How to win Double Exposure Blackjack

Struggling to win a game of Double Exposure Blackjack? We reveal exclusive tips & strategies to win....
All blackjack players would love to be able to see both of the dealer's hole cards for one simple reason: it would enable them to make better decisions. 

Indeed, one of the biggest advantages the house has over the average blackjack player is that one of the dealer's cards is unknown; thus it becomes less obvious whether or not said player should stand or hit. 

Under normal circumstances this is something that can't be changed, however, if you play Double Exposure Blackjack then achieving this enhanced insight is possible.

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            How to Beat Double Exposure Blackjack

            The main premise of Double Exposure Blackjack is that both of the dealer's hole cards are exposed during the initial deal which, naturally, makes it easier for you to win. 

            Of course, because casinos aren't in the business of giving away money there are certain rules which help swing the pendulum of favour in their direction; however, this doesn't mean you can't win a decent payout. 

            Indeed, if you're able to follow a few simple strategy steps you should be able to take advantage of various conditions placed upon the dealer. 

            Double Exposure Blackjack Rules

            Before we delve into the specifics of how to beat Double Exposure Blackjack it's important to breakdown the rules you'll find in place at most online casinos:

            • Both of the dealer's cards are exposed.
            • The dealer wins on all ties (except on natural blackjack).
            • When you hit blackjack it pays out at even money.
            • You may split only once.
            • How to Beat Double Exposure Blackjack

            One of the main things you'll notice when reading the above set of conditions is that the dealer wins on all ties. For this reason you should adopt a much more aggressive strategy when playing Double Exposure Blackjack than you would in a standard game. 

            Because you will see both of the dealer's hole cards during the hand you will know exactly the total they have and whether you're tied or not. With this in mind you should always hit on "soft" totals. 

            A soft total is one which contains an ace simply because the ace can represent 1 or 11. In this situation it's impossible to go bust with a single hit because if you're total exceeds 21, the ace will automatically count as a 1. 

            Thus, when you're faced with the situation of a tie and your total is a soft one you should always hit in a game of Double Exposure Blackjack. 

            Of course, this condition can sometimes play into the hands of the dealer, especially when you have a strong total. However, what you have to understand is that regardless of how high your total is you will never win if you tie. For example, even if you have an opening total of 18, it is still profitable to hit because the dealer will simply scoop the pot if you stand. 

            Double Exposure Blackjack Splitting

            Another thing to consider is that you can only split once during a game of Double Exposure Blackjack. This limiting condition should again push you into a more aggressive strategy when it comes to splitting. 

            In general, splitting is seen as a way to maximise your advantage over the dealer and make the most money possible. 

            However, when you're unable to re-split during a single hand this earning potential can be somewhat stifled. However, it is possible to remedy this disadvantage by splitting more often. 

            While some professional blackjack players will advise that you should only split a pair of nines or tens, you should consider splitting small pairs such as sevens and eights when playing Double Exposure Blackjack. 

            The reason for doing this is to increase the number of times you'll be splitting and, thus, increase your chances of achieving greater returns in a single hand. 

            What is the Double Exposure Blackjack house edge?

            The house edge of Double Exposure Blackjack depends on the house rules. For example, Circus Circus in Reno has a Double Exposure Blackjack table with a house edge of 1.47%. The Grand in Tunica has a table with a house edge of 0.96%.

            What is the best Double Exposure Blackjack basic strategy?

            Always hit if you have a hand with soft totals - thanks to the Ace, you can protect yourself from going bust whilst also potentially landing 21.

            Where can I play Double Exposure Blackjack online for free?

            You can play it for free at all of the casinos listed on this page. The only exception is if you are based in the UK. The option for free play has been unfortunately removed due to updated gambling legislation.

            Our Verdict

            Double exposure blackjack is a great game to play if you're looking for something a little different from the norm. Although the game's conditions might not be as favourable as standard blackjack - despite you being able to see both of the dealer's hole cards - there's certainly a lot of money to be made if you play aggressively whenever possible.

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