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    Casino big wins are some of the most inspiring gambling stories you will read online. Here we collect the biggest wins and the most gobsmacking jackpot wins for you to enjoy. Read our latest winner stories right here.

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    Jackpot Winners

    One of the headline-grabbing gambling stories are jackpot winners - especially when it comes to progressive jackpots. With one spin, these lucky individuals have instantly won millions. Most impressive is that these stories often report that the jackpot is won on a modest bet level. 

    By far the most notable jackpots are those from Microgaming - the software provider operates several networks, including Mega Moolah. This jackpot network is responsible for the biggest ever online slot win - at a jaw-dropping £13.2 million.

    On this page, we find you the latest jackpot winner stories - and show you exactly how the prize was triggered. If it's a new jackpot game, we will even share some information on the features and the bet level required to qualify for the main prize.

    Big Wins on Slots

    Jackpots are the king when it comes to big win stories - but players have landed impressive prizes just by playing "conventional" slots too. There are many ways in which slot gamblers can land outstanding prizes on these games.

    Via Bonus Feature: Bonuses like free spins are where slots can pay out their best prices. These features often come with modifiers like multipliers or extra wilds to further improve the prize value.

    Fixed Jackpot: Many slots come with a fixed jackpot that can trigger under certain events. For example, in the Fire Blaze jackpot games - there's a  2,000x Major prize to win if you feel all reel positions with the special symbol during re-spins.

    High Variance Slots: High variance games are the riskiest to play - but can yield the best rewards. It may take significant investment - but a lucrative win is possible.

    Slot Tournament Prizes: Slot tournaments continue to grow in popularity - as do their prize pools. Players can win thousands from these competitions, providing they can satisfy the tournament requirements.


    What is the biggest online slot win?

    The biggest online slot win (nominal) goes to Jon Heywood - who won €17,879,645 playing the Mega Moolah slot. Since that jackpot - there has been a bigger win - but it wasn't entered into the record books.

    How much can you win on a slot?

    Each slot has its own paytable with its own potential prize payouts. In the case of jackpot games, the available prize should be listed above the game. Its possible to win millions on progressive jackpot games.

    How are progressive jackpots funded?

    Players fund progressive jackpots - a portion of each bet gets put into the pot to grow the prize further. These games usually form part of a jackpot network with other games.