How to find Casino Promo Codes: The Easy Way

Fishing for casino promo codes? We show you exclusive tips & tricks to find the codes. 
Casino Promo Code
Nothing beats a solid casino promo code. Especially if it connects you to no deposit funds. With just a few simple digits, you could be winning real money from the best online slots in no time. But there is one small problem...

Promo codes are not that easy to find. They always seem to crop up when you least expect it. And more often than not, you may miss out on a decent deal. All because you were in the wrong place at the right time. 

Don't worry: there are ways to improve your odds of finding a limited promo code. And in this article, we are going to show you what you can do to make sure you can pounce on any deal.

Note: The advice in this guide will also apply if you are looking for coupon codes, voucher codes, bonus codes or referral codes.

Finding a casino promo code

Below you will find five simple strategies you can use to guarantee you find more codes. Noticed we said guarantee? That's right, follow our steps and you will 100% get more promo code action. Without further ado, let's look at those strategies.

Tip #1: Always opt into communications

When you sign up to a casino, you are asked if you want to receive the latest offers via email or text. And this is a golden opportunity to land more casino bonuses - and more promo codes. 

By opting in, you will receive these offers as soon as they become live. This is ideal as bonus codes are only active for a short amount of time.

Sure, every site will also have a promotion page where they can theoretically put offers. But email subscribers get access to the exclusive deals. We're talking about the real juicy stuff.

And if you don't like the emails you're receiving? You can simply unsubscribe in one click. 

Tip #2: Enable site notifications

Another surefire way to get online casino promo codes is by opting into browser notifications. This is handy if you are using a smartphone or tablet. When a casino has a new promo, they can push it to your device, just like a text.

How does this work? First of all, you need to visit the casino on your mobile, tablet or PC device. If the site has a notification system, you will be prompted to allow or disallow notifications. Simply click the allow button to opt-in.

Don't like the offers you are receiving? You can head into your browser settings and remove the site from your notification list.

Tip #3: Don't just check the promotion page

Think the promo page is the only place you will find promotional casino codes? We've got news for you - there's another place to check for codes: the casino blog. 

Not all sites have a blog - but if they do, you should check it just as frequently as the offers page. Not only will you find no deposit bonus codes here - but you may also find news about other promotions happening at the site.

Tip #4: Get social - Follow your favourite sites

Twitter and Facebook aren't just for funny GIFs - they are also a great way to find bonuses. Follow and like your favourite sites on social platforms and you may get access to exclusive offers.

Want to take it one step further? Set up alerts for when these sites post. This way you can jump straight on a code or promotion as soon as it is out of the door. 

While FB and Twitter are the most popular social options, other platforms can yield results too. Especially Instagram and Youtube.

Tip #5: Let the codes come to you

As you may notice, all of the above tips require little to no effort from yourself. And there's a good reason for this - finding and not receiving a casino promo code is a frustrating business. You could be searching for hours just to run into expired offers on a dodgy looking site.

Instead, go in with the attitude that the codes will come to you. This way, you won't have to endure frustrating search sessions that yield little to no results. If you follow the above steps, opt into comms and capitalise on all opportunities - you will have plenty of bonuses to choose from. 

How to claim casino promo codes

So you have your code ready to go. But what exactly do you have to do to claim a bonus code? The process of claiming a code is really simple - but new players may find it a bit confusing at first. 

If you are joining a new casino: You will need to enter your code in the registration form or the cashier. Unless you have claimed a no deposit bonus - in which case you will need to always enter the code at signup. 

For existing players: You will either need to enter your code in the checkout area or the designated bonus area. 

Mistyped your code? Sometimes it is easy to make a mistake, especially if the code includes zero and Os. If you have made an error, contact customer support - they may credit the missing bonus or assist in another way.

Casino Promo Codes FAQ

Are there no deposit casino promo codes?

Yes, there are. These are rare bonuses to find, however - and are usually only available for new players.

Can existing customers claim casino promo codes?

Yes, they can. As long as they are not new player codes. If you do try and use the code, you won't receive the bonus advertised.

What is the best casino promo code?

You want to aim for codes with low wagering requirements on the value of the bonus. This will give you the best chance of taking home the bonus cash.

What are the latest casino promo codes?

In the table above, you will find the best and most rewarding promo codes available to all new customers. Pick your favourite and head over to the site to unlock an enhanced bonus offer.

Are promo codes available for UK players?

UK players can claim and use casino bonus codes as they wish.

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