One Blackjack Review

One Blackjack is an unlimited blackjack game that introduces a brand new side bet & gives you the chance to win 2,000x.

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One Blackjack is an unlimited blackjack game playable by thousands of players at a time. Using innovative technology, all players in the room play the same hand - but only your own decisions are reflected in the UI. It's the kind of system employed in Evolution's Infinite Blackjack. Pragmatic Play's new blackjack table also introduces a brand new side bet: Crazy 7. With the Six Card Charlie rule and up to 2000x prizes - One Blackjack may be the only blackjack game you will ever need.

Game Facts

  • One Blackjack supports an unlimited number of players
  • Features four side bets: Crazy 7, Bust Bonus, 21+3 and Perfect Pairs
  • Six Card Charlie rule guarantees a win without busting on 6 cards 
  • Player decisions are displayed on screen, giving you a chance to re-think your move
  • Rapid betting time of 16 seconds

One Blackjack Rules

One Blackjack is played to Vegas rules which include the following conditions:

  • 8 decks of cards are used
  • Dealer takes two cards
  • The dealer stands on 17 and can draw a card on 16
  • You can double down on the first two cards
  • Pairs can be split - but split Aces only get one card
  • You can't double down on splits
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack 

How to play One Blackjack

As with other blackjack games, the aim of One Blackjack is to have a better hand than the dealer - with 21 being the best possible hand.

To start a game, choose your chip size and place your bet in the central area. You can also choose to wager on side bets - or opt to bet on all side bets.

Once the dealer has dealt your cards, you may make your decisions. Your turn will continue until your stand or no remaining moves can be made.

After your turn has finished, the dealer will play their hand. You will lose the main bet if the dealer has a better hand or if you bust - you will still receive any side bet winnings.

Side Bets & Bonus

There are four side bets available in One Blackjack - one of which is unique. Here is how each one works:

Crazy 7: For this bet, you are wagering on the possibility of having triple 7s in the first three cards. Suited trips are the best possible outcome - paying 2000 to 1.

Bust Bonus: The Bust Bonus is similar to Evolution's BustIt side bet. The bet pays out if the dealer busts with a certain number of cards - with 8 cards or more awarding 250 to 1.

21+3: One of the most common blackjack side bets, here we bet on the first two-player cards and the dealers upcard to form a poker hand - paying 100 to 1 for a suited three of a kind.

Perfect Pairs: The bet pays if the first two cards are a pair - with a perfect pair paying 25 to 1.

One Blackjack also features the Six Card Charlie rule. If a player receives six cards without busting, then the hand is deemed a winner.

One Blackjack Verdict

Pragmatic Play has taken the best elements from popular blackjack games and have amalgamated them into something special.  One Blackjack is feature-rich, with the chance to win big on the sidebets and offers opportunities for significant returns in standard play. Add the gorgeous studio design and friendly dealers - and this may be the one blackjack game to rule them all...

One Blackjack

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