bet365 Games Dual Drop Jackpots launch - Thousands in community jackpots to win every week

bet365 Games Dual Drop Jackpots offers thousands of chances to win daily and weekly cash prizes. Find out how it works - and the best ways to win right here.
bet365 Games has rolled out a brand new feature at the popular casino: Dual Drop Jackpots! The exclusive feature gives site members the chance to win thousands in community prizes every week. Best of all, the jackpots are guaranteed to pay out!

To join in, all you have to do is earn tickets by wagering on select Dual Drop games at the casino. For each qualifying wager - you will earn tickets. If your ticket is drawn when the jackpots pay out, then you win.

For more information on how to join the Dual Drop community jackpot, read on below.

How to win Dual Drop jackpots 

To qualify for one of the new bet365 Games jackpots, you will need to earn jackpot tickets. You can win tickets by wagering on select Dual Drop games. 

The amount wagered will translate to the tickets you receive for the jackpot draw. 

Here are the qualifying wagers you can make:

  • £10+ wager on eligible games: 1 Ticket for the community jackpot
  • £100+ in wagers on eligible games: 1 Ticket for the weekly jackpot

Dual Drop jackpot games will change each week and can be identified by the special green diamond on the game icon. As long as you are wagering on these games - your wagers qualify.

For either of the jackpot prizes - you don't need to be online at the time to win a prize. 

Pro Tip: Collecting more tickets will increase your chances of winning, collect as many as you can to take a prize. 

Dual Drop Jackpots Explained

bet365 Games is giving back to the community with two new jackpot rewards. The prizes work in a similar way to Red Tiger's Must Drop jackpot incentives. When certain conditions are met, these jackpots payout. Here are the circumstances in which jackpot unlocks:

  • Weekly Jackpot: Pays out at the end of every week
  • Community Jackpot: Once the pot reaches £100,000

Each of the pot builds from the wagers of other players during the week. 2% of each bet contributes towards the weekly jackpot - while 4% contributes to the community jackpot.

Note: All Dual Drop prizes are paid out as cash values - meaning there are no wagering requirements on winnings!

Ready to dive into bet365 Games' latest jackpot incentive? Head over to the site and start playing! If you're a new customer, you can use the NEWBONUS code to qualify for an enhanced bonus.

Dual Drop Jackpots FAQ

What is the qualifying bet to join?

You will need to wager a minimum of £10 on select Dual Drop jackpots to qualify for an entry to the community jackpot draw. 

Do I need to be online to win?

Nope! If you are offline at the time of the draw, you can still win either of the two jackpots.

How are winning tickets chosen for the Dual Drop jackpot?

bet365 attaches a unique number to each ticket which is decided by a random number generator. The computer keeps all these numbers in a system - when the prize draw tackes place, one of these random ticket numbers is selected.

Terms and conditions

  • All currency amounts are generated on a daily basis, based on live exchange rates, and are at the sole discretion of bet365.
  • All qualifying games can be identified by the Dual Drop Jackpots Diamond symbol.
  • Stakes can be placed cumulatively across qualifying games until the Jackpot has been won.
  • An unlimited number of Jackpot tickets can be won during qualifying periods. Players can win more than one prize per qualifying period from the Community Jackpot.
  • Tickets earned are only valid for that corresponding Jackpot period. After a jackpot is won, any accumulated tickets and any stakes that would have counted towards a ticket in that jackpot draw, will reset to zero.
  • The Community Jackpot prize draw takes place when the Jackpot reaches £100,000*. The Weekly Jackpot prize draw takes places every Sunday at 22:00 GMT. The value of the Weekly Jackpot will depend on the total stakes across all eligible games in the relevant weekly period.
  • If by the deadline of the current Weekly Jackpot Draw (22:00 GMT of the Sunday of that week), there are no players with one or more prize draw tickets, the Jackpot will enter a 'Rollover' and will continue to grow at the same rate of stake contributions until the following draw date (22:00 GMT on the following Sunday).
  • Prizes are assigned to valid prize draw tickets according to a Random Number Generator.
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