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The brand new release from Evoplay, Star Guardians, is a true game changer. A third-person shooter slot with manual and automatic modes, the game lets you play as one of three heroes, blasting aliens aboard and invaded spaceship to secure wins and scoop payouts. There are also multipliers, boosters, and a randomly triggered bonus feature just to up the ante further! Will you join the Star Guardians on their mission?

Game Facts 

  • Created by Evoplay
  • First of its kind
  • Third-person shooter
  • Sci-fi theme
  • Loot system replaces paylines
  • Manual and automatic modes are available
  • Choice of three characters
  • Each character offers different abilities
  • Randomly activated bonus feature
  • Multipliers
  • Min bet 0.10 coins, max bet 100 coins
  • Max win TBC
  • Release date 28/10/21

How to play Star Guardians Slot

As with any slot, you set your bet amount using the arrow buttons at the bottom of your screen to adjust it. You can play from a minimum of 0.10 coins up to 100 coins. Then you need to choose a hero, from Joe Butcher, Skyler, or Keliot, each of whom is equipped with different skills and abilities which will help you in the bonus feature. 

Butcher also has a multi-barrelled gun, and a rocket launcher, while Keliot can shoot kinetic energy from his hands. You can then play manual mode, where you choose where the character is going, and shoot the targets to earn coins. Alternatively, you can play in automatic mode. You can change your hero even while playing.

How to win Star Guardians Slot

Each alien invader is worth a different amount, just like symbols in a typical slot, with the alien Queen as the highest paying symbol. Butcher gains an x2 multiplier to apply to wins when his booster is activated, while Skyler can open locked chests without a key when boosted, to add increase your payout. You can also randomly trigger the bonus round described below.

Special Features and Bonuses

The bonus feature can be randomly activated on any spin and involves the Tritons dropping loot - either ammunition or money, which you can then collect.

Other Features 

The other features depend on which character you have chosen, but remember you can switch heroes even while the game is in play.

Butcher: Comes equipped with a rocket launcher and a multi-barrelled gun and gains an x2 payout multiplier once his booster is activated.

Skyler: Can open valuable chests without the keys when her boosted is triggered.

Keliot: Can launch kinetic energy from his hands and guarantees that loot will be collected once his booster is triggered.

Design & Theme

Set sometime in the future in a scientific spacecraft infested by aliens, Star Guardians hits its mark perfectly. The graphics are second to none, rendering our heroes and their alien foes in exquisite detail. It doesn’t just look fantastic though. You control the players, who run, shoot, change direction, and make realistic facial expressions as the battle rages and you pick up wins. The accompanying background music is fast and punchy but doesn’t overpower the action.

Our Verdict

The combination of familiar slot payouts with the third-person shooter format makes Star Guardians a highly entertaining game, guaranteed to delight fans of slots and ‘shooters’ alike. Star Guardians takes the player on an interactive journey to the future and lets you control the action. A slot-style battle for survival (and coins) set in an alien-infested future which makes you the hero? We think it’s going to be a monster hit!

Star Guardians Slots FAQs

How much can I win on Star Guardians Slot?

The maximum win has yet to be confirmed but will likely depend on the bonus round loot, and Butcher’s x2 multipliers.

Does the game have free spins?

The game does not include free spins but offers multipliers, boosters and a randomly activated bonus feature. For more information, please see the relevant section above

Can I play Star Guardians Slot free?

As the game has not yet been released we can’t be sure. However, given the interactive third-person shooter nature of the slot is seems unlikely you would be able to play it for free.

Star Guardians Slot

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