Slot Jackpot Wins

Slot jackpot wins are a truly life-changing experience. One spin is all it takes to transform someone's life. And on this page, we celebrate and explore real-life winners who landed that huge win!
With huge real money prizes up for grabs, jackpot slots take the headline spot of any casino. These games have it all: the chance to win big, spectacle and excitement - they are simply a must play for any jackpot hunter. And while these prizes are certainly rare, there are plenty of lucky players that have been the subject of a gushing news story.

Biggest Jackpot Slots 

The usual suspects have once again dropped the most lucrative prizes. Slots from NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech have all made jackpot dreams come true with a single press of the spin button. Here is a list of some of the biggest progressive games this year.

Jackpot Giant Slots: Playtech's biggest progressive made yet another millionaire. A Ladbrokes player won the grandest jackpot of all with a single spin, winning over 300,000x their total staked bet.

Mega Fortune Slots: The previous world record holder for biggest online slot game win has impressed once again. NetEnt's jackpot slot awarded a lucky swede a huge €2.5 million prize.

Jackpot King Slots: The networked progressive range of games continues to pay out in the millions. One lucky Paddy Power punter can vouch for this - as they walked away £4.3 million richer in one betting session.
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