different online casino promotions, from free spins offers and deposit bonuses, to cashback schemes, referral bonuses and more. These promotions should offer enough rewards for high rollers to feel that they’re worthwhile. 

Most online casinos offer deposit bonuses, where you make a deposit and receive a percentage of that deposit free as bonus money. For example, if it’s a 100% bonus of up to 100, this means that if you deposit, let’s say, 100, you’ll be credited with a free 100 in bonus money, with a total of 200 to play with. The amount of bonus money you can claim varies greatly from casino to casino. 

These bonuses are often given as part of a casino’s welcome package for new players; they can also be given to returning players and are often called reload bonuses in this case. Given that high rollers play with large amounts of money, they prefer bonuses that have more to offer. So for deposit bonuses, high rollers prefer ones that have larger amounts of bonus money up for grabs.

You’ll also find that most casinos have a loyalty scheme and/or VIP club. Both of these are designed to encourage players to remain loyal to the casino and reward them for doing so. The more you play, the more you’ll be rewarded.

 A loyalty scheme usually has players earn points for playing games, with the scheme having a number of levels or tiers. Once a player’s earned enough points to reach the next level, they’ll benefit from better rewards. Some casinos have the VIP club incorporated into the loyalty scheme. For example, the last few levels that offer the best rewards may be open to everyone, with all players able to become VIPs; at many casinos, however, the last few levels, if they’re the casino’s VIP club, will be invite-only.

This means that you need to meet certain requirements to be considered for the club. Meet the requirements and you’ll be invited to join. Some casinos have a VIP club that’s separate from the loyalty scheme. If this is the case, the VIP club is usually invite-only. 

Typical perks you can receive once a VIP include invites to special events, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, access to a dedicated account manager, exclusive promotions just for VIPs and more. It should go without saying that high rollers are always keen to become VIPs and make the most of the better benefits on offer.

High Roller Casino Bonus Codes

Many online casinos promote their special offers through bonus codes. These are displayed at third-party websites, along with details of the bonuses being offered. You can find high roller casino bonus codes easily enough - the good thing about these is that you can compare all the different bonuses being promoted and see which ones have the most to offer. Of course, there’s always the option to visit casinos directly to find out what offers they have for high rollers. 

High Roller Casino No Deposit Bonus

Some casinos offer bonuses you can claim without even depositing any real money into your account. These are known as no deposit bonuses and can be claimed as soon as you’ve created your casino account. They’re designed to offer players a preview of what the casino has to offer and typically offer a small amount of bonus money or a small number of free spins. 

Even high roller casino no deposit bonuses are on the smaller side in terms of what they offer, when compared with other types of promotion. Still, they can be worth taking advantage if you’re keen to test out casinos before settling for a particular one.

High Roller Casino Games

What high rollers want from a casino is somewhere they can play lots of high-stakes games and be rewarded with plenty of bonuses. When it comes to the games, slots are fairly popular with these players, as are progressive jackpots that can pay out prizes in the millions. However, many high rollers tend to prefer table games, especially those that have some element of skill or decision-making involved. Some examples of high roller casino games include blackjack, baccarat and poker games such as Texas hold’em and Caribbean stud poker, though with very high betting limits, of course. 

As well as games they can spend big on, high rollers want to be treated well by the casino they’re playing at. They appreciate things like bonuses, loyalty schemes, VIP clubs - anything that rewards them for staying loyal to the casino and helps keep their balance topped up. Since they’re betting quite high amounts of money on casino games, it makes sense that high rollers want lots of special offers to take advantage of.
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