Best the bet365 Blackjack Challenges and earn cash prizes (Up to £50 real money)

Put your blackjack skills to the test with bet365 Casino. Beat five blackjack challenges to win instant cash prizes. Challenges and how to win here.
Show off your blackjack playing skills at bet365 Casino this weekend and you could be in contention for £50. Beat five special blackjack challenges to win real cash prizes. We show you what you need to do - plus the best ways to win.

Up for a cheeky blackjack challenge? bet365 casino is the place to be this weekend with their new Live Blackjack Challenge offer. Beat each of the five challenges to win real money prizes - up to £50.

And yes, you read that right. Beat these challenges and you win real money - not a bonus or cashback. But what exactly are these challenges? And what is the best blackjack strategy to win? We show you everything you need to know in this article.

bet365 Live Blackjack Challenges

Before you start limbering up those card skills, you will first have to be a registered bet365 player. By using our secure link below, you will be taken straight to the legit bet365 site.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the challenges and how to win...

Challenge #1: Five Card Charlie - Earn a £15 cash prize when you win a hand of Live Blackjack, when dealt at least five cards, with a minimum stake of £10.

Best strategy: To complete this challenge, we recommend hitting on a low-value hand, preferably a soft one. This way you give yourself some wiggle room if you are dealt a high card. It's tricky - but can be done.

Challenge #2: Split and Win - Earn a £15 cash prize when you split your hand on Live Blackjack and get 21 with one of your hands, with a minimum stake of £5. 

Best strategy: A pair of Aces or pair of Tens is ideal for this challenge. If you land one of these hands, split it and keep your fingers crossed. The next card could be that challenge beating blackjack.

Challenge #3: Make it Double - Earn a £5 cash prize when you make a Double Down bet on Live Blackjack three times during the promotional period, with a minimum stake of £10.

Best strategy: Double downs can be priceless on certain card cards - like 10s or Aces. There's a high chance you could land the lucrative 21 win.

Challenge #4: Natural Winner - Earn a £5 cash prize when you win 10 hands of Live Blackjack during the promotional period, staking at least £10 per hand.

Best Strategy: Always keep a decent blackjack strategy chart at hand. It's an indispensable tool for the pro blackjack player. 

Challenge #5: Master of Blackjacks - Earn a £10 cash prize when you achieve five or more hands of Blackjack on Live Blackjack during the promotional period, with a minimum stake of £10 per hand.

Best strategy: Execute perfect blackjack strategy and this one should be easy. If you need some assistance - refer to a blackjack strategy table or chart.

Once you complete all five challenges - you will be eligible for £50 in cold hard cash. Head over to bet365 to start beating those challenges - or read on for the full offer terms.

Terms and Conditions

  • The promotion runs from 09:00 GMT on 14th November until 23:59 GMT on 17th November 2019.
  • You will receive one cash prize of either £5, £10 or £15 for each of the following challenges you complete during the promotional period: Five Card Charlie, Split and Win, Make it Double, Natural Winner and Master of Blackjacks. You will be credited only one cash prize per challenge, with a maximum of £50 available to be won.
  • You must play on available Live Blackjack tables and only cash stakes will count towards the completion of the five challenges listed above.
  • If you qualify for an instant cash prize, a pop-up message will appear. Click Accept for your cash prize to be credited to your account. You will have seven days to accept your cash prize.
  • A £10,000 cash prize pool will be divided between all players who have completed at least one challenge during the promotion. The prize-pool fund will be divided by the total amount of challenges completed by all players. Each player will then receive one share of the prize-pool fund for each challenge they completed, up to a maximum of five shares.
  • Cash prizes awarded from the prize-pool, as a result of completing challenges, will be credited within 24 hours of the promotional period ending and must be claimed within seven days. To claim your prize-pool cash prize open any game and click Accept. Any unclaimed cash prizes will be removed after seven days.
  • This offer is only available to new and eligible customers

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