Rainbow Riches Slots Cheats: Do they really work?

Can you really use Rainbow Riches cheats to win more money? Take advantage of our full research including easy to follow tips, hints & strategies.
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Rainbow Riches cheats are one of the most sought-after luxuries in online gambling.

The chance to wipe the smirk off the leprechaun's face with a trick of your own? Priceless. After all, the character in the Barcrest slot is always teasing us with his 500x pot of gold. So he kind of deserves it. But wouldn't it be cool if we could actually predict, see or change the outcomes of a spin?

Which casinos have Rainbow Riches slots?

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Tropicana Atlantic City Casino

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    Virgin Casino

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      Harrah's Casino

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        PlaySugarHouse Casino

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          Caesars Casino

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            Party Casino NJ

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              Borgata Casino

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                PokerStars NJ Casino

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                  BetMGM Casino

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                    Unibet Casino NJ

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                      Yes, we're talking about real cheats - the kind that could change the result of a game. A spin loss into a spin win - if you will. Question is: do these cheats actually exist? And more importantly: should you use them? Today, we answer those questions - plus let you in on some strategies to help your gameplay.

                      Do Rainbow Riches Cheats Exist?

                      The short answer is no - there are no such things as Rainbow Riches cheats. Tips and tricks yes - but nothing that would resemble an old school video game cheat. Where you would punch in some kind of code to activate invincibility or some other power up. 

                      In fact, the same could be said for any slot game. You simply can't beat an online slot in this manner. And if an article or advert online is telling you otherwise, then you should be very wary.

                      Slots Cheats Explained

                      In the days of older mechanical fruit machines, there were ways to trick a slot. One elaborate method was to tie a coin to a piece of string. You could insert the coin into the machine and quickly pull it out to fool the slot into spinning! But coins on strings don't work on the internet. And more importantly: modern online slots use a random number generator to calculate random outcomes.

                      This RNG algorithm is a necessary component of any internet slot machine. It's also a regulatory requirement. Games are tested with thousands of spins to ensure all outcomes are random. And this makes cheating an online slot machine impossible.

                      Even if you gained the ability to beat a slot using hacks - you still wouldn't want to do it. And that's because you would likely face serious legal repercussions for online crime or fraud. The best way to beat a slot is to play it the natural way in a fair manner. But that doesn't mean you can't still improve your Rainbow Riches game plan.

                      Rainbow Riches Slot Tips

                      While there is no way to magically make a slot payout, there are plenty of Rainbow Riches tips that you can try. Combine several of the following tips to achieve the best results. Best of all: you can use these strategies on just about any online slot game.

                      #1 Grab some free spins - Keep your money in your pocket. Instead, take advantage of a casino's generosity. You will find hundreds of sites ready to give away no deposit free spins to play this game. And with these bonuses, you can actually win real money and withdraw it! 

                      #2 Shop around for online casino deals - Ever heard the expression: don't buy the first thing you see? The same goes for casino bonus money. You want to cherry pick the best bonus to play Rainbow Riches and land some money. That means you want to be aiming for low wagering and no max withdrawal limits. So compare all the casinos you visit and select the best deals.

                      #3 Want to win big? Up your budget - Putting pennies into a slot machine will never pay out the big prizes. For the biggest prizes, you are going to have to consider placing max bets. But only do this if your gaming budget can accommodate it. If you can't hit the top tier - then aim for something a little lower. The higher you can go, the better your potential rewards.

                      #4 Switch to a new way of playing - One of the quickest ways to improve your game is simply to get more comfortable. Maybe you are accustomed to playing an online slot on a laptop or desktop computer. Neither of which are that comfortable compared to a smartphone or tablet. The benefit of a portable device is the fact it's portable. That means you can lie on the couch, on your bed or even in the bath.

                      You could also find out if the slot has some kind of autoplay function. If you plan to play a slot for a long period, then you may get bored of the tedious tapping of the spin button. With autoplay, you can choose a stake and let the game play itself for a set number of spins. Good time to make yourself a cuppa or catch up on your Facebook!

                      #5 Stop when the time is right - Rainbow Riches slots is a form of entertainment. And the same goes for any slot game. The thrill of the not knowing - the edge of your seat moments as the Road to Riches bonus activates. When these moments stop being fun or you begin to feel like you are getting frustrated - then it might be time to give it a break. Chasing losses or betting out of anger are the last things you want to be doing. 

                      We hope you find the above tips useful as you search for your own personal pot of gold. If you need more Rainbow Riches resources, then check out our other articles including how to find the best free online slots.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      How do you play Rainbow Riches and win?

                      Rainbow Riches is an RNG slot game - meaning all results are random. There is no way to predict when and if you will win. In anticipation of a big win, we recommend that you always bet the maximum amount. This will also play all features at their max prize value.

                      What is the best Rainbow Riches slot strategy?

                      To maximise your winnings, always play the maximum bet value. This also ensures you play features with the largest bet. If you can't play at the max value, then play the slot at what you can afford.

                      Is there a guaranteed winning strategy for Rainbow Riches?

                      The results in Rainbow Riches are generated randomly - meaning there is no way to predict a winning pattern. This keeps the game fun for players and fair for the casinos.

                      What is the best Rainbow Riches tip?

                      For maximum comfort and responsiveness, play Rainbow Riches on your mobile device. This will allow you to experience the game in its best form - and you have total flexibility over how you play.

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