What are some unwritten rules of Las Vegas?

What are the unwritten rules of Las Vegas, and how can you stay safe on your trip? Learn about lurking, pickpockets, muggings, free alcohol and getting married during your stay.
Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Well, sadly not no, if you behave badly and get in trouble then frankly anyone, anywhere can find out. Most people that head to Las Vegas are fun loving and out for a good time, but where you get crowds of people you can get trouble so here are a few unwritten rules to keep you safe when you visit. 

1. Think Safety 

There are people everywhere, and you are going to get caught up in a crowd. Keep your ID, money, cards and keys in your pocket and leave all bags locked up inside your room. Take advantage of room safes for valuables like passports. Sadly theft, either in the form of pickpocketing or mugging is all too common. So, after dark stay in a group and if you get lost from your group stay in a casino and let the group come to you. 

2. Watch Your Liquor Intake

Free booze, oh man what a buzz. But, there is a good reason why casinos give away free alcohol. Think of it as a loss leader, giving away alcohol is a small price to pay for the amount of money spent on poor judgements by drunk punters. No, they will not suggest you have spent enough or send you on your way, they will happily keep swopping your cash for chips. No one cares if you gamble away your life savings, but it might hurt in the morning. The alcohol is there to encourage you to play, and can be enjoyed but beware of losing control of your wallet. 

3. Spectators Stand Back

If you have never been to a casino before it can be a genuinely hypnotic sight and there is nothing wrong with watching the action to learn about a game, however, do not stand right behind someone when they are playing, unless you are in the same party and know them. Having someone watching over your shoulder is a very uncomfortable feeling that can put people off, and it makes them feel like they are being targeted or groomed. The rule applies to table games and slots if you are watching for interest stand back at a reasonable distance. 

4. Married in Vegas is Married Everywhere

Vegas has a thriving wedding industry, and for a good reason, it is undoubtedly a memorable venue and lots of fun too. It is also popular because you can be married (almost) instantly. Contrary to depictions in all good comedy television shows, you cannot wander drunk into a chapel and marry someone just like that. You do still need a licence, but this can be obtained downtown in only 15 minutes after which you are free to marry. To get a permit, you need ID and other paperwork but it can be done, so you can certainly get married the same day. But to debunk the myth once and for all, this is a legally binding marriage in the same way as any ceremony is, so think twice about doing it for a joke or because you have been drinking, unless you plan on paying for a divorce lawyer when you get home. 
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