What is Atlantic City Blackjack? (Rules & Strategy)

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Atlantic City Blackjack rules are some of the most lucrative in the online blackjack world and the reason why it's the seasoned gamblers game of choice

Make the most of your strong hands with Atlantic City Blackjack - Exploit the dealer's weak hands with this popular variation

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Atlantic City Blackjack: Learning How to Win More

When you think of blackjack and gambling you might instantly picture the bright lights of Las Vegas, but away from the heat of the Nevada desert another US gambling Mecca has its very own race to 21. 

Atlantic City blackjack first came to life in the top casinos of the state but since then it's become one of the most popular and widespread variants of the game in the world. 

One of the reasons why Atlantic City blackjack has found favour with seasoned gamblers is that it's inherently more lucrative than almost any other version of the game. 

Indeed, despite numerous innovations springing to life courtesy of the internet in recent years, Atlantic City blackjack still represents one of the best standard versions of the game. 

Atlantic City Blackjack Rules

So what makes Atlantic City blackjack a more lucrative game than its peers? Unlike other forms of blackjack that present an interesting slant on the rules, this version of the games that's prominent in Atlantic City consistently presents +EV scenarios to the player. 

Of course, as with any gambling endeavour picking your spots is crucial if you want to make the most profit possible. Indeed, later on in this article we'll briefly cover some of the simplest ways to exploit the dealer and make money possible when playing then game. 

From structural point-of-view Atlantic City blackjack has the following set of rules:

  • In all instances the dealer must draw when their total is 16 or less. 
  • The dealer must stand on all totals of 17 to 21. 
  • Players are permitted to double down on any opening hand. 
  • Players are able to split any opening pair hand. 
  • Players are allowed to double down after splitting. However, re-splitting is not permitted. 
  • Only one card each allowed on split aces. 
  • Blackjacks pay 3:2.
  • Insurance on a dealer Ace pays 2:1.

The Benefits of Playing Atlantic City Blackjack 

One of the reasons why Atlantic City blackjack is so popular with expert players is that the doubling and splitting options aren't restrictive. Some variants of the game often limit the number of times a player can split after the initial draw or only allow them to double down on certain two-card totals. 

However, with Atlantic City rules the player is free to make these moves on any total or pair which means they can implement an aggressive strategy when the dealer is at their weakest. 

What we mean by this is that by tracking the deck through techniques such as card counting a player can ascertain when the dealer is weak and strong by determining the amount of high cards left in the shoe. 

For example, if the player is able to count cards and workout that the deck contains more high cards than low then the game is in their favour. At this point they can be more active in terms of doubling down and splitting in order to capitalise on this dynamic and increase their profits. 

Indeed, gambling is all about picking +EV spots to make moves and if you're able to combine a few simple skills with Atlantic City blackjack's rules you'll find it's a great way to make more money. 

What is the best Atlantic City Blackjack strategy?

Each hand will have an optimal way to play based on your own cards and the dealers. We recommend keeping a blackjack strategy chart to hand to execute the most optimal moves.

What is the minimum bet for Atlantic City Blackjack?

This will depend on the casino you are playing at and the limits of the table.

Which Summary

While many players will dabble in other forms of blackjack - such as progressive blackjack, bonus and double exposure blackjack - most will always revert back to Atlantic City rules. Not only is this game the simplest, but its rules allow skilled players to implement winning strategies at will. This freedom to reduce the casino's edge and claim a long-term profit is invaluable in the gambling world and the reason why Atlantic City blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world.

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