Win up to £10 million at the Betfred Casino Blackjack tables

Play blackjack at Betfred Casino & win up to 1,000,000 your total staked bet...

Betfred Casino is stealing all the blackjack headlines with their latest promotion. They are giving you the chance to win £10 million on a single hand of blackjack.

Blackjack pros are invited to win 1,000,000x their total staked bet by taking advantage of the Charlie Rule. Form a hand of six or more cards and you could win a life-changing prize - including £10,000,000.

But how does Betfred Casino's latest offer work? And what other prizes could be yours?

How to win £10 million at the Betfred Blackjack tables

Before we go into the details of Betfred's latest offer, let's explain what the Charlie Rule is. 

To summarise, it's a type of side bet that pays out if you draw a certain amount of cards without going bust. And the bet pays out even if you don't beat the dealer.

But unlike a side bet, you don't have to put an extra wager to take advantage. This bet pays out automatically if you draw a certain amount of cards. 

Here are details of the prizes you can win and the number of cards you will need to draw:

Charlie HandPrize
13 Cards1,000,000x Initial Stake
12 Cards100,000x Initial Stake
11 Cards10,000x Initial Stake
10 Cards1,000x Initial Stake
9 Cards100x Initial Stake
8 Cards10x Initial Stake
7 Cards5x Initial Stake
6 Cards1x Initial Stake

With that out of the way, let's take a look at how to join Betfred's exciting blackjack offer.

1. Head over to Betfred Casino
To take your place at the blackjack table, you will need to have a registered account. Joining this casino takes mere moments and you will be eligible for the full welcome bonus. 

2. Launch the Betfred £10m Blackjack Game
Betfred's new table can be found in the games lobby. You can also access the game by visiting the promotional page. Once in, you just need to play blackjack and be bold. This leads us to the final step...

3. From the biggest Charlie Hand you can
To win the biggest prizes, you will have to take plenty of risks in Betfred's latest promo. And that means drawing as many cards as you can before going bust. It doesn't matter if you don't beat the dealer - as long as you don't go bust.

If you want to land yourself a life-changing Blackjack win, then Betfred's new table is simply too good to pass on. Especially with £10,000,000 up for grabs! 

For more information, read the offer terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Charlie Hand prizes under the £10,000,000 Blackjack promotion are only available on the dedicated Betfred Blackjack game on Betfred Casino.
  • The Betfred Blackjack game will be available from 00:00:00 GMT on 01/01/2019 until 23:59:59 GMT on 23/12/2019, or until the aggregate amount of all Charlie Hand prizes won exceeds £10,000,000 (whichever occurs earlier). In either case, the Betfred Blackjack game will be disabled and made unavailable for play and any play or Charlie Hand prizes won after this point will be void. To clarify, if the aggregate amount of Charlie Hand prizes won is £10,000,000, a single prize of up to £10,000,000 can still be won before the Betfred Blackjack game is disabled.
  • The opportunity to win a Charlie Hand prize is triggered when:
  • the player’s hand stems from an initial (2 card) deal; and
  • the player attains a hand comprising 6 to 13 cards without busting (exceeding a total of 21 points in the base game)
  • regardless of whether the final total of the player’s hand is better than the total of the dealer’s hand or not.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, the outcome of the base game has no bearing upon the Charlie Hand prize, other than when the player busts or the player’s hand comprises 6 to 13 cards stemming from a split of an initial (2 card) deal.
  • There are no staking requirements other than the initial base game stake required to play the game
  • The Betfred Blackjack game is played with 6 decks of cards.
  • The Betfred Blackjack game will allow the player to draw on a soft 21 (i.e. where the player has 21 points and there is an Ace in the player’s hand valued as 11 points).
  • The Betfred Blackjack game will not allow the player to draw more than 13 cards in any individual hand regardless of the hand total.
  • The Charlie Hand prizes can be won on any individual hand/box played.
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