Blockchain Casinos - How to Deposit, Play and Withdraw Your Winnings

Best blockchain casinos in the industry. Understand how to make a deposit and play your favourite games
Blockchain Casinos - How to Deposit, Play and Withdraw Your Winnings
Blockchain Casinos - How to Deposit and Play Casino Games

If you’re looking for the best blockchain casinos, all you have to do is select one from the table below. These have been picked by our team of casino experts from among many other potential sites we could have recommended instead.

If you’re interested in learning more about how they work, what makes them different, and the advantages for players, the sections below will cover this.

What are Blockchain Casinos

Don’t let the terminology of this emerging technology intimidate you. Understanding the basics of blockchain is easy enough. These are massive decentralized networks powered and secured by their users. Each blockchain works in a slightly different way, but the point is that there are no central servers, and so they can not go down or fail. They’re also incredibly difficult to hack since there’s no single server to gain entry to.

Blockchain casinos operate on these highly secure networks. Every transaction in and out of these casinos is recorded on a public ledger, so everyone can verify that the casino is playing it straight. While transactions are visible, your details are not, so don’t worry about privacy.

So, what are blockchain casinos in essence? They are decentralized casinos which do not operate on a single computer server as regular ones do. They’re totally transparent, run by and for users, and have absolutely no ability to cheat you. Sounds good, right?

How to Make a Deposit in Blockchain Casinos

As we said above, there are many different blockchains, so there are different procedures for depositing at the casinos which run on them. However, they all follow a similar format. These steps cover most of what you need to understand how to make a deposit in blockchain casinos.

  1. Get the cryptocurrency you are going to play with. This could be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any of the dozens of tokens now accepted at blockchain-powered casinos.

  2. The next step is to move your coins from the exchange into your own dedicated cryptocurrency wallet. Often, when you register as a new player, a wallet will be generated for you. Record the address and copy/paste it into the ‘recipient’ field when moving your coins away from an exchange or another wallet.

  3. Some don’t require you to deposit your coins at the casino as you normally would with a regular currency. At these casinos, bets are settled and moved to and from wallets on the spot. Some do generate specific wallets for you to deposit to. Follow the steps required by the casino you choose to play at.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings in Blockchain Casinos

One of the best things about playing on blockchains is how fast withdrawals are. You’ll typically get your withdrawals instantly, as soon as you request them at sites like Bitcasino. Let’s look at how to withdraw your winnings in blockchain casinos.

  1. At some casinos on blockchains, no manual withdrawals are needed. We need to impress upon you that some of them don’t require a deposit in the traditional sense - bets are settled on every spin/hand and moved to or from your wallet, which the casino has no control over.

  2. However, there are some which do have dedicated wallets for you to deposit to and bet with. In these cases, you’ll want to move your coins back to the exchange where you can sell them or to another private wallet from which you can spend them. To do so, enter the wallet address you want to move them to in the ‘recipient’ field and verify the transaction.

  3. Wait for your coins to arrive. How long this takes depends on the blockchain you’re playing on. If it’s Bitcoin, it could take hours, whereas if it’s Ethereum, it will take minutes at the most.

How to Play in Blockchain Casinos

Understanding how to play in blockchain casinos is easy. They’re not really that much different to regular casinos - the major difference is the currency you use, which will be cryptos.

All you have to do is deposit your cryptocurrency/token, select the game you want to play, and have some fun! Most of them offer online slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and dice games.

What Are the Advantages of Blockchain Casinos

The advantages of blockchain casinos are numerous. That’s probably why so many operators are jumping on the blockchain bandwagon, or at least are seriously considering it. Here’s what you can look forward to as a player:

Greater Transparency - Blockchains are public ledgers, meaning every person who uses one can view the transactions on the network. For example, you can sit at home and watch every Bitcoin transaction take place in real time. This means a casino could never claim you didn’t make a deposit or request a withdrawal because it’s recorded as clear as day on the blockchain for everyone to verify.

Provably Fair Games - This is probably the best thing about casinos on the blockchain. Most of them use provably fair technology, meaning you can verify game outcomes are truly random. Many even allow you to pick your own seed number to feed into the RNG, so it’s impossible for the casino to cheat you.

Faster Withdrawals - It’s natural to get frustrated when a casino takes days or even weeks to process your withdrawals. Then, you might have to wait another five days to get your money through the banking system! This can’t happen when you play casino games on the blockchain. Even the slowest blockchains have average transaction times of under an hour.

More Control - We mentioned above that some blockchain-based casinos don’t require you to deposit to a wallet which they control. That means they can’t steal from you, and you can’t lose your funds if the casino goes bankrupt. This puts you firmly in control of your own money, and bets are settled in real-time, with funds transferred to/from your wallet after every game. 

Curious to try the best blockchain casinos? Go for it! Select one of the sites above and see why so many players are choosing to play this way. Or check out the next big trend in the crypto world: Ethereum casinos.

Top Bitcoin Casino Sites

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