Atlantic City Blackjack Review

In this Atlantic City blackjack review we take a closer look at how to play this popular variant, where to play it and how to win more often.

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Some variants of blackjack have become more popular than others down the years. Many players like Blackjack Switch as it brings a whole new dimension to the game. However, there is still a hardcore following of the more traditional variants. Atlantic City Blackjack is one of those variations which is still a favourite among thousands of players. 

Let’s find out what’s so special about this game and see how it differs from the original classic Blackjack we all know and love. 

If you’re just starting out playing blackjack, then we’ll run through the rules so you can learn the correct strategy and tackle the game head on. For those who are eager to start playing, we’ve assembled a list of top-rated casinos where you can play Atlantic City Blackjack online. Each one offers a demo mode, which is free to play, and real money. Have a look through and compare the sites to find your perfect match.

Atlantic City Blackjack Review

With an RTP of 99.65%, Atlantic City Blackjack certainly offers plenty of value for players. Whilst it has been around for some time, a famous player by the name of Don Johnson really put Atlantic City Blackjack on the map. He single-handedly crushed three high-profile land-based casinos (Borgata, Caesars and the Tropicana) playing this variant, picking up a staggering $16 million in the process. 

So, if you want to play like Don, keep reading our Atlantic City Blackjack review to fully understand the intricacies of the popular version. Plus, we’ll guide you through what casino bonuses are the best for playing blackjack. And, of course, you can peruse our recommended sites, which are all fully licenced casinos to ensure you are playing at a secure venue and the games are fair in relation to the stated RTP.

What is Atlantic City Blackjack

When approaching a new form of blackjack for the first time, it’s best to break it down into two parts. The first part is ‘blackjack’. Sure, this is a unique variant but at the end of the day, it is still blackjack. 

Therefore, to achieve greater success at the tables, make sure you know everything there is to know about the standard version. This includes learning the basic strategy so you know what decision to make based on the cards you have in your hand and the dealer’s up card. By doing the groundwork here, you’ll be able to approach every variation with a degree of confidence in your ability. With that in the bag, you can then move onto what is Atlantic City Blackjack and assess the differences between this game and a basic game. For this, you must look at the rules.

Atlantic City Blackjack Rules

Essentially, the only thing that separates one type of blackjack from another is the rules. Some alterations are player friendly, others favour the dealer (or casino). For our Atlantic City Blackjack rules, we are following Microgaming’s version. This comes in two formats, standard and gold. Both are identical other than the design and graphics. We highly recommend playing the gold version - it’s superb.

The main rules are:
  • Played with 8 standard decks
  • Blackjack pays 3:2
  • Insurance pays 2:1
  • Dealer must stand on all 17s
  • Late surrender allowed
  • Dealer can peek for blackjack with a 10-valued card or ace showing
  • Double on any two cards (including after splitting)
  • Can split up to three times (creating four hands)
  • Aces can only be split once
  • Only one card allowed to split aces
  • Split ace and 10 is 21 not blackjack

Using eight decks is a rule which clearly favours the dealer. Only allowing aces to be split once and not paying blackjack after splitting are also on the casino’s side. To balance things out, the dealer having to stand on any 17 (hard or soft) is good for players, so is the late surrender rule. As always, it’s best to avoid taking out insurance too often. The casino holds a much greater advantage, so you will lose far more over the long term with this wager.

Atlantic City Blackjack Bonus

Casino bosses are generally reluctant when it comes to dishing out Atlantic City Blackjack bonus offers because the house edge is extreme low to start with. That said, here are a couple of areas worth exploring to see if you can squeeze a little something extra out of your time playing this game:

Match deposit bonuses
Most sites offer these to both new and existing players, so there are plenty to choose from. Matched deposits give you free casino cash but the total wagering playing Atlantic City Blackjack will be rather high. Still, if you’re up for the challenge, these are a good bonus to attack.

Rebate / Cash back
A more common table and card game bonus is the rebate offer. More often than not it’s based on aggregated losses. So, if you lose £50 and get 10% cash back, you reclaim £5. It may not seem like much, but it could kick start your next winning run.

Rewards / Loyalty schemes
If you can find a casino that offers comp points for playing Atlantic City Blackjack, then you ought to stop and try it out. You will have to wager a hefty chunk of cash, but the low house edge means you might not need a massive bankroll to do this. 

Play Atlantic City Blackjack Online

As you can see, this variation is more than worthy of bearing the blackjack name. Serious players choose this game for a reason, mainly because its friendly rules result in a wonderfully low house edge.

You won’t have any concerns finding somewhere to play Atlantic City Blackjack online. The majority of the bigger sites will have this tucked away in their portfolio for you. However, rather than you trawling through numerous casinos looking for it, you can simply take advantage of the list of recommended casinos we’ve provided.

Our team has checked each site to ensure Atlantic City is available, so all you need to do is choose where you want to play. Furthermore, we can guarantee that every casino on this page is fully licenced. Thus providing you with peace of mind that you are playing in a secure environment and the games are all audited and proven fair to players.

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