Kingdoms Rise Slots Review

Playtech's new slot series innovates with an in-game store where you can buy features in any of the four games. But how do these games perform? Our full review reveals all the details.

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Kingdoms Rise slots is a new suite of games developed by Playtech. The series consists of four separate online slot games which are:

  • Guardians of the Abyss
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Sands of Fury
  • Reign of Ice

And each of these games boasts their own visual style, features and mechanics. Linking these games together is an innovate store feature which allows players to buy features.

For more details on this ambitious new series, continue reading our full Kingdoms Rise slots review.

Kingdoms Rise Slots Review

Inspired by fantasy and mythology, the colourful world of Kingdoms Rise is a sight to behold. Each of the four games is set in vastly different kingdoms which impacts the look of the slot. 

For example, Guardian of the Abyss takes place in a watery environment. Whereas the Sands of Fury whisks us away to a boiling desert. 

Lucrative features are plentiful as you explore these vastly different regions. Special symbols come in the form of scatters, wilds and expanding wilds to name but a few.

Kingdoms Rise Slots Bonus Features

Playtech's groundbreaking new games feature a never before seen mechanic in online slots. And that is an online store where you can buy features. As you play with real money - you will accumulate special tokens. And these can be used to buy bonuses in the store.

These bonuses can range from triggering scatter symbols to summoning giant stone dragons. Best of all, these features can be purchased in any of the four games. You could earn you tokens in the Reign of Ice slots - and then trigger a feature in the Forbidden Forest.

Kingdoms Rise also comes with three jackpots to win. These are as follows:

  • Power Strike Jackpot
  • Daily Strike Jackpot
  • Epic Jackpot

The daily jackpot is a prize that must payout at a certain time each day. And this competes with offerings from other providers. The Epic Jackpot is the biggest prize of the three - and is capable of delivering a life-changing prize.

Kingdoms Rise Slots Free Spins

Each of the four kingdoms will come with its own free spins feature. These spins will draw on the regions main bonuses to create a rewarding experience. The shop can be also used to purchase the feature early.

This could save you waiting for scatter symbols that may take hundreds of spins to show up. By using your built-up tokens, you can trigger the bonus and save yourself an infinite amount of effort.

Examples of bonuses include a variety of wilds, transforming symbols and random mystery symbols.

Kingdoms Rise Slots Mobile App

Playtech's biggest gaming product of 2019 is set to have a big presence on smartphones and tablets. The software firm has aggressively pushed for mobile in the past. So it goes without saying that all four kingdoms are optimised for portable play.

Not experienced mobile yet? Not only do you get the chance to play wherever you like, but you can also enjoy smoother gameplay and easier betting.

Kingdoms Rise Slots Return to Player

The Kingdoms Rise slots RTP differs with each of the four slots. But the games are in line with the average return for most blockbuster games. Picking certain features in the store may also boost the return to player.

Kingdoms Rise Slots Verdict

Calling this Playtech's most ambitious slots series ever might be an understatement. The introduction of the store allowing you to customise your play feels like a gamechanger. And it will allow you to bypass long periods of waiting when you just want to get in the bonus.

Mechanically, these are promising games. But the gorgeous presentation and beautifully crafted world are set to turn some heads. If you love Game of Thrones-style fantasy or myth themed slots - then this will definitely tickle your slots fancy.

Can I play Kingdoms Rise slots free?

If you are located outside of the UK - you can take advantage of online casino free play. This is offered by Playtech Casinos, letting you try the game free of charge.

How much does the Kingdoms Rise slots store cost?

This depends on the item you wish to buy. There is a big selection of features that can be purchased, each of which requires a different amount of coins.

How do I earn Kingdoms Rise slots tokens?

You earn these tokens by playing the slots naturally.

Kingdoms Rise Slots

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