PNXBet Blast Game Explained: How to win & strategies

Learn about PNXBet's new blast game - and strategies to help you win. Use our tips for better winning chances.
PNXBet Blast
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Blast is a new gambling game at PNXBet offering massive cash prize potential. Available in the brand new "Blast" section, the game is an adaptation of chicken which provides plenty of gambling thrills. The maximum single win is $10,000 - meaning it can pay on par with jackpot slots. 

In this short guide, we will show you how to play the Blast Game and the best strategies to use.

What is PNXBet Blast?

Blast is a provably fair gambling game where members bet on when a cannonball will explode.

The game starts with the ball being fired out of an animated cannon. After a random amount of time, the cannonball will explode, and the round is over.

The longer the cannonball stays in motion, the bigger the payouts for users. It's a game where you need to decide when you should cash out - or face an explosive loss!

How to win

The game starts by placing a bet in the main betting area. Choose your total stake and then press the bet button. When the round begins, the ball will be fired out of the cannon.

The distance the ball travels translates into a bet multiplier - the further it goes, the higher the multiplier.

Blast Betting Grid

As a player, you need to decide when to cash out - if you leave it too late, you will lose your bet. If you pull out before the ball explodes, then you will receive the bet multiplier. 

In our experience, the ball can travel a substantial distance - but can also explode a couple of seconds after leaving the cannon. 

The results, which are entirely transparent and viewable to users, show that the biggest multiplier was over 13,000x!

PNXBet Blast Strategy

The best strategy in Blast is to focus on doubling your bets, cashing out when the multiplier reaches 2.00x. 

Blast Game Betting

While it's tempting to bank on the ball reaching a potential multiplier of thousands, it is highly improbable.

Doubling your bets potentially on every round means you can enjoy a safe and consistent gamble. 

If you choose a specific bet and wish to focus on it, use the auto cashout option. With this enabled, you won't need to collect your winnings manually. You can also use the auto bet option to automate the process fully.

PNXBet Blast Game Tips

Here are some tips to help you play:

  • We don't recommend manually cashing out - it's easy to panic and lose the bet! Instead, use the auto cash out option
  • Clicking on the "Provably Fairness" option will let you see how seeds are generated and a calculator 
  • The sound of the cannonball firing is pretty loud, so we recommend adjusting the volume of the game
  • Want to see how a game plays out? You can observe for however long you like - but you will need to log in when you want to place a bet.

Want to see what Blast is all about? Give it a go using the PNXBet promo code.


How is the game provably fair?

Blast uses cryptography to create transparent and random outcomes for members. When a game starts, the server will generate a seed - 3 seeds are also taken from the first three betting players. All of these seeds are combined and hashed with a SHA512 algorithm - which finally represents the game outcome.

How can you see results are fair?

Click the green shield icon to see the server and player seeds used to generate the outcome. You can also input these seeds into the calculator to view if the result is legit. All seeds are publicly available, enabling 100% transparency.

What is the maximum win available?

The maximum win value is set at 10,000x your total stake bet.

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