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Translated Teen Patti means three cards, and this is because the origins of the game are in three card brag.

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Originating in India, Teen Patti is a card game that is played with three cards. With the explosion of online casinos it has a vast reach, while still remaining in South Asia. Teen Patti is sometimes referred to as Three Cards in English and can also be known as Flush or Flash. 

Translated Teen Patti means three cards, and this is because the origins of the game are in three card brag. The game also has influences from poker as you will see as you learn more about Teen Patti and how it is played.     

How to play the Teen Patti Card Game    

Playing Teen Patti is quite simple once you understand the rules: The croupier will deal cards to each of the players, in a counterclockwise direction. A full 52 card deck is used, and each player will receive three cards. 

The card values stand as usual with an Ace being counted as high. All other cards hold their own value with the two being the lowest card. 

Depending on where you are playing the croupier might be in the room, at a brick and mortar casino, or appearing on a live stream in an online casino that offers a live dealer version of Teen Patti. 

The cards are dealt face down, but before placing a bet on which is considered to be the winning hand, a player may look at their own cards, which is called playing seen, or leave them on the table face down, which is called playing blind. 

A minimum stake will have been decided by the table, and each player has to place this stake into the pot. Which essentially is the middle of the table, and is the amount the winning player will take when the cards are revealed.

Teen Patti Live Card Game Rules    

In order to understand and play the game of Teen Patti, it is essential to learn how the ranking of hands works. There are six different combinations which also indicate the best possible hand. 

A Trio: A trio contains three cards of the same value, so three kings, three fives, etc. Three aces are the best trio combination, and three twos are the lowest trio combination.

A Straight Run: As it sounds, this is a hand that has three cards of the same suit in a consecutive run, so 3-4-5 of hearts, 6-7-8 of clubs, etc. The highest straight series possible is A-2-3, and the lowest would be 2-3-4. After A-2-3 the highest run is A-K-Q, then K-Q-J etc. These must always be of the same suit to count.  

A Normal Run: This is a run of three cards that are consecutive in number but do not need to be of the same suit. Again the same rules apply, the highest straight run possible is A-2-3, and the lowest would be 2-3-4. After A-2-3 the highest run is A-K-Q, then K-Q-J etc. Remember these do not need to be the same suit. 

A Colour: Any three cards that come from the same suit but do not need to be in sequential order. In this case, any three cards from the same suit can be counted. If more than one player has a colour, then the higher hand would be the one with the highest card. So, A-7-9 would be higher than 2-3-4. Whoever has the highest card, or more than one high card in the same suit would hold the highest colour hand. 

A Pair: A pair means that two cards of the same rank are in the hand. In this ranking, the third card does not need to be counted unless more than one player has this combination. Again, a pair that features A, K, or Q etc. would outrank a couple that features 2-3-4. So A-A-3 is a higher ranking hand than 2-2-10.

A High Card: If none of the above combinations is present the winning hand is determined by who has the combination of higher numbers. A-Q-J would, therefore, be higher than 5-3-2. In this case, there is no attention paid to the suit. 

Teen Patti Guide    

Once the cards have been dealt, and the minimum stake has been added by each player, the game commences. Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, each player can take one of the following actions. 

Add to the pot to stay in, or add nothing further and fold. If you choose to fold, you lose any money you have already put in. If you decide to look at your hand, you must bet twice the amount of the stake to stay in. 

If you play blind, you can just bet the standard stake amount. This continues until all players fold or there are two players left and one of these pays for a show. At which point the hands are revealed. 

Teen Patti Bonus

The game is fast paced and exciting and has lots of rules that keep the intrigue going. There is no bonus as such, but there is the ability to sideshow, which means that players have the ability to show the cards to the player before them. 

The player can accept to see the cards or choose not to. The game is based on bluff and players must hold their nerve and use tactics to fool their fellow players into thinking they have a strong hand. It is a popular game at casinos and online casinos all over the world.

Play Teen Patti Online

Teen Patti can be played at many online casinos and there are loads to choose from. Have a look at the reviews and ensure that you have chosen a reputable casino before signing up and depositing any money. 

Teen Patti Live

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